Profile of Cross Gene’s Takuya Terada: Age, Sister, Ideal Type, and Facts


Meet Takuya Terada, the “Gorgeous Gene” of CROSS GENE!

Terada Takuya, or Takuya, is an actor, model, and the only Japanese member of multi-national boy group “CROSS GENE” under Amuse Korea Entertainment (Branch of Japanese Entertaiment Label Amuse, Inc.). He debuted as an idol with the boy group, CROSS GENE, on June 7, 2012 as the vocalist and known as the “Gorgeous Gene”.

Takuya is known to be the first ever CROSS GENE leader, but he then removed himself from being the leader after one of the original original member, J.G, left the group. On December 2014, Takuya was awarded the International Exchange Daesang at the Korean Hallyu Awards in recognition of his commitment to contributing to and sharing of Korean culture through both his position as a member of Asian Group Cross Gene and as a panellist on the Korean variety show Non-Summit.

CROSS GENE’s Takuya Terada Full Profile


Real Name : Terada Takuya (寺田拓哉)
Stage Name : Takuya (타쿠야)
Nickname : Gorgeous Gene, Terataku, Taku, Squishy, Kitten
Position : Vocalist and Face of the Group
Birthplace : Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Birthday : March 18, 1992
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Blood Type : O
Nationality : Japanese
Languages : Japanese and Korean
Height : 188 cm (6ft 1in)
Weight : 68 kg (149lbs)
Instruments : Guitar and Piano
Hobbies : Playing mahjong, Singing in the karaoke, Shopping, Playing bowling and Reading
Siblings : Two younger sisters (one of them is named Momoka)
Instagram : @cg_takuya

Cross Gene’s Takuya’s Facts

  • He was the first Cross Gene leader, but he decided to remove himself from that position after J.G left. Takuya felt that he was unable to be a good leader for Cross Gene, and Shin offered to take the position off of his shoulders.
  • He has the Gorgeous Gene in CROSS GENE. “The lonely king who lives in an ice palace all by himself just like the snow queen in a fairytale. He has the power to move to the other’s mind. Anybody would be fascinated by looking into his eyes.”
  • His father and mother divorced.
  • His shoe size is 27,5cm.
  • His hairstyle is asymmetry, natural permanent.
  • He becomes relax when he takes a walk alone.
  • He becomes high when he climbs mountains.
  • He doesn’t like liver and chicken skin.
  • He always brings candies and gums.
  • His favorite food is Hayashi rice and Beef Risotto. Also he can eat 6 bowls of rice.
  • His favorite drinks are matcha latte and lemon green tea.
  • His favorite artists are Aiko, AAA, Yuzu, RADWIMPS, flumpool, Aqua Timez, Miss A, SHINee, BIGBANG.
  • He thinks that his most attractive feature is a mole on chin.
  • Takuya has stated that he is hetero following his role in ‘The Lover’.
  • He said if he wasn’t an idol, he would be Baseball player.
  • The hardest choreography for him is “Shooting Star” (they learnt it in two days).
  • According to other members, he takes the longest to get ready.
  • He said he always been terrible with mornings. He even nicknamed the ‘king of latecomer’ because he’d be late for school for at least five times a month.
  • He and the other members admit his so hassle-averse personality.
  • He often go around for shopping when he has free time. If he finds a sales item, he immediately buy it.
  • Takuya loves sports and used to play basketball and baseball. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea)
  • He appeared on Music Video of Hyorin feat. Jooyoung, “Erase”.
  • Takuya is like a dad according to Seyong.
  • Takuya is quite shy sometimes yet he is great at doing aegyo.
  • Takuya likes Math and Science.
  • He has interests in Mahjong, Karaoke, Bowling, Reading, etc.
  • He is competitive, he doesn’t like losing games.
  • Around September 2017, he got fans concerned over the content of his musical “Watashi no Host-chan”, involves the cast playing characters who are hosts and a voting system where people can “win” experiences with the cast members including hugs and other forms of physical interaction.
  • He was a part of a ramen club during his school days. He also introduced himself as “a person who eats ramen every single day of the week”. He has broad knowledge of current ramen brands, classic and new, in Korea (SBS Plus variety show, ‘Must Eat 20’).
  • Takuya likes to dance girl groups dance. He did a lot girl group dance like E.X.I.D “Up & Down”, Miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”, Girl’s Day “Twinkle Twinkle”, 4minute “Crazy”, F(x) “Hot Summer”, etc in the past.
  • He was selected as a torch bearer for the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games’. He ran on the streets of Changwon dressed in his Olympic outfit.