Let’s Check Out Takuya Terada’s Appearance on JTBC ‘Abnormal Submit’

Takuya Terada

Meet The Handsome Idol From Japan!

Takuya Terada, also known as Takuya, is a multi-talented idol. He can sing, act, and also could be a mode!. He became an idol for the first time by joining a boy-group under Amuse Korea Entertainment. Takuya is a leader for his group, CROSS GENE, where the line-up of members come from various countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. Takuya has become more popular since he joined on a Korean variety show Abnormal Submit which aired on JTBC.

Are you curious about him? In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Takuya Terada’s Appearance on JTBC Abnormal Submit. Let’s check it out!

About JTBC ‘Abnormal Submit’

Takuya Terada

What’s Abnormal Submit about?. Abnormal Submit, which is also known by another name, Non-Summit is a South Korean television program that aired on JTBC starting from July 7, 2014. This program followed a talk-variety show format and featured a panel of non-Korean people who were living in that country, who talked about various topics and Korean culture from the perspective of foreigners who can speak Korean fluently.

This program has a submit concept, such as a kind of conference, with the guests as representatives of their respective countries, and in each episode a topic was presented which would then be discussed. Abnormal Submit or Non-Summit is a talk show that tried to talk about sensitive matters, and the topic was chosen by the audience. For example, they talked about ‘weird’ Korean culture, then the problem that exists in public regarding the custom that they’re forced to marry if they’re getting older. The panelists will choose normal or abnormal, arguing their position and talking about what the issue looks like to someone from their home country.

In fact, sometimes the debate was so intense that the MC had difficulty separating them. This program was very popular in Korea because it could be very educational!

Takuya Terada as Japanese Representative

Takuya Terada

Takuya has been a panelist on the show. In the early part of 2014, he joined the variety-talk show program as the representative of Japan. He was well received by Korean audiences and earned the nickname of Mr. Slender Hands for his attractive hands.

Takuya was very excited when expressing his opinions, until the atmosphere of the debate became intense. He dared to give his opinion about the ‘weird’ views of Korean people who like to do their activity by themselves. So, being a single is a big problem there, and even eating alone is also considered sad. He told about his experience, when he went to lunch alone and his friends complained about the fact that he didn’t invite them. This is the point of view of Takuya and the things that in his country.

Since joining the show, his popularity has seen a real increase.

Takuya Terada and Zhang Yuan

What happened with Takuya and Zhang Yuan? Like Takuya, Zhang Yuan is also on the tv program, as a representative for China. The two are good friends, both because they’re foreigners and also because they joined the cast on the same TV program, Abnormal Submit.

Funny Moment

Japanese Fun Facts From Takuya Terada

Leaving the Show

Takuya Terada

After being on Abnormal Submit for a long time,in 2015 there was news that Takuya was out of Abnormal Submit and was being replaced by SM Rookies’s Yuta. Takuya and Yuta are both from Japan, but many people really wondered why he was being replaced.

The show’s producer, Kim Hee-jung, explained for keeping the panelists from Japan, despite replacing to other countries representatives. He also talked his consideration to release Takuya and replace him with Yuta.

About the  replacement, he said that Takuya has improved the negative image of Japan . The producer added Takuya has a good personality. His leaving is rather unfortunate, since because of this program his name has gained a lot more visibility.

Latest News

takuya terada

On December 10, 2018. Amuse Korea Entertainment announced that Takuya has officially left CROSS GENE. This is because Takuya’s contact has been complicated, and, in the end, he chose not to renew it.

Then the agency apologized to their fans for issuing a sudden announcement. Not only the agency, the members were also sad at his departure. Indeed, they cried and longed for Takuya, because he had had been part of the group for seven years.

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