Take a Look at BTS’ Jimin’s Transformation Throughout the Eras!


Curious About Jimin BTS From Past To Present?

Jimin is a member of BTS that took over Twitter on his birthday, on the 25th, becoming a trending topic since ARMYs made viral hashtags about his birthday. Jimin BTS has been changing from past to the present. Let’s get to know about Jimin’s transformations over time in this Channel-Korea article, below! Stay tuned!

Park Ji-min’s Pre-debut and Childhood

Jimin is like any other child; when he was about 4-5 years old he liked playing outside, like playing football and hide and seek. Since elementary school he has loved art, gym, and mathematics. At that time, he still had not figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up. When he watched “Galaxy Express 999,” Jimin wanted to become the driver of Galaxy Express, then, after watching “One Piece,” he was inspired to become a pirate.

When Jimin was in his second year of middle school he started liking to dance. After school finished, he kept learning dancing and enjoyed practicing, even if it was only for a little time. Then Jimin went to Arts High School, he was distressed at first to have to choose what he would do in the future.  Jimin went to Busan High School of Arts, and decided to focus on modern dance.

To make a long story short, he had the opportunity to get free dancing classes from his teacher since he worried about the expenses. So, from that moment he decided to never stop dancing. He also participated in a company audition and passed. Once there, he met J-Hope for the first time, and it became memorable moment; J-Hope told him “Let’s work hard together!”

Becoming a trainee is difficult. Jimin could  practice until 3-4 AM and sleep a bit, then return to the practice room at 6 AM, go to singing practice, and so on. In 2013, Jimin debuted with BTS. He revealed on a talk show that he was almost kicked out of BTS since he couldn’t dance well along with members because the dancing style he learned before was a little bit different than BTS’s dance style. But, of course, he figured it out!

Debut in 2013 with No More Dream

Jimin has swag style on the debut video “No More Dream,” along with the other members BTS. He and the all others member shared the same style, and they were still building their own characters, but Jimin was looking cool in this clip! He had black hair and wore a cap, and still looked somehow innocent, along with the others.


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in N.O

The style is still quite similar with the “No More Dream” era. He still had black hair and the same swag style as before. He also wore the same fashion as other members, white shirts and sports pants.

BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Boy in Luv

Here, Jimin’s style is more mature, with clean and sharp fashion. His face is just natural, without any any ornaments, which shows his handsome looks. Check out the video above!

BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Danger

Jmin’s style on the “Danger” music video is using street style, along with a black or denim jacket that makes him look so much more manly. You will get hooked on his style here, and that of the other BTS members!

BTS’s Jimin’s Style in War of Hormone

Jimin has vintage style in this era, wearing a shirt and suspenders with his red pants. He is so amusing with his dancing skills. Look at down below!


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in I Need U

Jimin has a casual street style on the music video, along with the other BTS members. For the photo shoot for the video, he wore a white shirt with a random lines pattern, which making him look so artsy!


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Dope

On the “Dope” music video, Jimin was rocking an executive style in a white dress shirt along with a tie and black pants. So handsome and more mature! His hair color was red here.


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Run

Jimin had orange hair here, giving him a young and vibrant style, combined with blue jacket.


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Fire

Jimin’s style in the “Fire” music video is so young and calm, using a casual shirt, orange sweater, and black hair. This is a pretty normal style from him!


BTS’s Jimin’s in Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Jimin’s style here is so blink and classic. He wears several outfits, but they really stand out.  He’ll blow your mind with some of his styles, such s the one below.


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Spring Day

This a spring style from him! So cute, with his pinkish-reddish soft hair color and striped shirt over artistically stained jeans. The outfit gave Jimin a brighter and more cheerful vibe. Do you agree?


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in DNA

In the DNA music video, he’s so playful. He had blond hair, and a bright shirt or a black shirt with a red rose pattern. His vibe is so dynamic and vigorous!


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Fake Love

Jimin is wearing a black spot patterned shirt, making his style so swag and cool. His hair color also black, with nuance of orange on the sides of his head. So different!


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Idol

Jimin had a unique style in the “Idol” music video. Together with other members, he wore a bright, patterned suit that showed off his bright skin.


BTS’s Jimin’s Style in Boy with Luv

Jimin wore an amazing outfit in Boy in Luv, with pink shades and boyfriend jeans, and a stunning purple sweater. You also notice his hair is once again a red to orange color. It suits him so much with his bright outfit.


That’s all about Jimin BT’s transformation throughout the eras. Which one do you like? Comment your thoughts below, and don’t forget to share this fashion style of Jimin if you love it! Cheering for Jimin and BTS along their career. Rock it always!