Profile and Facts of TAHITI and VERRY’s Ye-eun

Tahiti's Yeeun

Everything You Should Know About TAHITI’s Former Lead Vocalist; Shin Ye-eun!

TAHITI (hangul: 타히티) is a South Korean girlgroup that debuted on July 25, 2012 with a single titled “Tonight”. For your information, TAHITI has 6 original members line-up with EJ, Keezy, Yeeun, Jungbin, Jisoo and Minjae, before several additional members were added to the group because a few months after TAHITI debuted, 3 members announced that they decided to left the groups.

In this article, there’s a detail information about a member of TAHITI, who is also the original member of the line-up and decided to left after they debuted. Who is she? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about TAHITI’s Yeeun starting from her full profile, fun facts, debut with the group until latest activities in this article below!

Yeeun’s Full Profile

TAHITI's Yeeun

Real Name :  Shin Ye-eun (hangul: 신예은)

Stage Name : Yeeun (hangul: 예은)

Birth : December 25, 1993

Star Sign : Capricorn

Height : 165 cm (5’5″)

Weight : 45 kg (99 lbs)

Position of the group : Lead Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

Official Site :

Yeeun’s Facts

Tahiti's Yeeun
  1. TAHITI’s Yeeun’s hobbies include shopping and listening to music
  2. TAHITI’s Yeeundebuted as a duo female singer, VERRY, as Sina
  3. TAHITI’s Yeeun left the group in 2012
  4. TAHITI’s Yeeun can speak both Korean and English

Yeeun’s Debut with TAHITI

Tahiti's Yeeun

TAHITI debuted on July 25, 2012 with their debut single titled “Tonight”. TAHITI debuted with 6 original members line-up with EJ, Keezy, Yeeun, Jungbin, Jisoo and Minjae. They promoted for approximately 3 months until releasing a comeback single entitled “Hasta Luego” in October 2012, but when the comeback was running, 3 members announced their departure without any reason given by their agency.

Even though they haven’t promoted much with TAHITI, Keezy, EJ and Yeeun became the first original members to leave the group even though they had just debuted a few months before. This position was replaced by new members with Ari, Miso and Jin-hee.

Yeeun’s Activity After Leaving TAHITI

Tahiti's Yeeun

After deciding to left the group in 2012, right after a few months from TAHITI’s debut era, Yeeun did not get any news in the entertainment industry. Maybe around 3 years, Yeeun decided to live a life as a non-celebrity and you can also visit Yeeun’s official Instagram account where she posted her work as a freelance model.

Tahiti's Yeeun

In 2015, Yeeun re-debuted as a female duo under Stoneship Entertainment with a group called Verry. During this era, she promoted under the new stage name as Sina with her debut single titled “Black Cherry”. But unfortunately, Verry’s career journey did not go well and the group itself was disbanded due to inactivity.

Tahiti's Yeeun

Until now, Shin Yeeun can only be found active on her social media account, where she always gives new posts and updates about her recent activities even though she is not a K-Pop idol. Don’t forget to follow and send positive comments only for Shin Ye-eun! Let’s continue to provide support and love for her, hopefully what she does will continue to bring happiness to her life.

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