TAHITI: Profile, Facts, Discography

TAHITI’s Pre-Debut


If previously K-pop groups were formed after they participated in an idol survival show or something, it was different for Tahiti which was already present on television during its pre-debut era with a sitcom reality program titled Ta-Dah! It’s Tahiti with the original members EJ, Keezy, Yeeun, Jungbin, Jisoo, and Minjae.

The show began its first broadcast on April 14, 2012. Not only broadcasted in South Korea but several countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore also broadcasted this program to introduce Tahiti during its pre-debut era. But, after “W-Bye! It’s Tahiti” ended, Ari and Hanhee left the group and were replaced by Ye-eun and Keezy.

TAHITI’s Debut Era


Tahiti’s first debut album was Tonight, and the hot rookie group splendidly decorated the second half of 2012. Tahiti is named after an island called Venus Island, a paradise in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, and it was named to show the strong and diverse colors of Tahiti based on dance and play, the soul of the indigenous people of Tahiti!

The new girl group Tahiti that debuted in 2012 was gathering interest even before its debut and had been attracting attention from many fans who were waiting for its debut for a long time. Tahiti, emerging as a hot girl group, presented a more sophisticated music style with electronic house dance that differentiated it from existing girl groups.


“Tonight” is an exciting club dance song that properly mixes house beats and electric sounds. The song was completed after a year of song work to break away from the old hook song pattern and create the best match for Tahiti.

It is a song that expresses the lyrics of a woman who wants to be born as a new single by complaining about her boyfriend who makes mistakes every time and does not treat her well through an exciting and cheerful melody. With a unique method of sound design that took more than two weeks to take, it was implemented in a manual way that maximized the voices of each member.


The title song “Tonight” was released as a single album and is a song that composer RYAN JHUN (formerly Ryan), who worked on songs for Hyori Lee, TVXQ, SHINee, Girls Day, Supernova, and U-Kiss, worked hard on for one year. Breaking away from the existing noisy and complicated electronics, he incorporated various elements of house music by adding a side chain and groove.

The melody’s tone was created by hand to bring out the individuality of each member’s voice with sound design techniques, and the work was carried out between Korea and the United States. “Tonight” shows off the unique color of Tahiti with a dynamic, lively, and cool sound that breaks away from the hook song.

Tahiti’s “Tonight” music video is a variety itself! Tahiti’s members, who were working at a mannequin factory, escape through the wall to avoid the evil boss! It tells the story of six robbers riding in a convertible car and going to rob a clothing store.

Through the music of Tahiti, these transformations offer a lot of attraction by constructing four sets to express colorful scenes with the concept of escaping from our tiring daily life and enjoying life. It contains the will to become a girl group with strong individuality that is not standardized like the mannequins that come out of the mannequin factory.

TAHITI’s Formation Changes


After “Tonight,” Dasom, Yeeun, and EJ left the group. After the five-member reorganization, Miso sang Jisoo’s vocal part and EJ’s rap part, Ari sang Yeeun and Jeongbin’s part, Jerry sang EJ’s part, and Jisoo sang Dasom’s rap part. This was already shown when Tahiti’s individual teaser was released in October 2012.


During “Hasta Luego,” Miso, Ari, and Jin were newly added to the vacant positions of EJ, Yeeun, and Dasom. On June 4, 2014, Dream Star Entertainment as their agency released that Jungbin would not be promoting with the group due to health issues. During this period, it was not confirmed whether Jungbin would be on hiatus or leave the group.


On June 10, 2014, Tahiti later announced that they will have another additional member, Jerry, who will be promoting with their comeback single titled “Oppa You’re Mine,” and she had already appeared in the teaser music video as well.


Jin, who was a minor at the time, left the group during “Five Beats of Hearts” which was released on January 4, 2015, and the group was reorganized into a five-member group. Another member, Jungbin, also didn’t participate in this comeback, and fans found that their Twitter account was inactive. Many assumptions started that the inactive members were already leaving the group without any official statement being announced.


Later on, Jisoo revealed that she had been diagnosed with panic disorder and depression on March 16, 2017, months before Tahiti held its comeback and released its 5th single “I Want To Know Your Mind,” and Jisoo announced that she would be leaving the group on December 8, 2017. During this era, Tahiti didn’t continue to promote other activities, and the members who remained in the same agency were Minjae, Ari, Miso, and Jerry.

TAHITI’s Disbandment and Future Activity


TAHITI was officially disbanded after the news was delivered directly by one of TAHITI’s personnel, Jerry, through a post on her Instagram account on June 25, 2018.


While uploading a photo of TAHITI’s last performance at a concert, she wrote, “Hello everyone. Yesterday was TAHITI’s 6th birthday, and I’m sorry to have to bring this up the day after.

All the members and the agency had a long discussion, and we finally decided to disband. Not a single album has been released for the past 2 years, and our performances are only in Japan and some countries. I’m sorry that we couldn’t go any further, and I’m sorry that we couldn’t promise to come back.

There was a lot of pain, tears, and disappointment, but for me, the 4 years as a member of TAHITI are good memories because you guys have always been there to support me. I will never forget the support, love, and hope you gave me.

I will continue to be a singer for as long as I can, as Jerry or Sohyeon. For now, I can’t promise you anything, but I hope you can look forward to me standing on stage again. I can’t even describe how much I love my fans. I love you guys so much, and I’m really sorry,” she wrote.

TAHITI’s Discography


During Tahiti’s career, this girl group released 2 extended plays, 7 single, and 3 OSTs for K-dramas. To see details from Tahiti’s discography, make sure you don’t skip the session below!

Title Album Details Peak Chart Positions Sales
Released Label Track Listing
Five Beats of Hearts July 25, 2013 Dream Star Entertainment 10 KOR: 2,031
Fall Into Temptation January 13, 2015 9 KOR: 1,227
Title Year Peak Chart Positions Sales Album
KOR KOR Hot 100
Tonight 2012 102 N/A Five Beats of Hearts
Hasta Luego 198
Love Sick 2013 70 56
Oppa, You’re Mine (오빤 내꺼) 2014 110 Fall Into Temptation
Phone Number 2015
Skip 282 KOR: 5,076+ Skip
I Want To Know Your Mind (알쏭달쏭) 2016 371 KOR: 3,614+ S-The Secret
Title Year Peak Chart Positions Sales Album
KOR KOR Hot 100
Do Not Know (몰라몰라) 2013 N/A You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin’ OST
It’ll Be Great (참 좋을거야) 2015 Way To Go, Rose OST
My Prince 2016 The Dearest Lady OST

TAHITI’s Filmography


Tahiti has several music videos released when it made its comebacks. If you’ve seen Tahiti’s “Tonight” music video during its debut era before, you can check out Tahiti’s music videos of other singles in the session below!

On October 31, 2012, Tahiti released its 2nd single with a music video titled “Hasta Luego.” In this music video, you can see the members at the beginning of the scene are very beautiful with white outfits, and there is also a very strong rhythm at the beginning of the song. A few seconds later, the members are seen wearing outfits in black with the background of a parking lot with a racing car that makes their appearance in this music video look like girl crushes.

On July 25, 2013, TAHITI, released a music video for their comeback single “Love Sick” that was produced by RED ROCKET. “Love Sick” embodies the feeling of 90’s Eurodance in a more retro style and has a harmonious melody with a retro feel and an addictive chorus that makes it an impressive song.

In particular, this music video contains the story of Tahiti’s members transforming into five sexy girls who take revenge on a man who was left a cowardly man. The colorful and delicate choreography that utilizes the members’ lines and the silhouette of a woman who is hurt and changed by loved ones is expressed in a silhouette.

On June 24, 2014, Tahiti released a music video for their single titled “Oppa You’re Mine.” The comeback song “Oppa You’re Mine” is Tahiti’s 3rd single with a bright and cheerful rhythm that is the work of a hot composer. Tahiti was no longer made of young and shy girls, but the group showed a more mature image with confident and sophisticated sexiness. Tahiti’s comeback song is based on the theme of an oppa which all men in the world want to hear.

On January 12, 2015, Tahiti released their 4th single titled “Phone Number” with a refreshing music video. Tahiti made a comeback with a fresh and sexy concept while the members were wearing red leather pants and were also very seductive in this music video. Not only that but the retro vibes fit perfectly with Tahiti’s comeback concept this time by adding sexy dance moves and a few modern backgrounds in every scene in this music video.

On November 9, 2015, Tahiti released a new music video titled “Skip” with a different concept from the previous concept. In this music video, they use a cute concept with the members dancing in school uniforms, and also, you can see a cute big brown bear that appears in this music video. Tahiti’s members look very playful and cheerful through this music video while using a locker room as their background for the music video.

On May 24, 2016, Tahiti released their 5th single titled “I Want To Know Your Mind” and created a new concept that they had never tried before. In the “I Want To Know Your Mind” music video, the members look sporty with their outfits coupled with their summer outfits. Besides that, this latest single from Tahiti has a bright music video and displays summer vibes with a refreshing EDM genre!

What do you think about Tahiti’s music videos?

Well, that is all of the information about Tahiti and everything you should know about the group. Although the group has already disbanded, let’s keep sending the members support and love. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!