TAHITI’s Keezy (Lee Da-som): Profile, Facts, Re-debut as a Soloist

TAHITI’s Keezy Leaving TAHITI and Future Activity

TAHITI's Keezy

Without making a comeback with TAHITI, Keezy decided to leave the group without an official statement. Not only did Keezy stop promoting as a member of TAHITI but Yeeun and EJ also left the group.

TAHITI's Keezy

After several years of hiatus from the music industry, TAHITI’s Keezy re-debuted as a singer under a new stage name as Soma in 2017. She joined a hip hop music label and has been actively releasing several singles to date. Let’s continue to provide support and also a lot of love for Soma so that in every activity and future work she can continue to be happy and have a career journey that will shine even more in the future!

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