Rumored to be Dating, What’s Up with NCT’s Taeyong and Red Velvet’s Yeri’s Relationship?

A photoshoot in Hawaii: Red Velvet’s Yeri Shows Her Natural Side

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One of the Red Velvet members, Yeri, appeared charming when lined up as a model for Grazia Korea magazine and went on a photoshoot location in Hawaii.

Yeri again greeted her fans. This time, the youngest member of Red Velvet appeared charming when she was lined up to be the model for the upcoming edition of Grazia magazine.

In a number of photos that have been released, Yeri, who has just turned 20 on the 5th of March, had a charming pose showing her adult side. The photos took place on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

In one photo, Yeri was seen wearing a white short skirt and a pastel-colored top while shaking her waist. There is also a photo showing a semi-transparent skirt with a sleeveless top while leaning against the wall.

Yeri‘s appearance, which looks more mature, has fascinated the netters. Moreover, the singer of the song “Dumb Dumb” also wears a variety of clothing from famous fashion houses, such as Guess, Coach, and Marhen J.

Relaxing in a Bikini in Bali: Red Velvet’s Yeri Is Even Said to Look Like an Aunt!

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Red Velvet enjoyed a holiday on the island of Bali after a busy schedule in Jakarta some time ago. One by one, the members of Red Velvet uploaded the excitement of their holiday in Bali.

As Indonesian lovers of K-Pop know, Red Velvet greeted fans in the country through the Korean Wave 2019 concert on April 27th. Red Velvet sang 4 of their hits and greeted their fans more closely.

Even though they didn’t go back to Korea right away, Red Velvet were immediately preoccupied with their very busy schedule, such as television, radio interviews, and online fan meetings by one of the leading e-commerce outlets. Busy with the schedule in Indonesia, Red Velvet seemed to go live on a short vacation in Bali.

Through official posts on Instagram, one by one, Red Velvet members showed off the excitement of their holiday in Bali. After Seulgi uploaded the selca after swimming in one of the luxury resorts, now it was the turn of the youngest member, Yeri.

Seen from the upload, Yeri was engrossed in wearing a white dress and posing on the same rooftop as Seulgi’s post. There is a beautiful view of the twilight in Bali from above in the photo.


In another photo, Yeri bravely opens and uploads her style wearing a black bikini at one of the famous tourist attractions there. Instead of getting praise, Yeri actually reaped scathing criticism.

Not a few netizens pouted at Yeri’s photo openings. Some even insinuated Yeri’s body shape like Ahjumma (as aunts are called in Korea) despite being the youngest in Red Velvet.

“What did the ahjumma do here?” said a netter. “She actually chose a bad form. The worst member of Red Velvet,” said another netter. “How can she be an idol? In SM also from all agencies? The biggest mysteries of SM are Sooyoung, Sunny, and Yeri,” said yet another netter.

“She’s short with dense body shape. Makes her look like ahjumma,” a netter added. “How can she be as young as she is but with ahjumma huhu’s body shape,” said another netter. “This is not because she looks too thin or full, she just doesn’t have a beautiful body shape. But I’m sure she’s happy to upload this photo, right?” another netter said.

Who is NCT’s Taeyong’s Current Girlfriend?

NCT's Taeyong's Current Girlfriend

The popularity of idol singers in Korea is no joke, they are very famous and have a big influence. Their popularity is often in the spotlight for whatever they do. Of course, there are many pros and cons. This is what makes most idols close their personal lives. Including their love lives. Small interactions between female and male idols often lead to rumors that they are in a relationship, and this doesn’t exclude Taeyong. He is rumored to have a special relationship with Red Velvet‘s maknaeKim Yerim among fans. Their agency, SM Entertainment did not provide any response regarding this matter, or in other words, there was no confirmation whatsoever.

That way it can be said that currently Taeyong himself is not in a relationship with anyone, or it can be said that he is single.

Who is Red Velvet’s Yeri’s Current Boyfriend?

Yeri's Current Boyfriend

Yeri’s popularity is unquestionable. This Red Velvet maknae has a big influence in the K-POP industry along with the other members. This certainly encourages people’s curiosity about what they do outside of their stage activities. The slightest thing they do will definitely get the spotlight from fans, including dating news that will certainly make many people interested. The only dating news that came from Yeri was her date with Visual King Leader NCT’s Taeyong. The news spread widely among netters, but there was no official confirmation from the agency or from themselves regarding the news.

Based on these rumors, until now in early 2021, Yeri doesn’t seem to be dating anyone, or you can say Yeri is single.

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