Profile of NCT 127’s Taeyong: Real Name, Birthday, Age, Plastic Surgery and Facts
  • He relates to characters in movies that are lonely, but are really good people. He feels like that all the time.
  • Mark calls Taeyong the pillar of NCT.
  • He loves shopping.
  • He wants people to see him as someone who has a beautiful gaze and is hardworking.
  • Taeyong says that he once felt the presence of a ghost in NCT’s old dorm. Doyoung saw the ghost.
  • Taeyong hopes to promote in Yuta’s hometown one day.
  • He saved Jaehyun in his contacts as ‘Honey Pig’.
  • His nickname for Taeil is ‘William’.
  • Jaehyun saved Taeyong in his contacts as, ‘TY track’, but changed it to ‘TY hyung’, and finally to ‘Ttiyoungie Hyung’.
  • He has a habit of biting his finger nails.
  • He needs solitude to recharge, so when he can, he’ll go into the practice room alone to dance and clear his mind.

NCT’s Taeyong: Plastic Surgery Rumors

As an Korean idol, there are rumors about Taeyong’s appearance. Fans are speculating over whether his face and body are natural or whether he has had plastic surgery. Both SM Entertainment and Taeyong himself have never made a statement about plastic surgery. However, we can assess him through his childhood and pre-debut photos and compare them to the current Taeyong.

Past Taeyong

Current Taeyong
S.M Entertainment


Fans discovered that as a child, Taeyong was a model in a clothing brand. We can see, even from an early age, he was undeniably attractive and has the same smile until now. We can agree that he hasn’t had any plastic surgery done on his face.

Taeyong’s Scam Scandal and Racist Comments

When he was in elementary and middle school, Taeyong was found to be selling broken things, lying, and scamming using his previous accounts on Gundam. He lost his fans’ respect and many of  them said bad things to Taeyong and called him ‘ScamYong’.

Later, on ON AIR NCT SHOW – Day 2, NCT U members said good things about Taeyong, and he answered them with regard to his scamming scandal. He said, when I was younger I made a mistake and acted wrongly, so I would like the members and dongsaengs I love not to make the same mistakes. I would like to let them know what I know. I don’t want them to become like me.

Back then, when the controversy was brought up, his agency came out on behalf of Taeyong, stating “Taeyong is reflecting deeply on the mistakes he made during his middle school days. We apologize to everyone who may have suffered negatively. We will work hard to develop Taeyong into an artist with a good character and great skills.”

After watching Taeyong admitting his mistakes and apologizing, many fans gave him sympathy, but there are still people bashing his character. However, it doesn’t stop there; Taeyong is also known as racist.

People discovered that Taeyong had talked rudely about Japanese girl, saying things such as “so lame” and “I bet at least 50 out of those 100 students are anime character loving nerds right?” He also fat-shamed Japanese girls and called them ugly. Nobody in the entertainment industry should have a personality like that. Netizens are very disappointed in Taeyong’s awful personality behind his image as leader of NCT U.

Do you think Taeyong deserves the hate from his past life? What is your opinion on Taeyong’s past life?