NCT’s Taeyong’s Hairstyles That Made You Think He’s An Actual Anime Prince!

The Unique Hair Styles of the Animated Taeyong of NCT 127

Taeyong of NCT is known as South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter who debuted as member of the boy band NCT 127. His first solo single is titled “Long Flight,” and was released July 18, 2019 under the SM Station project. K-pop stars always do comebacks, meaning they release new songs to the public, and to help keep each comeback fresh, they often try to change things up, especially with how they look.

Taeyong is known for dyeing a new color every time his boy band releases a new music video, and it gives him a different look. The best way to describe the phenomenon is to say he’s a chameleon.

Taeyong has had some remarkable hairstyles throughout his career in music. In this Channel-Korea article, you can see some of the changes he’s made to give himself a different look, era by era!

Switch Era

On December 20, NCT 127 came back with a new music video titled “Switch,” which is an EDM/tropical house music number. In the video, Taeyong is performing with a brown light hairstyle. The music video is about gang fighting with water guns.

For his hairstyle during the Switch era, he wore a dark brown color that made him look cool and strong in appearance. His aura is that of a bold Prince Charming.

Fire Truck Era

The song “Fire Truck” was released on July 10, 2016, and had a heavy beat that combined hip-hop and rap. In this era, Taeyang looked so strong with his black and white-gray hair. The style really fit to the theme of the song.

7th Sense Era

Taeyong looked like an anime figure in this era. He dyed his hair a light purple that gave him a more animated and cartoon look. Moreover, the messy style he wore it in was the perfect touch.

This icy-looking hair seems like frostbite and his makeup gave him a holographic glow that made him look like an ice prince.

Do you like this hairstyle?

Cherry Bomb Era

During the “Cherry Bomb” era, Taeyong dyed his hair a pink color.  This song was part of the group’s third mini-album, which was released on June 14, 2017.

This color made him look more bright and young, and still like an animated prince from the sweet area. Do you have a different opinion?

Boss Era

Looking hot and strong during the “Boss” era, he changed his hair color to red, giving him a fierce and badass appearance.

The bright red hair and his makeup look complemented each other and gave him a solid look that was in keeping with the song.

Do you like his red style here?

Baby Don’t Stop Era


“Baby Don’t Stop” was a single by NCT U that was released on February 26, 2018.

A bright, orange-brown color defines Taeyong’s look during the “Baby Don’t Stop” era. The style gave him a fun look and still left him looking like an animated character.

He can easily steal people’s attention with this look. Don’t you agree?

Touch Era

In the “Touch” era he sported a sandy brown hair color. Taeyoung is giving off more of a more goofy and fun vibe here, but also still has animated looks.

He wants to show a cute and lovable image in the “Touch” era. Indeed!

Chain Era

In the “Chain” era, Taeyoung is rocking a lush shade of chocolate brown that really suits his skin tone.

This color really gives him a calm but also interesting look. What do you think?

Black On Black Era


The “Black on Black” era had him dyeing his hair both red and black. The costume in this music video is always black, and to be distinguished, he shifted from black hair to a red color that significantly shaped a different look.

Regular Era

In the “Regular” era, Taeyoung shifted his hair color into a bright brown that gave him extra blonde looks.

“Regular-Irregular” was released on October 12, 2018. This song has hip-hop, pop, and R&B elements.

His look in this era is like a prince from overseas. This hairstyle makes him look young and fun!

Simon Says Era

The “Simon Says” era not only gave another shift in color, but also a shift in length. This longer, blond-brown hairstyle makes him seem more mature.

Quoted from Allure, Taeyong said “For each comeback, [our stylists] change up my looks a lot.

This messy hair making more texture looks. Do you like this hair era?

This era gives him a bit of a retro look, but he still looks young. What is your opinion?

Taeyong is always experimenting with his look, and it varies depending on the genre of the song for each comeback. Taeyong always finds his own way to give another look to audiences. He said in an interview, “When I’m on stage and the makeup and the whole look suits me, it boosts my confidence and It reflects what I do on stage and how I perform.

Wakey Wakey Era

The “Wakey Wakey” era saw him with black hair made him look handsome an young. It gives him more of a bright, neat, and comfortable look.

This hairstyle is quite safe for Taeyoung, but still makes him look bright, like a prince.

Superhuman Era

NCT 127 released this song on May 24, 2019. This song has an electro-pop genre.

Taeyoung has a dark, black-brown color in this era. His makeup is strong and bold, suiting his face and the song, alike.

Highway To Heaven Era

In the “Highway to Heaven” era, he chose a bright brown color, making him seem younger and like a blonde Prince Charming.

What is your opinion?

Long Flight Era

The Long Flight era made him look like an ice prince. His hair was a blue-tosca color, giving him a strong, cool look.

This hair color really makes him appear unique. Don’t you agree?

Kick It Era

The “Kick It” era gave him a bolder look. In an interview, Taeyoung said that this look was inspired by Bruce Lee’s looks. It certainly makes him appear strong and bold. Do you like his persona?

That’s all about Taeyong of NCT 127’s different hairstyles that make you think he’s an actual anime prince. Which one do you prefer? Rooting for Taeyong’s music career all the way. Whatever style you prefer, the most important thing is it comes from your heart, and it will shine right away to the outside.

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