Who Is SNSD Kim Taeyeon’s Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend?


Are You Curious About SNSD’s Taeyeon’s Dating History?

As a leader of the most popular girl-group in South Korea, SNSD’s Taeyeon has always been under the spotlight. Her melodious voice puts her at the top of the industry, along with other female vocalists such as Ailee, IU, and Hyorin. Since her debut, Taeyeon has released the original soundtracks for many popular dramas, namely Can You Hear Me, If, and Missing You Like Crazy as well as her solo albums (I, Why, Fine) and participating in the sub-units TaeTiSeo, SM The Ballad, and Oh!-GG.

Despite fan’s soaring appreciation of her achievements, Taeyeon’s love life receives a lot of very negative sentiment from the public, due to her obvious behavior before dating news would leak out. Some critics have even called her out as an attention seeker.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about Kim Taeyeon’s dating news with various male celebrities, such as JYJ’s Junsu, Super Junior’s Kangin and Leeteuk, EXO’s Baekhyun, and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon that will give you a more objective perspective.  So keep reading!

SNSD’s Taeyeon and JYJ’s Junsu Dating News


The first male celebrity with whom Taeyeon was involved in dating rumors is TVXQ’s former member and JYJ’s main vocalist, Xia Junsu. They were rumored to be couple in back in 2008, when they were caught making eye contact and smiling at each other several times during their group performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. After he sang his verse, Junsu walked by Taeyeon and touched her rear-end. Toward the end of the performance, Taeyeon was standing in front of Brian, moving from her original place where Junsu spotted her before.


Later, Junsu spotted Taeyeon, who was at the front, and they did a low grab-hand five while walking toward the back of the stage. Though the picture is blurry, it was still evident that Taeyeon touched Junsu’s back while he leaned towards her to say something. Moreover, according to a fan account, Junsu was trying to get in contact with Taeyeon during TVXQ’s Balloon performance.


Before performing at the Hollywood Bowl, Taeyeon and Junsu were spotted shopping together, along with their manager. According to an eyewitness, Junsu looked worried when they were leaving the hotel, and quickly looked at Taeyeon before going on the escalator. Junsu put his arm around Taeyeon, but let go of her as she said something that made him laugh, and pinched her cheek while their arms were still linked. Later, Junsu waited for Taeyeon, who was trying on clothes at A&F, until they realized that fans had crowded the shopping venue. Taeyeon and Junsu separated for the trip back to the hotel, and Taeyeon arrived back half an hour before Junsu.


Their agency, SM Entertainment, didn’t make any statement to clarify the relationship between Taeyeon and Junsu, as they believe that fans will defend the artists’ relationship as close friends who work for the same company. However, the alleged rumor was responsible for the Black Ocean toward SNSD, which occurred an the Dream Concert in 2008.

Internet forums were filled with pieces of ‘evidence’ of Taeyeon and Junsu’s relationship, which were mostly clues from during their shows. In one show, broadcast in 2008, Taeyeon was asked about the song which most energizes her and she replied, “Rising Sun (TVXQ’s song in 2005)”,  and also said that Junsu is her favorite member in TVXQ. Tiffany, who appeared in the show as well, reacted, “Just as expected, vocalist liking vocalist” and Taeyeon laughed.


In the same show, Taeyeon said that she wanted to see the music video for Zhang Li Yin’s Timeless, and once again, Tiffany teased that Junsu also appeared in the video (it was a duet song). Taeyeon replied positively, by saying, “Very good, very good” and smiled widely.

In February 2008, there was a forum post saying that a fan saw Junsu hugging Taeyeon when she was crying, after SNSD won on KBS’ Music Bank, for their song Kissing You. At the time, TVXQ was also on the show to perform Purple Line and Travel Log. Additionally, some fans also spotted Taeyeon and Junsu eating and watching a movie together in May, 2008, before the Hollywood Bowl scandal.


Other clues between Taeyeon and Junsu during their appearances in various shows were coincidentally linked. Taeyeon was once asked about how she wants to be proposed  to, and she answered as if she already had someone in mind, “I have not really thought about it that much, because it could make that person feel very burdened. If the person’s feelings are in it then I am good with it”, whereas Junsu was asked about his message to his future wife, which he answered, like Taeyeon, as if he were in a relationship, “Honey, I don’t know where we could be, but if you would be my wife, I will make you the happiest person. I will sing to you whenever you want me too”. It’s well known that Taeyeon has always admired people who can sing.


Taeyeon and Junsu were also suspected to be in a relationship when they were asked dating-related questions. On a variety show, the host asked Taeyeon about whether there was anyone who showed interest in her after debuting, and she said yes. Another question was asked, “Are they actors or singers?”, and Taeyeon replied that singers met other singers more often than actors. A deeper question was asked, whether the specific person that Taeyeon referred to was a soloist or a boy-group member, but Taeyeon didn’t answer that one. Instead, she blushed and said to stop the questions, which made the host conclude that a boy-group member was interested in Taeyeon.

A fan account stated that during the filming of The Star Show, there was a scene related to Junsu’s relationship that was recorded, but didn’t make it to the broadcast. At the time, there was a question about  which TVXQ’s member was the most date-able, and all four TVXQ members pointed their fingers at Junsu. He denied it right away, saying that he didn’t have time for things like that because he is too busy. However, Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, and Yoochun’s responses were like “Ah, okay….” as if they were letting Junsu deny it, even though they knew it wasn’t true.


Other interesting clues regarding Taeyeon and Junsu popped up in the internet forums. On Valentine’s Day in 2008, Taeyeon was invited to be the guest on KBS’ Kiss The Radio, which was hosted by Eunhyuk from Super Junior. The show made a phone call to Junsu, who complained during the call that he wasn’t getting any gifts or chocolate that year, and finished by singing For the Girls.

In a variety show she was co-hosting, Taeyeon was doing impressions of celebrities, including SNSD’s Tiffany, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, and, obviously, Junsu. However, when it was the time to imitate Junsu, Taeyeon couldn’t start right away, because she was laughing too much. After finally doing her impression of him, she shyly told her co-host that Junsu had a particular way of saying things, then imitated the way Junsu says “SNSD” and “Saranghae (I love you)”.

The public acknowledges Taeyeon and Junsu are two of the powerhouse vocalists in the country. In a 2011 survey conducted by the music portal site Bugs, Taeyeon was ranked first for having the most potential as a mentor for MBC’s Star Audition:The Great Birth, whereas Junsu came in the second, cited by vocal trainers as an artist with the most impressive vocal abilities, because he can sing and dance well at the same time.


In January 2013, Taeyeon spoke about her first love on the SBS radio program, Jung Sun-hee’s Night Like Tonight. During her appearance with fellow SNSD members Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun, Taeyeon confessed that she was receiving more than she was giving to her beloved one,  “I was really young and just received a lot from the relationship. But when I look back, I regret that I could not offer more. I think that I tried to protect my pride too much”. Some fans belileve that Taeyeon’s first love refers to Junsu, since she was only 20 (adult age based on Korea system) when the rumors about them surfaced to the public. Then she picked Brown Eyed Soul’s Love Ballad as a song that she would like to sing for her first love.

Whether the old rumor about the relationship between Taeyeon and Junsu is true or not, we believe that Taeyeon and Junsu still contact each other and maintain their friendship because, in 2012, Taeyeon went to Junsu’s musical Elizabeth. Moreover, Taeyeon also thanked Junsu on SNSD’s fourth full album, I Got a Boy, by mentioning him as ‘dolphin’, the nickname which TVXQ’s fans have acknowledged as Junsu’s.