With a Petite Figure, What’s Taeyeon’s Weight?


Meet the Beautiful Taeyeon

Taeyeon is the leader of the legendary girl group, Girls’ Generation or also known as Seo Nyeo Si Dae (SNSD). Girls’ Generation is famous for all its female members with a slim body and slender legs. Even so, some of Girls’ Generation’s members are tall and some are not that tall. nevertheless, their figures look perfect and this is because they have good proportions. Taeyeon is a member who has a body that is not too tall. Some fans called her petite Taeyeon because of her cute body and face.

Find Out Girls’ Generation’s Leader Real Weight


As a very popular girl group, Girls’ Generation always has a lot of activities. In addition to her activities with the group, Taeyeon also has several solo albums. Kim Tae-yeon also often performs solo concerts and tours in several countries. Aside from being a vocalist, Taeyeon also acted in a musical theater titled Midnight Sun as the leading female named Kaoru in 2010. She also contributed her voice as a dubber for the Korean release of the animation movie Despicable Me, dubbing the role of Margo. With her endless activities, fans are always worried about Taeyeon’s health.

In the talk show program, Happy Together 3 with MC Yoo Jae-suk, Taeyeon who was a guest star together with her unit members Tiffany and Seohyun, revealed her weight. Although she does not like sports and rarely goes on a diet, it turns out Taeyeon weighs only 45 kg. With that weight, Taeyeon also revealed that she had been rejected when she wanted to become a blood donor.

Taeyeon easily loses weight when she is doing a lot of activities. In a radio program led by DJ Dong-min she also said that she had to eat more during the promotion period, especially because her cheeks look very thin if she eats less. DJ Dong-min once asked Taeyeon to give him tips on losing weight. Taeyeon jokingly replied, “They only need to go through hard times.” However, Taeyeon actually had a difficult time when she was caught dating Baekhyun from EXO. She got a lot of hatred from her fans and EXO fans who disagreed with their relationship and later made Taeyeon apologize to the public.


In her free time, she becomes a homebody. Taeyeon doesn’t like to do activities outside the home. It is known that she always does a lot of activities only at home. She’s got a nickname as human-paper because with her petite figure she is also very thin.

But despite having a petite figure, Taeyeon has a very powerful voice. This Queen of OST always manages to make her listeners moved and touched. Every song sung by Taeyeon has hit the highest place on the music charts. Having 158 cm in height, Taeyeon has completed a number of tours such as Butterfly Kiss in 2016, Persona in 2017, Japan Showcase Tour in 2018, and she even has a 2019 concert scheduled.