Taeyeon’s Eternal Bond with SHINee’s Jonghyun and Attending His Funeral

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Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s Closeness

Taeyeon and Jonghyun have been friends since being SM trainees. They became trainees in SM Entertainment and debuted in Girls’ Generation’s for Taeyeon and SHINee for Jonghyun. They both are great vocalists. They have made a collaboration together two times in 2014 and 2017.

They both became one of Korea’s major musicians as they are today long before the two succeeded. It’s not a secret that SM’s family interacts well between groups. Their bond was amazing. Fans even called it a friendship goal and said they acted like siblings. In this article, Channel-Korea will give you information about Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s relationship! Check it out.

Taeyeon Attending Jonghyun’s Memorial Service


On December 18, 2017, the news came from about SHINee member Jonghyun, passing away. SM Entertainment said, “SHINee member Jonghyun has eventually left our side,”  during a press release on December 18. They verified that Jonghyun was discovered in his home in the Cheongdam neighborhood and taken to a nearby hospital, and he died on the evening of December 18. It was heartbreaking and shocking news in K-pop entertainment.

On December 21, 2017, his family and colleagues sent him to his final rest. The SM family such as Super Junior, SHINee, Red Velvet, Girl’s Generation’s and more members were seen attending the memorial service. Many fans paid their respects and shared their gratitude for the singer who had touched their lives through his music and kindness.

Taeyeon, as one of his close friends, was seen crying hard during Jonghyun’s memorial service. She couldn’t hold back her tears and hugged her fellow members. Stay strong, Taeyeon!


Taeyeon’s Heartfelt Message for Jonghyun


After Jonghyun’s departure, it must be hard for his family and fans. Even so, fans kept showering his SNS with heartwarming letters and supported each other. Taeyeon took time to take a trip down her beautiful memories with Jonghyun and posted some pictures on her Instagram that were meant for Jonghyun.


Taeyeon wrote a long, heartwarming letter to Jonghyun. She even tagged his Instagram on her post. Taeyeon wrote, “그게 너고 또 다른 그 또한 너라고 해서 널 사랑하지 않을 사람은 없어. 널 무지 좋아하고 사랑하고 토닥여 주고싶고 한번이라도 더 안아주고 싶었어. 그게 내가 할 수 있는 일이었는데 이렇게 기회를 잃고 후회하고 있는 내가 너무 밉다. 너무 안타깝고 아깝고 소중한 우리 종현이. 전화해서 이름 부르면 당장이라도 하이톤으로 으응! 할것같은 우리 종현이 많이 보고싶어. 누나가 많이 못 안아줘서 미안해 사랑해 그리고 고마워. lonely 누나 생각하며 썼다는 그 과정을 다 기억해. 우린 비슷하잖아. 닮았고. 그 느낌들을 알잖아. 내 인생에 제일 특이하고 멋지고 훌륭한 아티스트 김종현 너무 많이 보고싶고 손잡아 주고싶다. 종현아 넌 최고야. 너무 수고했어🖤 외롭지않게 해줄게.”



Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s Friendship: Like Brother and Sister


Are you curious about Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s friendship? No worries! Check out the thread below to see how they supported each other and always had each other’s back.



In February 2014, Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun made a duet called “Breath” for SM The Ballad Vol.2. The song hit K-pop Hot 100 Chart and peaked at number three and six on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart.

Check out their duet that will touch your heart here:

On April 24, 2017, SHINee’s Jonghyun released his album Story Op.2. His lead title song “Lonely” featured Taeyeon even though she doesn’t appear in the music video. It was their second song together after their duet in 2014. It is said that Jonghyun wrote the song while thinking of Taeyeon, “It’s a perfect song for Taeyeon. The lyrics were very delicate and lonely with the energy of the lyrics, and when I wrote the lyrics and melodies, I thought of her.”

Check out Jonghyun’s “Lonely” music video featuring Taeyeon’s voice here:


Supporting Each Other’s Comeback


It’s a common thing in Korea to see idols supporting each other just like Taeyeon and Jonghyun! Once, Taeyeon went to Jonghyun’s Blue Night, a radio show hosted by Jonghyun, to promote Girls’ Generation’s album My Voice. Taeyeon also promoted Jonghyun’s solo on her Instagram with a cute caption.

Jonghyun and Key went to Taeyeon’s solo concert Persona in May 2017. He cheered for her performance. Along with Key, took pictures together. Months after, Taeyeon went to cheer for Jonghyun’s solo concert in June 2017.

Check out their cutest interactions here:


Taeyeon Appeared on Jonghyun’s Radio Show


In March 2017, Taeyeon became Jonghyun’s radio guest for the third time. She went to promote her album. They also shared about their trainee life and funny moments. You can check out the translation here:


Taeyeon’s Instagram Post about Jonghyun


Taeyeon and Jonghyun are cute like brother and sister. Their bond was uncontrollable. Check out Taeyeon’s Instagram posts about Jonghyun, from supporting his solo until her long heart-warming message to Jonghyun.


Jonghyun attended Taeyeon’s solo concert along with Key. Taeyeon thanked him for cheering her up. They look cute, right?


To Taeyeon, Jonghyun was a hard-working person with big talent. Also, Jonghyun adored Taeyeon as his older sister and an amazing singer.


Taeyeon captioned, “Good night, Our Jonghyunnie. Good job today. 💚 We both said we’d take a picture when we’re pretty. We’re done with makeup. The day I sang “Lonely” in pink 💕”


Taeyeon posted an Instagram story on December 29, 2017, with the caption, “Our Jonghyunnie You worked hard, today too”


Also, watch Taeyeon mention Jonghyun during her solo concert: