Before and After: Did Taeyeon Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Find Out!

Did Taeyeon Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Taeyeon, from the girl group Girl’s Generation, has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. During this time, her facial appearance has undergone certain visible changes that the public has made a note of. Many netizens have accused her of having undergone plastic surgery. However, Taeyeon has never given an official statement regarding this rumor. So, what’s the difference? Let’s analyze her before-and-after photo to find out the difference!

In 2009, Taeyeon looked chubbier with around jawline. Her eyes also look bigger with aegyo-sal. Her face looks very different from her photo in 2016. Her facial features have gotten sharper and more prominent, such as her jaw and her eyes. Her nose bridge also appears sharper and longer. The 2009 photo shows that her nose’s tip looks blunter, whereas the more recent photo (2016) shows that her nose’s tip looks higher. If Taeyeon has done surgery on her nose, then she might have done it on her nose bridge.

Also, from the GIF above, you can notice that her jawline didn’t look as sharp as it does in her recent photo. Then, what about Taeyeon’s childhood photos? Let’s find out!

The two photos above are of Taeyeon as a baby. In the first picture, you can see her double eyelids. That means, her double eyelids are natural since they have been defined since she was little. In the second picture, you can see her smile that looks the same as now.

The two photos above are from when Taeyeon was a teenager. Her appearance doesn’t seem to be very different from what she looked like in the previous photos. However, her facial features look a bit more defined since she’s still growing. The only part that has visibly changed are her teeth. In the photo, she was pictured with protruding ‘rabbit teeth.’

The photos above are from Taeyeon’s middle school graduation photo. She graduated at the age of 16 and made her debut when she was 19. If you look at the comparison photos, there’s no difference between her graduation photos and her debut photos since the difference is only 3 years.

Since Taeyeon was still a baby, she already had distinct features that appear very defined. As you can see in the photo above, where she was photographed kissing with her mother when she was a baby. Her mother’s profile side looks very beautiful. No wonder, she got her beautiful genes and defined features from her mom. Taeyeon’s older brother, Kim Ji-Woong, also has the same facial features as Taeyeon. They both have similar eyes and expression. Here’s a picture of them together.

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Then, what about her recent pictures? In 2016, Taeyeon was rumored to have done lip corner surgery. Here’s the GIF.

If we see her eyes in the GIF, we can also see that her double eyelid looks thicker than before. Her nose also looks uneven between the left nostril and the right nostril. However, Taeyeon hasn’t given a statement or an explanation regarding this accusation. Netizens have also made a GIF for comparison of her changing appearance.

Since her plastic surgery started circulating the online community, in 2017, Taeyeon posted a selca of her bare face to show everyone that there’s nothing much difference with her face when she has make-up on and when she doesn’t.

Taeyeon took a mirror selfie with her camera. She can be seen with no make-up on and still looking the same with make-up. In the end, we can conclude that Taeyeon’s appearance has changed, but no one knows whether it’s because of plastic surgery or because of make-up, or even maybe because of weight loss. What do you think about Taeyeon’s before-and-after photos? Do you think she has done plastic surgery or not?