Top 10 Photos of Taeyeon with No Makeup To Prove Her Natural Beauty!

SNSD's Taeyeon

The Beautiful Singer SNSD’s Taeyeon

Who misses Taeyeon? One of the members from SNSD who has the best voice and best smile, especially for her fans! Taeyeon or also known as Kim Tae-yeon, was one of the woman idols who has a pure image on her face. Even though there’s a lot of negative comments that were said about her plastic surgery rumor, it turns out that Taeyeon could prove them wrong!

Women mostly were envious about her perfect-baby skin – who doesn’t want that? Well, through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you Kim Tae-yeon and will give you the top 10 pictures of Kim Tae-yeon with her beautiful bare face!

Taeyeon’s Charm Without Makeup

As a woman idol in South Korea or in any country, makeup is one of the most important things that woman can’t live without! Just like Kim Tae-yeon, better known as Taeyeon, one of the SNSD’s member. We often were fascinated with her pure beauty, with or without makeup.

Even when she’s not wearing any makeup on her face, her natural beauty was real. Some people might think that she underwent plastic surgery, but if you see her previous pictures right after before her debut, you might think twice about that speculation! You can watch the video below to see Taeyeon’s bare face!

Even Taeyeon once uploaded her bare face picture on her Instagram account, she got some negative comments about her facial appearance. To prove them wrong, Taeyeon posted some pictures of herself without any makeup with the caption “Ok, look at the mirror,“. Just look at the picture below!

Super Junior’s Heechul, one of Taeyeon’s friend in SM Entertainment revealed that Taeyeon and Yoona from SNSD were one of the women with pure natural beauty, and without makeup. Moreover, Super Junior’s Heechul had already been in the friendship with them for a long time, even before their debut.

Her fans also said that they are more in love with Taeyeon when she doesn’t wear any makeup. In one occasion, when Taeyeon was captured while she was making a cake in a cafe named Sumcafe, she was looking gorgeous without makeup. Because we usually saw her with the bold makeup, when we saw her without makeup, her beauty charisma was really strong.

She looks more adorable with that cute expression and bare face, right? Moreover, she also has perfect skin! Her fans were added, “She was even looked perfect without any makeup on,”.

And the most important thing that we could take, Taeyeon was really confident in her appearance, with or without makeup. This could show people how to love yourself, no matter what!

Top 10 Photos of Taeyeon with No Makeup

Here’s the top 10 picture of Kim Tae-yeon without any makeup on her angelic face, let’s check them out!

1. Isn’t she lovely?

2. You won’t deny her inner beauty, even when she has flaws on her face!

3. Even when she’s pouting, her appearance was really adorable!

4. Who can resist that smile? The beautiful smile from Taeyeon’s natural face!

5. With casual fashion, no makeup and messy bangs-hairstyle, Taeyeon still looked too gorgeous!

6. She looks very cute, right?

7. Taeyeon was confident to share her bare face with her other best friend, Tiffany Young!

8. Taeyeon with no makeup before her debut!

9. Who was still denying the true beauty on Taeyeon’s face?

10. Better think twice before you judge her for undergo plastic surgery, fellas! Taeyeon’s pure beauty must be one thing you couldn’t resist!