SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi: Are They Dating?

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Details about SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi’s Dating News!

How do you feel when you hear that your favorite idol is confirmed to be dating other idols? It must be a very exciting or very sad announcement. This time, people are shocked after the news that Taeyeon and Ravi are confirmed to be dating! Through this article, Channel Korea will inform you of the details about SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi’s dating news, so keep on reading!

What’s the Relationship between Taeyeon and Ravi?

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Kim Tae-yeon who is famously known as SNSD’s Taeyeon is a singer under SM Entertainment who joined the group SNSD. Meanwhile, Ravi is a member of the boy group VIXX as well as the founder of the hip-hop label GROOVL1N. Both of them are successful within their paths, and even the fans have acknowledged their achievements in the music industry.

All of sudden, shocking news from SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi has spread over the Internet. It was reported that they are dating! The local South Korean media outlets reported that they have allegedly been dating since 2019 and spend time together often.

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

It was also reported that Taeyeon and Ravi started getting to know each other after a mutual friend introduced them. After the report, Taeyeon and Ravi’s agencies respectively gave an official statement regarding the news. However, the dating news wasn’t true at all. Learn more about the details here.

The Agencies’ Responses and Official Statements

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Taeyeon’s agency SM Entertainment gave an official statement shortly after the dating news started spreading. They said that “They only have a close sunbae and hoobae friendship since having worked together on Ravi’s song and the dating rumors aren’t true.”

Later on, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N released a statement that was different from Taeyeon’s agency. They confirmed the dating news and asked people to refrain from the false speculative article so they can date comfortably.

snsd's taeyeon and vixx's ravi

The major difference in their statements confused fans. Moreover, it was reported that Ravi’s close acquaintances revealed that Ravi was indeed dating Taeyeon.

False Rumors Explained

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Here’s the explanation of why the dating news is just a rumor! Initially, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N gave an official statement confirming the dating news. The label claimed, “It’s true that they’re dating. Please don’t make any guesses so they can have a good relationship.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment denied the rumor immediately. People were confused by the statements until GROOVL1N released another statement that denied the rumor as well. They explained that Taeyeon and Ravi only share a good friendship after working together in their music.

Taeyeon’s Response about Her Dating Rumor

snsd's taeyeon

Taeyeon spoke up about the dating rumor between her and VIXX’s Ravi. Even though she didn’t give an official statement, she made a post through her official Instagram account, @taeyeon_ss!

snsd's taeyeon's instagram post

Taeyeon made an Instagram story that captured a screenshot of a scene from Doremi Market and included the phrase “A useful meme to use when you hold everything in place.” Many fans thought that it was indirectly an expression of her frustration about the dating rumor.

Check Out Taeyeon and Ravi’s Moments Here!

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Despite the false dating rumor, the fans were still fond of the friendship and moments between VIXX’s Ravi and SNSD’s Taeyeon. Here’s a glimpse of Ravi and Taeyeon’s moments that have been spotted!

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Here is SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi while appearing together on Amazing Saturday!

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Ravi and Taeyeon took a picture together after Taeyeon’s appearance on Question Mark which was hosted by Ravi!

snsd's taeyeon & vixx's ravi

Both of them were spotted together on Christmas! Since then, the dating rumor about them started to develop. It was also reported that Ravi went to Taeyeon’s house in Seongsu-dong!

That is all of the information regarding Taeyeon and Ravi’s relationship! Even though they aren’t dating, people are quite pleased about their friendship. Do you also hope that Taeyeon and Ravi will start dating in real life? Write your opinion below and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!