What’s the Relationship Between Taeyeon and Jessica After Her Departure From SNSD?

snsd's taeyeon & jessica

SNSD’s Taeyeon and Jessica Jung: Between Friendship and Possible Hostility?

Do you know about the famous girl group SNSD? They initially debuted with 9 members before some of them separated. Today, we are going to talk about Taeyeon and Jessica who used to be SNSD members before Jessica left the group back in 2014. Through this article, Channel Korea will reveal everything about Taeyeon and Jessica’s relationship, so keep on reading!

Taeyeon and Jessica Jung’s Relationship


Taeyeon and Jessica are known as the oldest members in SNSD since Taeyeon was the oldest and Jessica was the second oldest. Both of them were also famously praised for their stunning and strong vocal skills since they were the main vocalists, and they both have gorgeous visuals!


While they were working together as groupmates, Taeyeon and Jessica showed off their closeness through adorable interactions, supporting each other, and showing their affection towards each other while performing on stage. Even SONEs (SNSD’s fandom) realized their strong sister bond ever since the group’s first debut!

The Legendary ‘TaengSic’


If you’re a die-hard SONE and have been following SNSD for a long time, you must be familiar with ‘TaengSic!’ For those of you who have no idea what that is, ‘TaengSic’ was the pairing name of Taeyeon and Jessica and was given by the fans due to their closeness. The word ‘Taeng’ refers to Taeyeon’s nickname ‘Taeng’ and ‘Sic’ refers to ‘Jessica.’

Both Taeyeon and Jessica showed off a lot of pleasant moments together, whether during their free time or hectic schedule with SNSD. They also looked cute and very close while filming an ad campaign together!


On a certain occasion, Jessica left a heart-warming letter for Taeyeon. She wrote about her concern for Taeyeon’s health and hope that she could always be happy and not feel any pain. Well, it seemed like the strong sisterhood between Taeyeon and Jessica would make everyone envious, right?

Their Relationship after Jessica Jung’s Departure from SNSD


After Jessica departed from SNSD, she began to focus on her fashion brand. Meanwhile, Taeyeon and the other SNSD members continued the group’s activities. Fans began to wonder whether Taeyeon and Jessica were still in contact.

It was most likely that Jessica and Taeyeon weren’t communicating with each other any longer since her departure from the group wasn’t on good terms.


However, on certain occasions when the SNSD Channel program talked about friendship, Taeyeon would tear up. She revealed that her happiness would be taken away from her if her friends Leave. The fans speculated that her statement was referring to Jessica. We do miss the interactions between Taeyeon and Jessica, right?

About Taeyeon and Jessica Jung: Did They Have a Fight?


Despite the beautiful friendship between Taeyeon and Jessica, many fans have assumed that the two of them used to fight in 2012 since Jessica kept trying to talk with Taeyeon but she seemed to refuse. At that time, SONEs noticed that Taeyeon was avoiding Jessica which led them to think that they fought over something.

The speculation increased after some videos portraying Jessica being avoided spread over the Internet. However, their relationship returned in 2014 during SNSD’s “Mr. Mr.” era, but it didn’t last long since Jessica left the group in the same year.


Rumors also spread that Taeyeon had something to do with Jessica’s departure. Many SONEs have denied it and believe that it was her decision to leave the group and has nothing to do with Taeyeon. Both Taeyeon and Jessica never gave an official statement regarding the issues and neither has SM Entertainment. Do you think that they are or were fighting?

That is all about Taeyeon and Jessica’s relationship! Despite the fight rumors, whatever their relationship is, let’s always support them and respect their decision as well! What do you think about Taeyeon and Jessica’s relationship? Let us know your answer in the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!