Learn More About TaeTiSeo’s Comeback With the 2nd EP Holler: Tracklist And Lyrics’ Meanings


Meet The Popular Subunit Of The Even More Popular Girls’ Generation – TTS

Girls’ Generation – TTS is the girl group of Taeyon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. They made the so far only subunit of Girls’ Generation with the short name TTS, the abbreviation of the first letters of their names. Now, in this Channel-Korea article, we are going to share with you detailed information about TTS’ second extended play Holler. Stay tuned and keep reading.

Girls’ Generation – TTS


Debuting in 2012, TTS is the first subunit of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation under SM Entertainment. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun who were the lead vocalists of Girls’ Generation are the members of this new subunit. Till now they have released three extended plays: TwinkleHoller, and Dear Santa.

Eventually, this group arose after most of the members of Girls’ Generation decided to do their own activities outside the group, like shifting their focus to television dramas, variety programs, and other activities. Since the hiatus of the main Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun still wanted to work in the music world.

So, on April 19th, 2012, SM Entertainment formed a group of which they said, “The members of the unit are gathered according to the music and concept of each of them to create a new group album.” Finally, TTS, or also called TaeTiSeo, was officially launched, and no one could underestimate them since their voices were the ultimate vocals in Girls’ Generation.

2nd EP – Holler


Holler is their second EP after Twinkle, which was released digitally on September 16th, 2014. This second EP broke the Billboard World Album Chart and the Gaon weekly chart reaching the number 1 position. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun said on their interview, “This album was really personal for us and it was fun… to put out a more raw side of our music… the music we put together has so many layers, so much more depth to it in terms of sound, choruses or harmonizing together.” They said that the purpose of this group is to be vocally entertaining.

However, the girls did not stop there, TaeTiSeo also created a variety show program about their daily lives which was their project during the promotional album.

Music Videos

The music video of “Holler,” is quite entertaining as the shoot direction is different. It started with one by one appearance in a luxurious building, then they went missing on the camera and came up suddenly like magic. The music video is really interesting and unique, especially underlying the extraordinary voices of the three of them.

The song “Holler” starts with the verse: “Ladies and Gentleman, can you hear me?” which is often said as a remark of the Moulin Rouge cabaret and Mizrock‘s B-side “Hello.” This music video is also a combination of a 60s vibe and a piece of modern pop music.

One of the reasons that made this song popular is the catchy part of the lyrics in the refrain, “holler, holler, holler,” which makes the chorus easy to remember and sing.

No doubt Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun can bravely pull off any kind of fashion style. They went glitz and glam which created glamour and the visual effect of a goddess.

Must watch above!


No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. “Holler” Mafly/Figge Boström, Anna Engh Figge Boström, Anna Engh fd Nordell Figge Boström, Maria Marcus 03:03
2. “Adrenaline” (아드레날린; Adeurenallin) Kim Min-jung, Mafly Ina Wroldsen, Lucas Secon, Mich Hansen, Jonas Jeberg, Yoo Han-Jin Ina Wroldsen, Lucas Secon, Mich Hansen, Jonas Jeberg, Yoo Han-Jin 03:29
3. “Whisper” (내가 네게; Naega Nege) Mafly, James Im, Joel Hong Andrew Jackson, Im Gwang Uk, Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, Im Gwang Uk, Im Chaese-op 03:38
4. “Stay” Brian Kim Caesar & Loui, Olof Lindskog, Hayley Aitken Caesar & Loui, Olof Lindskog, Hayley Aitken 03:31
5. “Only U” Seohyun Lauren Dyson, Sebastian Thott, Erik Lidbom Sebastian Thott 03:37
6. “Eyes” Mafly Albi Albertsson, Mara Kim MUSSASHI 02:39


In fact, Tiffany is the one who acts as the visual director of the concept of the “Holler” music video. “Holler” was digitally released on September 16th, 2014, and physically on September 18th, 2014, by S. M. Entertainment.

Here is a part of the lyrics that caught people’s attention:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can you hear me?
I hope you are ready for a fast ride
Cause that’s what we’re going for tonight
So sit back and buckle up
Cause you’ll be racing with the stars tonight
Listen! Wow!

Catch the video now!

Adrenaline (아드레날린)

The song “Adrenaline” is actually even more catchy than “Holler.” Here is a glimpse of the lyrics of this song:

What is this feeling?
Am I the only one who doesn’t know?
You’ve been hiding your black hole
A new world greets me
This is my heart’s joke
An illusion called Cupid
There’s no such thing as forever
But your eyes are shaking me up

My eyes
Only look at you
My breath
Is quickening
My body
Isn’t listening to my heart
I’m falling, I’m falling for you

You’re special, my adrenaline
Oh sweet, you pull me in
Oh wait, I’m only looking for you
I’m falling, I’m falling for you
You’re mysterious, my adrenaline
So good, I can’t stop
So cool, I’m addicted to you
I’m falling, I’m falling for you

Adrenaline ah adrenaline ah adrenaline ah

You’re already in my radius
My eyes are already a pair of binoculars
Other guys are outside my vision
Only you are growing bigger
Just like Newton’s apple
The secret to the theory of relativity
You pull me in more and more
The world around you is swaying

Whisper (내가 네게)

“Whisper” is an R&B slow jam backtrack that smoothly fits their diamond vocals.

Here is a part of the lyrics of the song:

Oh Baby, come to me little by little
No Baby, not too fast
The moon is bright tonight
Your moonlight shines on me
Your moonlight shines

My eyes that are looking at you
Are filled with the starlight
Until this night is over
I’ll shine brightly, I’m your starlight

My shy trembling
My racing heart for you
I can’t hide it, no no no
Now I’ll confess Yeah Yeah Yeah

Softly touching lips
A kiss that sweetly melts like cotton candy
I’ll close my eyes for you
So I can only hear you, ooh

Gently come closer to me
My favorite moment
I’ll tell you
I’ll secretly tell you
In your dreamy and warm
embrace I’m held tonight
I wanna whisper
From me to you, I’ll tell you

The pain I’ve hidden away until now
Has all disappeared
I’m weak and soft-hearted
But I’ll strongly embrace you

It’s like my heart
Has fallen into a mysterious magic spell
I wanna show you
Before the day is over

Your soft lips
A kiss that softly melts like caramel
I’ll close my eyes for you
Yeah baby it’s for you yeah