From SHINee’s Maknae To a Solo Artist: Here Are Lee Tae-min’s Top Songs You Should Listen!

Under My Skin (2018)

Taemin is Taemin’s first self-titled Japanese-language studio album, which was released digitally on November 5th, 2018. The album includes twelve tracks and Japanese versions of Taemin’s earlier published songs. The title track for the album is Under My Skin, the music video for the song released on November 12th, 2018. The lyrics were written by Junji Ishiwatari.

Here’s snippets of the lyric!

So now I reach my hand
Only your warmth
Melts my cold heart
That I’ve kept hiding under my skin

And this:

Please hold me tonight
The real me
I’ve never shown anyone
And can’t let out anywhere

Many people love this song, let’s see their praises for him!

[+664] Do you ever just space out and think how lucky you are to live in the same century as Taemin and SHINee

[+493] You know you find the ONE when a song that is not in your language, and You don’t understand anything, but still make you feel everything that it wants to portrait. That is talent. This is Lee Taemin

[+306] Taemin is a blessing for kpop and jpop industry

Check out Taemin’s live performance of Under My Skin in the Tour Sirius Concert 2018, below!

Want (2019)

Want is Taemin’s second Korean EP, and was released on February 11, 2019. Including the title track and lead single, Want, the EP features seven tracks. Want debuted on the Gaon Album Chart at number one.

Once again, Taemin showed his sexy side in the music video for this song. When it comes to dancing, we will never doubt this dancing machine from SHINee. From the beginning of the music video, we can already see that Taemin is impressive with his unusual dance skills. He looks sexy through his simple dance, but still looks energized.

Here are the snippets of the lyric!

Hot, hot
I’ll burn you up even more slowly
Hot, hot
I want you to fall for me without limit
Hot, hot
I’ll wake the silence under your deep sea
Hot, hot
You’ll want it more, you’ll burn up more

And also this:

The prohibited fruit is even sweeter so it’s tempting you
This clash is making your senses heightened
In this soft flow
You’ll want it more, you’ll burn up more

This is what the listeners commented:

[+1.2k] If you reached here, you have the highest level of taste in music!

[+91] Whenever I hear this song I feel like I’m drugged. 😵🤒💝💝💝💝

[+17] this is so addicting. Can’t stop watching.

Cant’ get enough of Taemin’s sexiness in the music video? Check out his live performance in Dream Concert 2019!

And the dance practice video:

That was all the information we could gather for you about Taemin’s best solo songs. Which one is your favorite? Let’s keep supporting him as a solo artist and a member of SHINee. We hope we’ll see more of him in the future, with another new project. And for you, don’t forget to kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section, below!