From SHINee’s Maknae To a Solo Artist: Here Are Lee Tae-min’s Top Songs You Should Listen!

Get to Know SHINee’s Youngest Member, Lee Tae-min!

You might already know that SHINee’s maknae, Taemin, is an amazing dancer with moves that will leave you with awe whenever he dances on stage, but did you know he’s also a good singer? Yep, he’s a multi-talented guy who everybody loves.

Taemin made his solo debut on August 18, 2014, and published his first mini album, Ace, with six songs. The music video for the title song, Danger, was published on August 16, 2014. American choreographer Ian Eastwood and the performance management team BeatBurger developed the choreography for Danger. Taemin went to a dancing studio in L.A. to learn about the dance.

Since then, Taemin has been steadily building his career as a solo artist and has already released three studio albums, one reissue, five extended plays, and many singles and soundtrack appearances. He’s promoted in Japan, as well, and released several singles in Japanese. He’s very hardworking and gives his best to everything he does, which really inspires people.

In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you all the information you need to know about Taemin’s solo songs. So, stay tuned!

Danger (2014)

Taemin debuted as a solo artist on August 15, 2014, when he released his solo extended play Ace, with the title track, Danger. The lyrics were written by Seo Ji-eum, and composed by Thomas Troelson and Remee S Jackma. If you haven’t watched the music video and are used to seeing the youngest SHINee member as the pretty flower boy he usually is, get ready to be blown away by his style in Danger!

The teaser for the music video gave a glimpse of what can be expected from Taemin’s first solo single, which sounds like a mid-tempo dance track in the first few seconds. Taemin’s edgy style, which gives off a glam-rock feeling (he sports an ear-to-nose chain earring!), can also be seen in the teaser, making fans excited about the singer’s fresh idea, which is very different from when he promotes with SHINee.

Here’s snippets of the lyric, if you’re curious:

I’m very careful, my target is only you
I’ll count the seconds and
Bbum bbum bbum bbum bbum
My perfect scenario

And this:

I’m like a maze when you look at me
I’m like sand when you catch me
Scattered like the fog,
Mysterious like a puzzle

So intense and dark, Taemin really tries on a different persona for his solo debut. All the repeated sentences in it make this song addictive. In the beginning, you can enjoy the slow, taunting lines, but it’s the bam bam bam that will attract you to the song. With a beat that’s totally on point, it has a lot of unique elements. The vocal styles used in this song fit Taemin’s voice very well.

The SHINee maknae is really something else, don’t you think?

Let’s check out Taemin’s best live performance of Danger!

Wanna know what people had to say about Taemin and his solo debut song?

[+1.3k] RIP to those who thought they could dance like Taemin. You will be dearly missed.

[+680] I just found the Korean Michael Jackson and I don’t regret it. FiGhT mE.

[+568] The moment when you realize that it was a solo debut and not a comeback….

This dance practice video will blow your mind:

Press Your Number (2016)

Two years after his solo debut, Taemin came back with a studio album in 2016, Press It. The album was released on February 23, 2016, with Press Your Number as the title track. Fun facts, Press Your Number was originally written by Bruno Mars! The demo was originally made years before Taemin’s release, and SM Entertainment purchased the track. Taemin said, in many interviews, that he didn’t actually get to meet Bruno Mars to work on this song. However, to appeal to the Korean market, he did write fresh lyrics for the song.

Press Your Number sounds like a synthesis of one of Bruno’s slower dance songs. The beat is highly energetic, funky, and retro, and really fit with Taemin. It also enables him to maintain that he and SHINee are known for certain quirky qualities. Since his solo debut two years earlier, his vocals significantly improved, and Press Your Number really shows this development. It feels as if Taemin is in command and these songs are more representative of what he, as an artist, chooses to do.

The snippets of the lyric:

Your body temperature that I could feel with my fingers
Your small hand that was always warm
I’m holding onto the faded memories
With a burning heart, looking for you girl

And this:

Press your number again, answer me
Even if you left now, it’s only for a moment
That’s how I feel, let me listen again
Whisper in my ear once again
Press Press Press Press

Yes, this song is about someone who still wants their ex back. Taemin really can pull off the concept of desperate, yet sexy. And fans are loving it too!

[+55] I’m feeling f r e a k y 👀 Taemin the beloved king who is totally underrated

[+42] Just found this song and the chorus got me so hard

[+29] I love all Taemin’s solo songs. But this is definitely on my top 5 list.

Here’s the dance performance video:

And his comeback stage:

Move (2017)

It didn’t take long for Taemin to release his second solo album after the success of his first album, Press It. Move released on October 16th, 2017. The album consists of nine tracks, with the title track having the same title as the album, Move.

Did you know that Move wasn’t intended to be the initial promotional track for the album?  Originally, SM chose the B-side, Love, for the title track. However, Taemin decided against the song because he did not believe it would allow him to demonstrate his real identity. He intended to break the gender stereotypes and perceived boundaries of K-pop’s art, and worked with the Japanese choreographer Koharu Sugawara and a team of female dancers to develop the choreography for the song, with the intention of using Taemin’s soft frame as a starting point against the gender standards typified by many K-pop dances.

What a legend! Only respect for our king, Taemin!

Here’s the snippets of the lyric:

For a moment I got rid of everything
only relying on the visual perception
with wondering glances
Oh Oh admiring only you

And this:

Under the dark lights, again the starting MOVE
an elegant gesture, a furtive glance
You get reflected in the transparent window, a glimmering MOVE
That odd feeling, a dizzying attraction

The fans are crazy over the song!

[+17k] Say it with me: L E G E N D

[+594] Taemin knows how to make people thirsty of him and his music. He is literally a phenomenal artist.

[+584] Taemin dancing and singing seductively in the rain Someone explain to me how I’m supposed to breathe

Here’s Taemin’s live performance of Move with Sunmi in MAMA 2017:

And you can check out the dance practice video, below!