Do You Miss the Sweet Adolescent Couple SHINee’s Taemin and Apink’s Naeun from ‘We Got Married’? What’s Their Relationship Now?

Taemin & Naeun

Do You Miss The Sweet Couple Taemin and Naeun?

Both SHINee’s Taemin and Apink’s Naeun are idols who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time. SHINee and Apink obviously are already recognized by many people and have a lot of fans.

Eventually, Taemin and Naeun appeared on the variety-reality show We Got Married as a couple. Wanna know about their togetherness and chemistry on We Got Married? We will take a look from a couple of years ago, and through this article, Channel Korea will take you through their journey on We Got Married!

Taemin and Naeun on We Got Married

Taemin & Naeun

At first, people might have never expected SHINee’s Taemin to appear on We Got Married. People thought that it would be his mate, SHINee’s Key. After the news was confirmed that Taemin would participate in We Got Married, soon the news about his spouse came up. It was Apink’s Naeun. Both of them were 19 at the time.

On the first episode, Taemin revealed that he has no experience with any girls, so if his ‘wife’ was the same as him, they might be each other’s first love. Additionally, Taemin is the youngest husband so far on We Got Married.

SHINee's Taemin

Naeun also revealed that she has never dated or kissed anyone. She used to dream of a never-ending love story just like in vampire movies, and she dreamed of a manly yet reliable husband.

Apink's Naeun

After they met each other on Jeju Island, they’re started to make small talk. Turns out, they went to the same junior high school. Naeun said that she once saw Taemin in school, but he didn’t do the same at that time. Both of them are also Catholic, and Taemin said that they’re destined for each other because of their similarities.

In another episode, we could see Taemin and Naeun moving into their new house for the show. They also wore matching socks. How cute!

Taemin & Naeun

And, on another occasion, Taemin showed off his piano playing ability. Then, he asked her to come closer, and both of them sat beside each other and played the piano together.

Taemin & Naeun

Also, both of them looked cute while trying to cook together. They went into the kitchen, and Taemin asked her how to cook. She replied that she doesn’t really cook well, but Taemin seemed fine with that. He also revealed that he once cooked ramyun for the other members of SHINee, but it was a failure because the other members asked him to not cook again.

Taemin & Naeun

What’s Their Relationship Status Now?

Taemin & Naeun

After experiencing this throwback to Taemin and Naeun’s chemistry on We Got Married, people must be curious about their current relationship status?

There’s a rumor that both of them began to date in real life after the show. Before he participated in We Got Married, Taemin never thought about marriage. But, right after he joined the variety show, he revealed that marriage is nice, and he told the other members to get married as soon as possible.

Taemin & Naeun

Many people, especially Taemin’s fans, assumed that both of them were dating in real life due to their chemistry and how Taemin treated her in such a really good way. Moreover, both of them looked sad when they had to say goodbye to each other when their time on the show was over.

But, Naeun was interviewed and asked about her relationship status. She said that she hasn’t dated anyone after We Got Married. She doesn’t fall in love at first sight easily and needed more time. That’s why she hasn’t dated anyone.

Well, we can say that they weren’t in any kind of romantic relationship. They continued their lives separately and keep reminiscing about each other as good friends and partners. So, let’s wish for the best for both of them. Hopefully, they will find their soulmates!