Are You #Taelice Shipper? Check Out BTS’ Taehyung and Blackpink’s Lisa’s Moments Together!

Taehyung and Lisa’s Moments and Interaction

Apart from the #Taelice fan-edits and shippers made by the fans, it really stole the attention of BTS x BLACKPINK’s shippers. This time, let’s look at some moments and also the interaction of #Taelice in various events and opportunities.

On an occasion when they were scheduled to go abroad, BTS and BLACKPINK had the opportunity to meet with the top singer from America, Billie Eilish. Both are very swag when posing with the singer, who is the hitmaker of the song Bad Guy.

Even when BLACPINK was promoting with their debut song, Boombayah, and appearing at awards, BTS’s V already showed interest in the girl group under YG Entertainment. The reaction from BTS’ V was very funny because he was trying to dance according to the choreography of the song Boombayah, and posed cutely when BLACKPINK shouted “Oppa!”

As for when BLACKPINK entered one of the nomination categories for an award, BTS’s V, who knew that the song Kill This Love would be played immediately, smiled while singing the part “Ye-ye-ye-ye-yeah” when the screen showed footage from the BLACKPINK music video, Kill This Love.

There were many moments when BTS met BLACKPINK at the awards shows and they looked like they were watching each other. #Taelice moments and interactions can also be seen in some photos that indicate as if they are ‘secret couple’.

There were also moments when the idol groups had to take photos together on the stage. When the event was over, they were seen laughing together, and the fans assumed that at that time V was watching a big screen that showed the idol group members on stage, and their attention was fixed to BALCKPINK’s Lisa.

BTS’ V also increasingly stole glances when BLACKPINK got an award, and they had to go on stage to make a speech for their victory. BLACKPINK, who was sitting next to BTS, didn’t even escape the camera’s spotlight that BTS’ V was watching BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who was about to go onstage with the other members.

In their performances at other awards, BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa were still seen quietly interacting with each other. This was recorded by the fans when BLACKPINK’s Lisa wanted to sit in the front seat of the BTS members. V, who was very striking with his red hair color, was clearly watching Lisa, who had curly blonde hair and was about to sit in the front row seat of the BTS members.

The fans also noticed when V leaned forward slightly to the front, which was just behind BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s head, and he seemed to be whispering something.

The #Taelice moment can also be seen in several other awards when BLACKPINK and BTS had seats close to one another. This time, the #Taelice moment could be seen when they stole glances at each other, and BTS’ V directed his body towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa as if he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the beautiful face of the Thai girl.

The photos of V taken by the Army also look very funny, because behind the man, who was born in Daegu, December 30, 1995, looks very suitable with BLACPINK’s Lisa, whose face is clearly visible in the background of the photo. Their identical hair color when attending the ‘2018 Golden Disc Awards’ makes them look like a celebrity couple.

While giving respect to one of the award winners who walked from behind BLACKPINK’s seat, BTS’ V was the first member who was seen turning his head back, like stealing glances at BLACKPINK’s Lisa and he was also seen as the first BTS member who stood up to give a round of applause to the soloist who was an award winner.

That’s about the moments, interactions, and fan-edits of #Taelice shipper, which have been talked about in the Army and BLINKS fan community. As fans, we should still support our favorite idols in any condition. Don’t forget to give BTS and BLACKPINK lots of love, and let’s show our support as fans so we can see their comebacks as soon as possible!