Are You #Taelice Shipper? Check Out BTS’ Taehyung and Blackpink’s Lisa’s Moments Together!

Find Out About #Taelice Moments and More!

Many fans know that BTS and BLACKPINK are the most popular boy-group and girl-group in South Korea, and many of their songs have become hits and top songs domestically and internationally. The members are also known as idols who are full of charisma and have many talents, and often fans praise them for having very beautiful and handsome visuals.

This time, there is a shipper named #Taelice who is a fan of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa. They became a famous couple among fans because of their visuals and talents. In this article, let’s see how sweet the interaction is between V and Lisa is during various moments, and find out if you agree with #Taelice shipper?

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Meet Taelice, Fan’s Favorite #BANGTANPINK Ship

Being one of the shippers in the K-Pop world makes fans think that #Taelice is one of the candidates for the shipper which is strong among other idols. As well as being from a large agency, BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are also known for their faces and visuals that never look ugly, and their funny natures.

Even though they are from different countries, the fans still feel that #Taelice is a good match. V, who was born two years earlier than Lisa, is very suitable to be an oppa for BLACKPINK’s maknae, who is also famous for her cuteness.

Their eccentric and swag style has made fans believe that #Taelice is a perfect match for a real-life couple. In addition, fans of BLACKPINK and BTS also often write fictional stories about #Taelice on Wattpad, and make the couple feel like they are in a special, but secret relationship.

Both the charisma of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa when they are performing on stage  always attract a lot of attention from fans and the crowd. With charisma and very energetic dance moves, they can steal the spotlight and become very fierce when appearing in front of the crowd.

BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are also known to have cute pets. BTS’s V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, has a pet dog that is well known to the Army, named Yeontan. The cute little dog is a type of Pomeranian that is brown and black. BLACKPINK’s Lisahas a pet cat named Leo that is male, and has a soft gray color.

Because fans know that V and Lisa are animal lovers, many say that #Taelice couple is suitable to be animal parents because of their love for animals.

In addition to being animal lovers, #Taelice is also very suitable to be a couple full of sweet moments, and they are very often valued by fans because they are clingy towards other members in their groups.


Fans also expected if #Taelice was caught in a public space and the paparazzi started capturing them through candid photos,V and Lisa would be a couple who didn’t care about public talk about their relationship. Instead of hiding from the public, fans of #Taelice shipper assume that this couple would be open about their special relationship.

In addition, fans also assume that the two members of these popular groups would have a very funny date with each other. #Taelice are idols with a very soft appearance and who famous for their cuteness and aegyo.

Beside having great stage presence, BTS’ V and BLACPINK’s Lisa also have other talents in music, that is playing musical instruments. V is very good at playing saxophone and Lisa can also play ukulele.

In addition to clothing that has swag vibes, ‘V and Lisa are also often seen wearing a hoodie or sweater as one of their favorite outfits when they’re not working. The photo above is proof that even with a casual style, #Taelice can steal the attention of fans and many people that this couple is suitable in terms of fashion.

#Taelice also has a serious aura even though they are a rookie group, but their charisma as idols is very radiant and they are very worthy to be nominated by couples who have strong chemistry with each other.

What about the #Taelice fan-edit photo above? They are like a celebrity couple full of charisma, right?

It is undeniable that idols who both often win in music charts as the first position are very superior at using any concept in their comebacks. Even with a different comeback theme, #Taelice still looks very suitable as a couple.

The match between #Taelice can be seen from many sides. BTS’ V is famous because he often wears a lot of very expensive fashion outfits, and many people call him ‘Human Gucci’ because of his always-luxurious appearance. In addition to BTS’ V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also often goes out in public and is seen wearing clothes or luxury items.

Let’s look at the photos of #Taelice’s closeness below as a couple, that looks very real!

Based on AminoApps, the most voting from #LizKook and #Taelice shipper shows that 62.9% chose #Taelice, 17.7% chose #LizKook and the remaining 19.4% chose both. BLACKPINK and BTS fans commented that they are shippers of the boy x girl group, but some of them are also not their shippers.

Taelice my ship

As an armyblink, i hate all of delulu shippers, but its not just blackpink x bts ships

I don’t hate shipping. I just DISLIKE em. But I ship like Taejin, Namjin, Jinkook, Sope, Taekook, Jikook, etc.

TaeLice my love

Heh v is not mine, but I don’t want taelice

I love Lisa but to be honest I have never shipped any Bts member with a girl

How about you, Army and BLINK, about #Taelice shipper? Are they matched with each other or not?