Profile of NCT 127’s Taeil: Birthday, Age, Height, Abs, and Facts


Introducing NCT 127 And NCT U’s Main Vocalist: Taeil

Moon Taeil, who known as Taeil, is a South Korean singer. He is one of the main vocalist of NCT127 and NCT U, sub unit NCT. NCT (Neo Culture Technology) itself is a South Korean boy group formed by SM Entertainment.

This 23 year old guy began his music career in October 2015, when he became a trainee under SM Entertainment and a member of the SM Rookies. So then NCT made their debut in 2016 with the unlimited members concept, which would be divided into sub-units and do promotions around the world.

Taeil was chosen as a member of NCT U, the first sub-unit. Along with his fellow members SM Rookies such as Taeyong, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun and Mark. For Chinese promotions, there was Winwin and Kun as well.

Taeil debuted with the group’s first single Without You along with his groupmates, Jaehyun and Doyoung on April 10, 2016. In July, Taeil was revealed as a member of NCT’s second unit NCT 127. He was part of the group debut EP “NCT #127”.

Taeil stands out from other members as a consequence of his music talents. He can play the guitar and piano really well. He is considered the least interesting member of the group. In front of the camera, Taeil seems to be embarrassed and acts very nervous compared to the rest of the members. He is naturally being funny, yet doesn’t talk much despite his angelic voice.

Taeil’s Profile

Stage Name: Taeil.

Real Name: Moon Tae Il.

Nickname: Moontae, Shintaeil.

Unit: NCT-U, NCT 127.

Position: NCT Vocalist.

Born: June 14th, 1994.

How old is Taeil?

Family: Parents, and one younger sister.

Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog.

Hometown: Seoul, Korea.

Height: 173cm or 5 feet 8 inches.

Weight: 55kg

Blood Type: O.

Education: Seoul Life Science High School.

Specialty: Singing and playing the guitar.

Taeil Abs

Taeil always brags about his abs. Whereas there’s not much of chance to show off his abdominal muscles to his fans. Perhaps NCTzen, what NCT fans are temporarily called, will get more chances to see the hot chocolate abs of Taeil.

Taeil’s Look-A-Like

Such a blessing for Taeil to be born with a good looking face. People think he looks like a bit like Lee Dong-wook. This statement came up from DJ Jung Chan-wook who said that Taeil’s face really resembles a famous Korean actor Lee Dong-wook when NCT joined as the guest on Cultwo Show radio in Januari 31st, 2017. Taeil answered that he really appreciated it and feels grateful when he gets told about it often. He added that he’s skinnier than Lee Dong-wook

You can compare these guys below. Is Taeil more handsome or is Lee Dong-wook more good looking?

Maybe we can all agree that they both seem really dashing in the pictures below.

Taeil is also resembles his senior label-mate, Cho Kyuhyun or Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. This statement popped out when NCT 127 made an appearance on Weekly Idol in Augustus 24th, 2016. Heechul was the MC, and he declared that Taeil does resemble member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun.

Besides having a similar face, these guys both having an amazing voice. The honey voice of Taeil can be merged with Kyuhyun’s soulful voice. It had been proven by video editing of when Taeil sang “Gwanghwamun’ alongside Kyuhyun. It melted fan’s hearts.

So which one do you choose below? The cutie-pie junior or the experienced senior?