Profile of Block B’s Taeil: Age, Birthday, Height, Tattoos, and Facts


Taeil, the Shortest Block B Member

Teil is the Main Vocal of Block B who debuted for six years previously under Stardom Entertainment. In 2013, they left Stardom Entertainment and are now they are under Seven Seasons. This 26-year-old man got an education at Seoul University and took the program of Culture and Digital Art.

The shortest member in Block B said he wanted to have a lover older than him, but he also had a habit of falling asleep. He even fell asleep in the bathroom because of fatigue until 4 am. Let’s see the full profile about Taeil!

Block B Taeil Full Profile


Real Name : Lee Taeil

Stage Name : Taeil

Date of Birth : September 24, 1990

Age : 27 years old

Position : Main Vocal

Religion : N/A

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 57 kg

Zodiac : Libra

Hobbies : Collecting hats and raising fish

Blood Type : AB

Twitter : @BB_taeil

Instagram : @2taeil2

Block B Taeil Tattoos

Just like Zico, Taeil also has many tattoos on his body. Indeed, many Korean idols who make tattoos part of his body have more than one and many agencies that prohibit their idols from having tattoos on their bodies. However, it is known almost all Block B members have tattoos. They get tattoos as entertainment for them or to show to their fans.

Taeil has more than two tattoos. One of his tattoos is to show his love for his fans, Melody. In fact, Taeil has a bat tattoo on the neck that immediately stole the attention of netizens.

taeil tattoo

Taeil once uploaded a selfie picture of himself on the bed, wearing a black shirt and glasses over his head while posing in front of the camera. The spotlight is a tattoo that is on both arms. Netizens even say that Taeil is very sexy with such a pose.

Taeil also never felt disturbed. He often shows tattoos on both arms to the public. He has many tattoos on his arms, such as eyes, a bee, tigers, flowers, dice, cobwebs, and many more. Netizens who see Taeil having a lot of tattoos are not too concerned about it, even though there is also a criticized tattoo from Taeil. Melody think that the tattoos that exist on Taeil’s arm show the expression of Taeil.

taeil tattoo

In fact, Taeil has a tattoo on his fingers and the palm of his hand. The tattoo on his fingers read QING KISS. On the palm of his hand, there is a picture of an animal that has a helmet. Taeil’s tattoo really stole the attention of netizens.

taeil tato
taeil tato

In addition to being the oldest member, Taeil also became a member of Block B who has the most tattoos after Zico. From the chest to the abdomen, he has a tattooed picture of an owl with a gem on it and a shield symbolizes the illuminati in the middle of an owl’s body. Tattoos is Taeil’s way of expression.


Block B Taeil Neck Tattoos

Recently, Taeil teased his fans by adding a tattoo on his neck with a bat painted in purple. Fans who see tattoos on the neck of Taeil are shocked by his choice. Some say it is cool, and others criticize that the tattoo is unreasonable. Taeil uploaded photo of his new tattoo on his personal Instagram.

taeil bat tato

Because the tattoo is too flashy and looks unreasonable, a journalist writes an article about Taeil’s new tattoo titled, “Block B Taeil ‘Barn swallow (bird) tattoo that gains attention’.” Other Block B members, such as Zico, U-Kwon, Park-Kyung, commented on Taeil’s picture and supported him. The members by saying, “Ohhhh barn swallow~”, “Yo barn swallow”, and “This tattoo of barn swallow looks really cool”.

Block B Taeil Facts

  1. His favorite number is 7.
  2. He has the hardest time with choreography.
  3. He trained the shortest out of all the members, but has had 6 years of vocal training.
  4. According to B-Bomb, Taeil’s actually quite the scaredy-cat so if you stay hidden and jump out to surprise him, he’ll get scared.
  5. Taeil is the oldest of the group.
  6. He has a (super cute) fish named “Super Equus”.
  7. Attended Kim Myungki‘s Vocal Academy that artist such as Wheesung and Secret‘s Song Ji Eun attended.
  8. Taeil likes sea animals, especially fish. In fact, he has more than 700 fish from various species, ranging from small fish, to large fish.
  9. He has two dogs.
  10. Zico had accidentally spilled a toothpaste into Taeil’s fish aquarium. Taeil then gets angry at Zico for 2 weeks.
  11. He was the second member of Block B’s solo debut on March 27, 2015 with the single “Inspiring”.
  12. Although the oldest member, the other members and staff treat it like a baby because it has the smallest body of all members and has a baby-like face.
  13. Taeil has participated in the “Immortal Song 2” program along with P.O. He also participated in “King of Mask Singer”. Although not winning, he managed to bring a good impression on the jury for having a remarkable voice.
  14. The name of her fan club is Fishes because she loves fish so much.
  15. Taeil has an older sister who is three years older and has a younger brother who is nine years younger than him.
  16. Once he slept in the bathtub until 4AM.
  17. When Cho PD first met him he said “You’re cute!”
  18. His nickname: Baby Taeil, Haraboji, Back Swag.
  19. The skull ring he used to wear while performing was a gift from his fans.
  20. P.O really love him as a Hyung (older brother).
  21. Taeil’s family owns a BBQ restaurant called “Korean BBQ”.
  22. Taeil’s favorite outfit style is “Street fashion”.
  23. His favorite item is a hat.
  24. Taeil is a fan of Kim Bum Soo.
  25. Taeil’s ideal type is Lee Young Ah.