Not Only is He a Great Singer, BTS’ V Can Also Act! Check Out His Debut Drama Here!


The Most Handsome of Faces, BTS’s V

Who’s doesn’t know the handsome BTS member, Kim Taehyung? It seems like everyone already knows! Kim Taehyung, or as we better know him, BTS’ V. He’s the BTS member who has a 4D visual. Kim Taehyung has a good personality, is full of enthusiasm and cheerfulness, but is easily touched. He’s been called the most bizarre member of the group, but among all of them, he’s arguably the one with the most fans. V is the only BTS member who has attempted to break into acting. Despite being busy with the group’s schedule, V has a lot of friends and very friendly to many people.

BTS’ V’s Acting Debut on Hwarang!


BTS’ V is the first member of BTS who’s had an opportunity to try his hand at acting. On December 19, 2016, V debuted as an actor in the Korean television drama, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth! This drama is best described as a teen drama and tells a story of the passion, love, and growth of Hwarang in the capital city of Silla 1500 years ago. Hwarang is a group of knights from the elite group of men who are still young. They’ve got great abilities and more strength than ordinary people. At the time, Hwarang clashed with each other for the sake of achieving their ambition of obtaining the royal throne.

When the drama starts, Jiso has been ruling the Silla Kingdom as a guardian since King Beopheung died, keeping her young son Sammaekjong hidden outside the capital of Seorabeol and safe from enemies and assassins. Because of the Queen’s worries about her son’s safety, and also to save the descendants of pure blood, she formed the Hwarang army. Hwarang were appointed to be reliable soldiers who were loved by the people and respected by other kingdoms. Eventually, Hwarang fought each other for the throne until they killed their own brothers.


At first, this drama recieved good audience attention, although it ended with a low rating. Hwarang actually experienced a rating decline despite being thin. its rating for episode 19 scored 7.6 percent, down 0.1 percent from the previous episode. Many people said that they just watched the show to take a look at V’s acting.


In the drama, V  played the role of Han Sung, the maknae of Hwarang. His cheerful and ridiculous figure was loved by his sunbae in Hwarang, moreover, Yeol Wool was always beside him. His character wasn’t really interested in becoming Hwarang, but for the sake of his grandfather and brothers he was willing to spend his time being a Hwarang warrior. Whatever he wanted was forced, but still Han Sung didn’t like being a Hwarang warrior, and he often skipped training.

V’s Shirtless Scene

In this drama V dosen’t have a shirtless scene, only the hyungs got to do one. That’s because V is an idol and can’t publish anything like that.

V’s Aegyo Scene

Being a maknae is often loved by many people, this is felt by V. In this drama, V feels to be a maknae that is loved by many people and the eldest brothers because of his cute silliness. When he became Han Sung, V often acted with his aegyo, such as in this video below!

In the video, V was eager to follow Park Seo-joon and ran after him. V begged that he be allowed to follow his hyung, and then he said that he just wanted to be with Park Seo-joon because thought his hyung was really cool. Then when another brother came, he wasn’t allowed to follow Seo-joon and he was pulled away by his brother, but he held himself back by holding on to an iron and crying.

He also pretended to be sick during training, he said his legs hurt and then when his legs were to be examined the pain would suddenly disappear. He was caught lying when he was given acupunture treatment. When he went to be treated, he immediately avoided saying that his legs had healed. This is so funny!

When he acted as Han Sung he was very spoiled, even when he slept he wanted to be with his brother. The next time the Hwarang practiced swords together, but was colored with a cheerful atmosphere with dancing. Taehyung’s face was really cute.

SPOILER: V’s Death Scene


Besides the main cast, of course the audience was waiting to see V’s acting.  In the 18th episode of Hwarang, He made all the viewers cry because of Han Sung’s death, which came as the result of sacrificing his life for Sun Woo (Park seo-joon).

The situation started when Han Sung (BTS’ V) learned about his grandgather’s lecherous plan to poison to Dan Se. After he found out, he immediately approached Sun Woo, who was fighting with his brother, Dan Se. Han Sung grabbed Dan Se’s sword with his hands so as not to pierce Sun Woo’s chest. But, unfortunately, Dan Se’s sword had been smeared with poison, which ended up killing him.

Sun Woo holds him while he’s dying, asking him to stay because Go Ara would save him. The poison was too strong, however, and Han Sung dies. Before exhalling his last breath, Han Sung told to Sun Woo “Hyung, you’ll beside me right? if so, don’t hate my brother (Dan Se)”. This scene is very sad, and made a lot of viewers cry.

Here’s the scene of Han Sung’s death!

Behind the Scenes

Behind a good and tense story, it turns out this is how Han Sung and friends are behind the scene!

The story behind the scenes of Hwarang is very funny, first, when Han Sung complained when his sleep was disturbed by the palace guards, and then when all the Hwarang were practicing with their swords using the funny dance choreographed by SHINee’ Minho.

Then, in the scene when Han Sung dies because of grabbing the poisoned sword. This scene is very cool, but Taehyung had to do many takes while holding the poisoned sword, until Park Seo-joon taught him how he needed to do it.