BTS’ V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Relationship, Are They Dating?

BTS’s V Followed BLACKPINK’s Jennie on Instagram

Taehyung And Jennie

BTS members started their Instagram accounts on December 6th, 2021. They follow each other’s accounts as well as BTS’s official account.

However, there was something odd about V’s following list. The reason was that he had followed Jennie’s BLACKPINK Instagram account on December 7th, 2021. Of course, BTS’s V realized and he quickly stopped following Jennie’s Instagram account.

Taehyung And Jennie

Fans finally believe that V has made a mistake as a new Instagram user. He accidentally followed Jennie’s Instagram account when he saw the ‘recommended friends’ feature.

As if confirming this belief, BTS’s V appeared on Weverse to ask fans. The funny thing is, he called Instagram a scary application because of this ‘incident’.

“Is there a way to get rid of the ‘suggested’ friends list here on Insta?….. It’s a scary app,” said the idol who sings for the Our Beloved Summer OST.

Fans Commented About BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Dating Rumor

Taehyung And Jennie

Because it involves two popular idols, this issue has finally become a hot topic. There are many netizens who understand V’s mistake by writing various comments such as the following:

“I thought it was a mistake, so he unfollowed her. Haha that’s very funny, they are Instagram amateurs,”

“I’m sure he was very surprised. Being a celebrity must be tiring haha,”

“He explained himself right away on Weverse, so there’s no misunderstanding.”

Before he realized the incident, some out of the 16 million followers of V had already screenshot the moment causing many people to think there is something hidden between them.

Taehyung And Jennie

Right after that, there was a big fight between BTS’s and BLACKPINK’s fans. As a group that is considered an opponent, V’s action of following Jennie made the two fandoms very confused. Many even suggested some ridiculous explanations that V was stalking Jennie, and that the two idols were dating.

Beside that, Jennie’s Instagram account was also flooded with malicious comments from anonymous Instagram users. Haters also continue to criticize BTS’s V as a thief of attention to a stalker. Someone even quoted V’s explanation and disrespectfully mentioned his late grandmother.

Taehyung And Jennie

This chaotic situation was reported by many Korean media and made netizens feel very confused, even angry. Many sympathize with V and Jennie.

“Both of them have received thousands of hate comments. I hope Jennie and V can get through this.”

“It’s only been a day since the account was created and there’s a lot of chaos. It’s hard to be an idol.”

“Let them live and breathe in peace! Leave them alone!”

The Fashionable King And Queen: BTS’s V As ‘Human Gucci’ And BLACKPINK’s Jennie As ‘Human Chanel’

Taehyung And Jennie

In 2017, an online community forum discussed several photos of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Appearing elegantly on several occasions, these two idols appeared in stunning fashion styles.

Taehyung And Jennie

After seeing these photos, netizens thought that Jennie looked very elegant and classic so she deserved to be a Gucci model. V, who wore a satin shirt, impressed fans with his good looks.

Taehyung And Jennie

Many fans agree that BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are idols who are very suitable for wearing luxury brands. Don’t you also agree with this?

In 2022, BLACKPINK’s Jennie became the new face for Chanel’s Coco Crush 2022 Collection. In the photoshoot, Jennie wore the Chanel collection from head to toe. Responding to the nickname Human Chanel, BLACKPINK’s Jennie said that she’s happy to hear that.

Taehyung And Jennie

However, some haters are always coming and mocking BLACKPINK’s Jennie as Human Chanel, leaving comments such as:

“Human Chanel is a tacky nickname,”

“Human Chanel? She looks like an Etude House or The Face Shop model trying to go beyond Estee Lauder, La Mer, or Sisley. Jennie needs to realize her place in life,”

So, do you think BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie deserve to be the fashionable king and queen?

The dating rumor between BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s isn’t true. Both of them are idols who have a strong influence, and fans should give their support for their careers.

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