Idol with the Best Abs, Let’s Look at Taecyeon’s Sexy Abs and Muscles!

The Sexy Idol with Sexier Body, Taec-yeon

Ok Taec-yeon (hangul: 옥택연) became known as a member of the popular South Korean boy-group 2PM, under one of the biggest entertainment agencies, JYP Entertainment. He was born in Busan, on December 27, 1988. In addition to his work as a rapper, he also currently works as a songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur.

Being known as one of the boy-group’s members with a very masculine and muscular body type, Taec-yeon has a lot of fans that adore his body and charismatic look. Let’s take a look at Taec-yeon’s body, that could hypnotize any girl who peeks at his six-pack abs and toned arms!

2PM’s Taec-yeon’s Abs

Hottest; a fandom name for 2PM’s fans already knows that every member of the group has a muscular body, and Taec-yeon is one of the members who have the greatest abs of all.

Taec-yeon, who started his acting career in Dream High (2011), once showed off his abs at a 2PM concert, leaving all the girls who were there either speechless or screaming over his fit form and sweaty skin.

Taec-yeon posted a photo through his personal Twitter account and attached a greeting to his fans on the image he posted.

“There’s a lot of HOTTEST that asking me why I am going on a diet plan, now I’m going to answer and please listen it carefully.. I’m always performed whether it’s a live show on TV or stage and we’re going to make you guys nosebleed with our appearance. You need to see the doctor and going for a medical check-up beforehand…” – Ok Taec-yeon.

The shared photos look like behind the scenes footage taken for 2PM’s album jacket or a photoshoot for a magazine, while the singer-turned-actor is wearing ripped, black jeans and an unbuttoned shirt, revealing his chocolate abs.

Taec-yeon’s looks have mesmerized many female fans and some of them have praised him for having such a great body, even wondering if it was photoshopped because Taec-yeon’s abs looked so perfect.

For another appearance, he showed off his perfect abs again on the collaboration project music video with Girls’ Generation, titled Cabi Song in 2010. The song is a digital single of the theme song of the Caribbean Bay waterpark CM, which was the first collaboration of a popular girl-group and boy-group at that time, 2PM and Girls’ Generation.

In February 2012, Taec-yeon appeared on ‘Men’s Health‘ magazine in Korea and posed shirtless for the cover of the March edition of the sixth-anniversary issue of the men’s health and lifestyle magazine.

Wearing grey boxers, Taec-yeon, who starred in drama Let’s Fight Ghost (2016), has amazed many people with his chocolate abs and the transformation of his muscles,  looking even more toned up than before.

In another photoshoot session, Taec-yeon is reaching a set of gymnastic rings and posing like he was about to start exercising. The actor, who starred in drama Cinderella’s Step Sister (2010), looked both fine and sexy at the same time. Even the production staff of the magazine mentioned that Taec-yeon is really at his best when showing off his charming and attractive persona from his side.

More Photos of 2PM’s Taec-yeon’s Abs!

Those are all the best shots of 2PM’s Taec-yeon’s chocolate abs. His tones and muscular body is a look that’s hard for men to achieve without a careful diet and a lot of exercise.

Let’s hope for the best to Taec-yeon’s career in the future, so that we can see him come back as a full team member of 2PM.