Get to Know The Musical Genius Tablo and His Cute Daughter Haru

Tablo’s Instagram Feed With Haru

Ever since their family appeared on The Return of Superman, Tablo and Haru are often seen on Instagram. Notably, Kang Hye-jung, Tablo’s wife and Haru’s mother, created an Instagram account specially dedicated to Haru (@tabloisdad) on 28 May, 2014. The account has gained almost 2 million followers, coming from al over the world, proving Haru’s international recognition despite her young age. Here are the top 11 photos of Tablo and Haru that show what a great relationship they have, below!

Tablo’s Latest News


Tablo showed off his circle of friends when he shared a photo with some of the other Epik High members and Suga, late in October, 2018. Actually, the friendship between Epik High and Suga isn’t surprising because, in the past, Suga has talked about Epik High’s loyal support toward BTS and vice versa as Tablo posted a screenshot of streaming BTS’ release Love Yourself: Answer. On the other hand, Suga was also included as the surprise featuring artist on Epik High’s recent album We’ve Done Something Wonderful, and taught Tablo about BTS’s choreography for Fire, which he performed as a special event at Epik High’s concert.

Tablo also addressed the issue regarding his lyrics, which were being used in the book Songs Become Poem, without his permission. In mid-October of 2018, Tablo tweeted about the matter,  “My lyrics seem to be used in the book Songs Become Poems. I appreciate your favorable evaluation, but it would have been better if you asked for permission in advance. I hope my fans don’t get confused”. Tablo is isn’t the only artist whose work was included in the book without permission, as pieces of work from musicians like Kim Min-ki, Kim Chang-wan, Lucid Fall, and Lee Juk were included, as well.

Late in November, 2018, an announcement was made that Epik High will be doing a world tour in three major cities in Europe, namely Amsterdam, Paris, and London in March, 2019. Tablo uploaded an epic video to his Instagram account (@blobyblo) to make the announcement more noticeable among the International fans.