Profile and Facts of T-Max’s Shin Min-chul

T-Max's Shin Minchul

Everything You Need To Know About T-Max’s Leader And Vocalist; Shin Min-chul!

Are you familiar with the boy group T-Max (hangul: 티맥스) that was popular with their OST titled “Paradise”? If you don’t know them, T-Max debuted on 2007 under and has 5 members who were active to promoted together, which consist with Shin Min-Chul, Kim Joon, Park Yunhwa, Joo Chanyang and Park Hanbi.

In this article, there’s a detailed information about a member of T-Max who has a position as the leader, which is Shin Min-chul. Without waiting any longer, let’s take a closer look to T-Max’s former leader, Shin Min-chul, starting from his full profile, fun facts, career journey when he debuted as an idol until latest activities in this article below!

T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s Full Profile

T-MAX SHIN Minchul

Real Name : Shin Min-Chul (hangul: 신민철)

Birth : February 5, 1982

Star Sign : Aquarius

Height : 178 cm (5’10”)

Weight : 63 kg (138 lbs)

Blood Type : O

Position of the group : Leader, Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s Facts

T-Max's Shin Minchul
  1. T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s hobbies are Taking weird pictures, watching movies
  2. T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s specialties are making accessories, reforming clothes, surfing
  3. T-Max’s Shin Min-chul debuted as one of the first three members in the group
  4. T-Max’s Shin Min-chul is a Taekwondo athlete
  5. T-Max’s Shin Min-chul also has a project duo named A&T
  6. T-Max’s Shin Min-chul is a former member of B.O.K

T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s Debut With T-Max

T-Max's Shin Minchul

At first, Shin Min-chul was a member of the boy group B.O.K, which is where he came from before he debuted with T-Max. Shin Min-chul was added in a 3 members group with Park Yun-hwa and Kim Joon as their original line-up and debuted with their 1st single, “Blooming” that was released on 2007.

Beside that, T-Max’s Shin Min-chul also has been cast as the main character of the musical ‘Footloose’ as one of his solo activity while promoted with the group.

‘Footloose’ is based on the movie of the same name released in 1984. It was produced on Broadway in New York in 1998 by Dean Pitchford, the writer of ‘Scenario’, and the producer of ‘Titanic’.

T-Max's Shin Minchul

In the drama, Shin Min-chul transfers to a conservative small town and is selected to play the role of Ren McCormack, a city boy who turns the whole village into a dance board. He originally auditioned to appear as a supporting actor, but was selected as the lead role by demonstrating his high-level singing and stable acting skills.

The agency Planet 905 said, “Shin Min-chul fractured a rib during intense choreography practice at the end of November and was diagnosed with an anterior 6 weeks. He is demonstrating his evil spirit. As it is his first debut and lead role, he is 100% possessed by the character who danced with all his might, so the expectations are high.”

‘Footloose’ held their premiere at the Grand Theater of the Naru Art Center from December 17, 2010. Lee Hyun-woo, who appeared in the KBS2 drama ‘God of Study’, was double-casted with Shin Min-chul for the role of Ren.

T-Max's Shin Minchul

During his career journey, T-Max’s Shin Min-chul became one of the members who were able to survive until the end of their journey as a group. Let’s give appreciation to T-Max’s Shin Min-chul for his hard work as the leader who maintained the career of this group during 2007 to 2011.

T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s Activity After Disbandment

T-Max's Shin Minchul

The boy group that was successful through the single “Paradise” T-Max decided to disband. The leader, Shin Min-chul also admitted that he was lonely because he had to have a solo career. He admitted that he preferred to sing with the group that made his name. To get around loneliness, he also composed songs.

“I prefer to sing with T-Max actually. Now I feel a bit lonely doing my own activities. But now to overcome loneliness, I like to compose a song. I haven’t made an album yet, so when I make an album, I want to come here again to sing,” Shin Min-chul said.

Beside that, he also stated that he would continue to focus on creating songs. Not only for himself, but also for others. “In 2012 we will get used to things like this (singing myself). So then we will sing and compose songs to give to other singers,” he concluded.

T-Max's Shin Minchul

In the second episode of JTBC’s ‘Sing Again’, which aired on the November 23, 2020 the 18th singer who sang “Paradise”, OST for KBS2’s “Boys Over Flowers”, was revealed. The singer was former member of T-Max, Shin Min-chul, who previously taking a hiatus from being a singer on entertainment industry and focus on taking another path.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun who was also in the show said, “Actually, in a way, it sounds a little ‘old-style’ in a way, but the retro feeling of the past had the power to make it very exciting. So I felt good and pressed the Again button.”

Kim Jong-jin asked the 18th singer, “I guess I haven’t been active in a while.” Singer No. 18 said, “I never gave up on music. I wanted to do it, but for economic and other reasons, I didn’t have the courage to do it, and I didn’t know what to do. While preparing for ‘Sing Again’, I ask questions like, ‘What is your final goal?’

When Singer No. 18 tried to reveal his name, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun said, “Music is something that everyone feels differently. But I had a lot of thoughts, ‘I want to try it once.’

In response, the 18th singer said, “Actually, I was going to go through the interview until the very end, pretending to be calm, but I heard the last bang. I won’t let you down. I’ll work harder.”

On November 12, 2021, Shin Min-chul participated in ‘Hello Trot’. In the first round, he selected Kim Soo-hee’s “Love” and was nominated by directors Jeon Young-rok and Kim Soo-hee, and finally joined Kim Soo-hee’s team. His performance through this program certainly impressed many people because many missed Shin Min-chul as a singer and loved to see his performance with his melodious voice which made a comeback in this show.

T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s Discography

T-Max's Shin Minchul

As a musician, T-Max’s Shin Min-chul is known to have a very good talent as a singer even from the very beginning T-Max was formed. He also often appears as a soloist in several performances and is well known as a singer with a melodious voice.

In this session, make sure you didn’t skip anything below to get to know more about T-Max’s Shin Min-chul’s discography, songs and music videos!

On May 6, 2021, Shin Min-chul is making a comeback with his single album “Come to me like spring” after a long time. After much deliberation, this album is released. “Come to me like spring” was written and composed by famous composer 8ballsound Kim Seong-tae. Hajin, a talented singer famous for the “SKY Castle” OST, participated as the chorus.

The longing for the ex-lover is combed in the spring, and Shin Min-chul’s own vague sensibility and It is a song where you can feel Hajin’s delicate chorus. Yang Dasul of the unique idol group “MAKA MAKA” is the female lead who made an appearance in the music video and attracting attention.

On August 4, 2018, Shin Min-chul released his solo single alongside with a music video titled “My Rooftop”. Even though he was an idol member in the past with an age that is not young anymore, Shin Min-chul still appears very trendy through a new music video with a Jazz genre with music and a medium beat tempo that is suitable for listening in the afternoon.

On September 25, 2012, Shin Min-chul released a new song titled “Forever With You” with the concept of one take only during the filming of this music video. One of the members and also the leader of T-Max looks very manly and romantic when he sings this song which was filmed on Banpo Bridge. Not only that, this music video also uses live music while Shin Min-chul was also singing live.

What do you think about Shin Min-chul’s songs and music videos?

Well, that was all for the information about T-Max’s Shin Min-chul and everything you should know about him. Don’t forget to keep giving him lots of support and love, hopefully his personal life and work in the future can still bring him happiness! If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!