Boy Group T-Max: Profile, Disbandment, ‘Boys Over Flower’ OST, Etc.

T-Max’s Formation Changes

t max kpop profile

T-Max debuted in 2007 with three members, Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Yun-hwa. After getting individual promotions as well as songs for each of the members, T-Max’s Park Yun-hwa decided to leave the group due to his military service.

t max kpop profile

Another 2 new members were added to the group, which were Joo Chan-yang, a former Superstar K contestant, and also Park Han-bi, who just started pursuing a career in entertainment as a member of T-Max. After recruiting new members, T-Max finally released their first studio album, Born to the MAX, in June 2010.

T-Max’s Disbandment and Future Activity

t max kpop profile

Let’s continue exploring the story of the boy group T-Max. They had triumphed in 2009 when they sang the song “Paradise” which became the soundtrack for the popular K-Drama Boys Over Flowers. One of the T-Max personnel, Kim Joon, even played a role as a member of F4 Korea, Song Woo-bin. But now T-Max are officially disbanded.

T-Max has several times dismantled personnel before officially disbanding. T-Max consisted of Kim Joon, Joo Chan-yang, Park Han-bi, and Shin Min-chul. After Kim Joon was enlisted in the military at the end of September 2011, the group denied rumors that they would disband by releasing the single “She Was Crying”.

However, the effort was in vain because two of its personnel, Joo Chan-yang and Shin Min-chul, no longer had contracts with the agency. The limping of T-Max’s body finally made the Planet905 agency disband the group. According to them, Shin Min-chul’s contract had expired, coinciding with Kim Joon’s military service period. Meanwhile, Chan Yang’s contract would also expire, and he didn’t renew it anymore. The only person who was still under contract was Han-bi.

t max kpop profile

On January 4th, 2012, the agency released an official statement that T-Max have officially disbanded for the reason that each member would expand their respective careers in acting or music. As CEO of Planet905, Yoon Jung-soo also gave a farewell to T-Max by saying, “I already consider them as a group and also like real brothers to me. I can only cheer for them and agree with every decision that is made. They can also come back as T-Max in the future whenever they want.”

In addition, there was also some recent news from T-Max members after the group had disbanded. K-Drama fans of Boys Over Flowers are familiar with the name of Kim Joon. This 34-year-old man plays Song Woo-bin, a member of F4 in the drama.

This Gwacheon-born man started his career by debuting as a rapper with the K-Pop group T-Max in 2007. His name then shone even more after appearing in Boys Before Flowers in 2009. After T-Max disbanded in 2012, he chose to focus on acting. He has appeared in the dramas Detectives in Trouble, Endless Love, and City of the Sun. Currently, he chooses to be more active in the world of theater.

Long unheard of, Kim Joon suddenly surprised his fans with his latest news. The rapper and actor revealed that he was married and had children. He married his wife in 2015 after being in a relationship as lovers for nine years. The two of them were dating even before Kim Joon had made his debut in the South Korean entertainment industry.

“Until now there is not a single article that discusses my marriage, so many people do not know it. And only the closest people to us know about our relationship. I got married and started a new life with my wife, after we had been dating for nine years. Now I am also the father of my child,” he said.

t max kpop profile

Kim Joon and his wife come from different walks of life because the wife is not a celebrity. He revealed that his wife’s job is an office worker. After the news of his marriage was revealed, Kim Joon then shared a photo of him with his daughter. In the photo he uploaded, he was seen holding his daughter’s hand warmly while taking a walk in the park.

After being disbanded, Joo Chan-yang also decided to restart his career in the music industry. Debuted as a member of the K-Pop group, Chan-yang who is now starting a solo career as a composer, lyricist, director, and chorus maker under a new stage name Pollen727.

On his Instagram @j.praize, Chan-yang often posts about comebacks or songs that will soon be released. When viewed in the upload on Instagram, Joo Chan-yang works for several K-Pop groups and singers, such as HIGHLIGHT, SHINee, GOT7, NCT127, The Boyz, IZ*ONE, and many more.

t max kpop profile

For several other members, such as Park Yun-hwa and Park Han-bi, it is not known whether they still exist as celebrities or idols. Since the two remaining members aren’t really active on social media and there is no recent news, it can be assumed that T-Max’s Park Yun-hwa and Park Han-bi are living their lives as non-celebrities for the moment.

Well, that was all the information about boy group T-Max: starting from the group profile, the members’ profiles, career journey, to their latest news. T-Max were one of the boy groups that have had a big influence on the Hallyu wave and introduced K-Pop to fans internationally. In addition, their popularity through “Paradise” also became a hit and immediately exploded because of the high rating, which was also accompanied by the popularity of the K-Drama Boys Over Flowers.

Even though they have been disbanded, T-Max will still be remembered in the history of music so let’s give support to each of the members in their activities!

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