Boy Group T-Max: Profile, Disbandment, ‘Boys Over Flower’ OST, Etc.

T-Max’s Debut Era

t max kpop profile

Another team of men has appeared. The strength of determination and self-confidence is one level higher than that of the peer groups, as well as the fresh appearance and singing ability. The three-member group T-Max threw a challenge with the goal of ‘cool but simple music’. Their debut single “Blooming” is a pop style song that’s been met after a long time.

T-Max, which consisted of Shin Min-chul (24 years old), Kim Hyeong-jun (22 years old), and Park Yoon-hwa (21 years old), gathered together at the end of 2004 and started practicing, released their debut album two years later and making their first step into the entertainment world. Except for Shin Min-chul, who was active in the group B.O.K, the remaining two just started their career through their debut with T-Max as real rookies.

“I promised to do a team because the vocal colors matched well with Hyung-jun. I also played a lot of ‘guide’ roles for other singers, but I think the members got used to singing along with me,” Shin Min-chul said.

The youngest Park Yoon-hwa was selected after a fierce audition. The peculiar beauty of Park Yoon-hwa was an element that enhanced T-Max’s competitiveness.

t max kpop profile

Strong teamwork is also an advantage. In addition, the trust of the two younger siblings in the leader Shin Min-chul is absolute. It’s because he’s a senior as a singer and gets help in studying composition.

“Three people have a great will to do the best music with one heart. I can sing to all genres such as R&B and hip-hop,” Kim Hyung-jun said.

“I want to do simple music. These days, there are too many techniques to go along, but I pursue a melody that is easy to sing along to and a comfortable melody,” Park Yoon-hwa said.

T-Max, who made their debut in 2007 attracted attention with the goal of exceeding 20,000 members from their fan café, said, “I want to enthusiastically sing and spread the music and name,” and, “I am confident even if I exceed 20,000 people.”

t max kpop profile

There have been many male trio groups in Korea, but T-Max were different from the existing groups in many ways. Traditionally, three-member groups consisted of rap 2 + vocal 1, but T-Max consisted of vocal 2 + rap 1. In addition, while boy groups have shown strong masculine beauty or have a gentle handsome image, T-Max had two keywords, ‘masculine beauty’ and ‘maternal love’.

Park Yun-hwa’s vocals, full of beauty and masculine beauty, then Kim Hyeong-jun’s rap, which is not strong but leaves a deep linger, delights the ears with a completely different harmony. “T-Max’s music and concept will still be unfamiliar, but first of all, I will tell you the name T-Max a lot. I’m old enough to be an idol, but I want to be a group that can be called ‘Oppa’.”

Usually, only recording or post-production was left to Japan, but from the planning stage of T-Max’s first single, the staff from Korea and Japan held meetings several times while traveling to and from each other, adding musical depth.

In Korea, young producers Ryu Kwang-min and Kim Seong-tae were in charge of the song work. The two are the protagonists of Baek Ji-young, Shakra, Lula, and Cleo. The Japanese engineer staff included Takeshi Hara and Masaho Takeda, who best harmonize the Korean sensibility with Japanese instruments. They were in charge of mixing Yuna Ito, Ken Hirai, Sowellu, and Junko Iwai. Producer Uru, who produced albums such as Hirai Ken, Sowellu, and Crystal K, joined to prepare this album.

t max kpop profile

T-Max’s songs were created in this way, with the J-pop sound in harmony with the Korean melody. The debut single album with 3 songs emphasized a cheerful feeling, especially for the summer.

“Blooming” is a song about a new moment of love. It is a j-pop style dance song that reminds you of a clear sky with a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

“Blooming” also has a music video that is very synonymous with the concept of the mid-2000s. The guitar strains at the start open the cheerful song and show the three members who are in a very bright studio, and then a scene arises where the three members dance with the back dancers in the studio with the word ‘MAX’ written on the back.

“Cavity” is a song with a strong beat and a revived groove, and it seems to be listening to J-pop. The voices of the three members have come alive rhythmically, and they are already decaying like tooth decay, expressing the love that must be removed anyway.

“Bang Bang Boom!” gives a cool feeling with pop rock composed of intense guitar sounds and exciting melodies.

The team’s name, T-Max is a name that conveys the will to show the best music as the three become one, and T is an abbreviation for ‘Triple‘ and ‘Trinity’, which means three and three. “Our songs aren’t just for teens, they are music that can absorb any age group, including those in their 20s and 30s. The genre is a little different, but my goal is to become a singer loved by the whole people like R.ef and DJ DOC.”