Becoming an Actor, Here Is the Profile of Park Han-bi Who Is a Former Member of T-Max

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Everything You Should Know About T-MAX’s Youngest Member, Park Han-bi!

T-Max (Hangul: 티 맥스) was a South Korean boy group that made its debut in 2007 under 2Step Entertainment with Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Yun-hwa as a trio. T-Max was popular with one of their soundtracks with the OST for a K-drama titled Paradise. As time went by, additional members were added to the group, which were Park Han-bi and Joo Chan-yang.

In this article, there’s detailed information about one of the members of T-Max who was also the youngest member of the group, which is Park Han-bi. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about T-Max’s Park Han-bi starting from his full profile, fun facts, until career journey in the article below!

T-Max’s Park Han-bi’s Full Profile

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Real Name: Park Han-bi (Hangul: 박한비)

Stage Name: Park Han-bi (Hangul: 한비)

Birthday: June 3, 1990

Star Sign: Gemini

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Maknae

T-Max’s Park Han-bi’s Facts

T-Max's Park Hanbi
  1. T-Max’s Park Han-bi was added in 2010
  2. T-Max’s Park Han-bi trained for 3 years
  3. T-Max’s Park Han-bi appeared as a cameo in the K-drama Queen Seon-deok in 2009

Park Han-bi’s Debut With T-Max

T-Max's Park Hanbi

T-Max had changed its members several times before officially disbanding. T-Max consisted of Kim Joon, Joo Chan-yang, Park Han-bi, and Shin Min-chul. After Kim Joon enlisted in the military at the end of September, the group denied rumors that it would disband with the release of the single “She’s Crying.” T-Max debuted in 2007 with three members, Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Yun-hwa. After Yun-hwa was drafted into the military, Chan-yang and Han-bi were added to the group.

But, the effort was in vain because two of its members, Chan-yang and Min-chul, were no longer working under the agency. T-Max finally made the Planet905 agency disband the group. According to them, Min-chul’s contract expired, coinciding with Kim Joon’s military service. Meanwhile, Chan-yang’s contract was also about to expire, but he didn’t renew it. The only member who was still under contract was Han-bi.

T-Max's Park Hanbi

The agency itself announced that the three-member male group T-Max would be renewed. T-Max, which consisted of Kim Jun, Shin Min-chul, and Park Yun-hwa, recruited the new member Park Han-bi and announced a splendid comeback as a four-member group.

The new member of T-Max, Park Han-bi, started his debut as a member of the group when he was 20 years old. He was a sophomore at Myongji College of Theater and Film. Before joining T-Max, he worked as a trainee for a certain agency for about 3 years to debut as a singer and was selected through a recent T-Max audition.

Above all, Park Han-bi had a powerful singing ability, and it is said that he received a unanimous passing score from the audition judges. In addition, the fact that he is the owner of a handsome appearance that continued the genealogy of Jang Geun-suk and Kim Hyun-joong also received a favorable response.

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Planet 905, T-Max’s agency, said, “Park Han-bi is a talented rookie who was chosen from among numerous candidates. The candidates were selected based on their skills rather than their looks.” “I think it will breathe new energy into T-Max. The response is so good that love calls have already been pouring in from the acting side as well as the singer. He has many qualities as a multi-trainee,” Park Han-bi said.

Park Han-bi also said, “Being a member of T-Max is like a dream. As the new maknae of T-Max, I will work hard not to put a burden on the members.” Meanwhile, T-Max members were spurring preparations for their first full-length album to be released when Park Han-bi was added to the group.

T-Max’s Disbandment and Park Han-bi’s Future Activity

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Park Han-bi, a handsome new member of the group T-MAX, appeared in MBC’s Queen Seon-deok that was aired from May 25 to December 22, 2009. Park Han-bi appeared as one of the soldiers led by Deok-man (played by Lee Yo-won) in Queen Seon-deok.

In the 11th episode, he appeared in the scene with pouring rain where Deokman covered his face with mud and cried out while saying, “Please save me.” Because of this, it is said that even though it was a small role, it was evaluated by the staff who states, “the acting is exceptional.”

Park Han-bi’s appearance in Queen Seon-deok came about by chance. When he was in college, he went to the filming site with a friend who worked part-time on the set of Queen Seon-deok, and he was picked up on the spot by a staff who had a unique look at Park Han-bi who was tall and had a decent appearance.

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Park Han-bi said, “It was my first time standing in front of a camera in my life, so I was just baffled. So when I saw the video at the time, I was embarrassed,” said Park Han-bi, “but that experience helped me a lot in working as a T-Max member and filming the drama Birdie Buddy. It is becoming,” he said with a special feeling.

After accidentally appearing in Queen Seon-deok as a student, Park Han-bi was recruited as a new member of T-Max and spent his trainee days preparing.

T-Max's Park Hanbi

In particular, before T-Max debuted with the first full-length album, Park Han-bi appeared in a K-drama titled Birdie Buddy. He was cast as Seong Tae-gap, Seong Mi-soo’s (played by Uee) younger brother, and his role attracted a lot of attention.

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Seong Tae-gap, a role that was played by Park Han-bi, is a troublemaker who dreams of becoming a musician. Although he is the only son in the family, he is a person who has suffered from the pain of growing up without attention due to his parents who only care about his older sister Seong Mi-soo.

T-Max's Park Hanbi

Seong Tae-gap is also in love with a rookie caddy, Lee Gong-sook (played by Yoo In-na).

At the time this article is being published, there is still no news about Park Han-bi and his current work because he never appeared as an entertainer again. The youngest member of T-Max does not have any social media accounts to update his activities or to interact with fans, so it can be assumed that Park Han-bi is currently undergoing his career as a non-celebrity.

However, let’s continue to give support and love to Park Han-bi and hope that he can return to the entertainment industry as soon as possible!

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