Let’s Have a Throwback to T-ara’s Eun-jung and Lee Jang-woo’s Moments in ‘We Got Married’


Meet This Couple: T-ara’s Eun-jung and Lee Jang-woo from We Got Married

Eun-jung is one of the member T-ara, a girl-band that became very popular in 2011 through the song “Roly Poly”, and which formed by MBK Entertainment in 2009. She graduated from Dong Kuk University. Lee Jang Woo also graduated from the same university with a major in Theater and Film. He was South Korean singer and actor. They were paired in We Got Married session 3, under MBC. We Got Married is a reality show that shows two strangers (usually celebrities) becoming a lovey-dovey couple, showing them living together as newlyweds.

In this article Channel-Korea will explain about T-ara’s Eun-jung and Lee Jang-woo’s moments in We Got Married. So stay tuned..

T-ara’s Eun-jung and Lee Jang-woo’s Romantic Moments in We Got Married



When the pair first met in We Got Married, they had just realized that they were going into the same acting major in Dong Kuk University. One of cute moment is when Lee Jang-woo said that he was envious of the new scene shooting done by Eun-jung. The scene of “Queen Insoo” which was a bed-scene with Baek Sung Hyun, made  Lee Jang-woo burn out. He may have been jealous, but he still tried to manage it with all Eun-jung’s cute counterresponse. Eun-jung told him that Lee Jang-woo also had kiss-scenes with three people in his drama. In the same episode, Lee Jang-woo made her his wife, preparing food for her and giving an extra massage. This was kind of a bittersweet episode for the “Woojung” couple, the couple name that fans gave them.

First Meeting


In the first episode, Lee Jang-woo and Eun-jung were meeting at a small theater in Seoul.  Lee Jang-won arrived before Eun-jung and had already prepared some romantic music and switched on the stage light to seize the moment of their first encounter. Eun-jung brought a notepad that had a written list of all the stuff she want to do in their virtual relationship and couple rings she’d made when she was a kid. They finally introduced themselves to each other on the stage. When Eun-jung was later asked about her first meeting with Lee Jang Woo, she said that, “I think his voice at the beginning was really awesome. A voice that you hear in a coffee advertisement. He was also very pretty. He looked like a deer.” She also added, “I wondered to myself where I was. I wondered whether I was here to meet my husband or if I was at school. We were talking about my singing when it suddenly turned to that.” On the other side, Lee Jang Woo stated, “I could’ve never even imagined it. The moment she entered, I turned into ice.”  He also expressed that  they were now a married couple, but seeing Eun-jung with her military-disciplined behavior is really cute.

Wedding and Honeymoon in Lombok


Lee Jang-woo and Eun-jung T-ara were going to Lombok, Indonesia, for their marriage ceremony and their honeymoon. They wore Balinese wedding clothes that were bright red and gold, and made a very beautiful couple in their Indonesian wedding attire. This was actually their second honeymoon, after going to Malaysia. They shared a kiss twice in this wedding ceremony.

Other Romantic Moments


There was one episode where Lee Jang-woo was trying to kiss Eun-jung, but it didn’t work out well for him because Eun-jung noticed and avoided it. Poor Lee Jang-woo! Another time, on Peppero day, Lee Jang-woo finally succeeded in stealing a kiss from Eun-jung; she did not recognize it was happening, until she said something touched her lips and the disappeared like a fork crane. Such a cute moment!

Their Goodbye


This Woojung couple, which translates as ‘friendship couple’, started their relationship as “husband and wife” in April, 2012. They had their final goodbye on the August 25th broadcast on MBC. Lee Jang-woo was the first to know about their upcoming goodbye, as he was given a litter by the show’s staff.  The letter stated, “Your on-screen marriage will end in one week. Prepare to say your goodbyes.” He asked the staff not to tell Eun-Jung yet, because he thought it would be an emotional moment. He wanted to enjoy their last moments as a happy time together. After the situation was granted, Lee Jang-woo, in the end, revealed that that time was their last day together as a couple. Then, he sang a special song for his virtual wife, Eun-jung, and held his tears. Their goodbye moment coincided with their 500-day anniversary; they had spent a year and five months as a We Got Married couple.

Eun-jung’s Bullying Scandal


Word of he scandal first came up from Hwayoung’s statement on Twitter that said “Sometimes it’s difficult only with determination. These times I’m really hurt but I believe that heaven has good intentions..You already know, right, God?” It was replied to by other T-ara member, including by Soyeon, Eunjung, Ji Yeon, and Hyomin on the same day. They said in the retweet,

@b89530 Determination+manners+consideration there’s a difference. Let’s do our best today, too”

“Just like how a position shapes the person, determination can also shape a person… it’s a pity. You need to learn how to take care of your peers @b89530: difference between determination ^^ let’s all have determination fighting!!!!!!”

“@b89530 difference between determination^^ with awareness^^ always be humble^^ you’re a genius for acting I applause^^”

“difference between determination ^^ let’s all have determination fighting!!!!!!

At the same time, Hwayoung’s twin supported her sister by tweeting, “My half is in great deal of pain. No matter what anyone says you can make it through.”

Moreover, other evidence was also captured in an online community, which showed that Eunjung forced Hwayoung to eat a rice cake in an insulting way when T-ara did a show in Japan.

Some valid sources said that Hwayoung was playing the victim on this event, since staff that worked with T-ara at that time also showed some threatening text messaging between Hwayoung’s twin sister and one of T-ara members. This came up because some members questioned the determination and consideration of Hwayoung’s behavior. Hwayoung claimed that her feet were injured badly so she couldn’t practice with all the members for a show in Japan. It was true that Hwayoung was injured when running to the fitting room, but the manager who accompanied her to the hospital said that even the doctor stated that her feet had received any major injuries. This caused a lot of speculation among T-ara fans about discord in the group. It was then announced on July 30 that Hwayoung, would be leaving the group without any further contract obligations. Because of the incident, Eunjung got some hate speech from people who wanted her to leave We Got Married and Five Fingers, since they felt that her staying would tarnish the images for that show and drama.

Lee Jang-woo’s Dating Scandal with Oh Yeon-seo


Lee Jang-won was being rumored to have a romantic relationship with Oh Yeon-seo when she had contracted with We Got Married to being married on=screen with Lee Joon MBLAQ. Lee Jang-won preferred not to comment on this issue, but Oh Yeon-seo’s representative admitted that they met several times over two weeks. They might be close because they had the same work together. Oh Yeon-seo’s source stated that it could not be officially said that they were dating, since they do have a project together.

Reunited in a Movie


The couple was confirmed to be working on a movie together after Eunjung’s hiatus of several years and after the T-ara’s controversy. Eunjung was awarded the leading female role in My Boss, The Beginning and Lee Jang-woo will be the lead in this fourth movie of the saga but he still considered this role. This movie is the fourth of a film series including My Boss, My HeroMy Boss, My TeacherThe Mafia, The Salesman. The movie is about a gangster who faces various life experiences (high school student, high school teacher, corporate drone). They shot the movie in the summer of 2014, but it still hasn’t ever been released; there have not been any explanations about why the film was never released.