Full Collection of T-Ara N4 Album and Tracklist

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T-ara New Sub-Group: T-ara N4

After debuting in 2009, T-ara, the girl group formed by Core Contents Media (now known as MBK Entertainment), has become known for its popularity, especially in South Korea and Japan. Their hit, “Roly Poly” made them one of South Korea’s most famous girl groups. Following the popularity of T-ara, Core Contents Media announced in March 2013 that they would form a sub group of T-ara, named T-ara N4 which stands for “T-ara Brand New 4”

How was T-ara N4 Formed ?

t-ara n4

T-ara N4 (Brand New 4) was formed by Core Content Media in late March of 2013. T-ara N4 consists of 4 members of T-ara, they are Jiyeon, Eunjung, Areum, and Hyomin, but the group name “T-ara N4” was revealed on April 12, 2013. Before officially debuting as a sub-group, T-ara members tried to have a sub-group which consisted of two to three members for the Japanese single “Bunny Style!”. However, T-ara N4 is the first official sub-group.

Let’s Find Out More About T-ara N4 Album and Tracklist

t-ara n4

When they debuted in 2013, T-ara N4 released the debut album “Jeon Won Diary”. It is an extended play (EP) or mini album. “Jeon Won Diary” has the meaning of “Countryside Life” or “Rural Life”. This album is the first and also last album of T-ara N4 before they departed. “Jeon Won Diary” reached 24th rank on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Album in 2013. It has also sold more than 28,000 copies on Gaon physical sales and 4,771 copies on Oricon Physical Sales. Here we will reveal the track list of T-ara N4 “Jeon Won Diary”.

“Jeon Won Diary” Track List
No. Track Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Jeon Won Diary” Duble Sidekick Duble Sidekick, Hwang Ho Jun 3:50
2. “Can We Love” Duble Sidekick Duble Sidekick 3:51
3. “Jeon Won Diary” (Electronic) Duble Sidekick Duble Sidekick 3:50
4. “Jeon Won Diary” (MR ver.) Duble Sidekick 3:50
5. “Can We Love” Duble Sidekick 3:51

T-ara N4 Debut Song “Jeon Won Diary”

T-ara N4’s “Jeon Won Diary” is a dance pop genre song, with a hip-hop combination in the music. The song was originally inspired by a South Korean drama named “Jeon Won Diary”. The lyrics are all about wanting to escape and break away from everyday routine. Although the song meaning is quite simple, the funky and intense music and rhythm make the song unique and colorful.

The music video tells a story about four young girls (which were played by T-ara N4 members) who live in the countryside. Being bored with countryside life, they try to join a dance competition in the city. They then practice their dance moves while doing their routine activities (working on a farm). At the end, they win the competition.

As mentioned above, “Jeon Won Diary” was also released in instrumental and traditional harmonies versions for those of you who have another taste in music. There is a music video as well two versions, the drama version and the dance version. Here is the dance version of the music video.