Do You Want to Look Fashionable Like T-ara’s Jiyeon? Copy Her Style, Here!

Let’s Get Fashionable with Park Ji-yeon, the Queen of Fashion

K-Pop fans might be familiar with Park Ji-yeon’s name, right? Park Ji-yeon is a member of the girl-group T-Ara, who debuted in July 2009. Park Ji-yeon is famous for having very beautiful visuals and a perfect body shape, becoming the talk of netizens for her angelic look. In addition, Park Ji-yeon is also good at dressing and looks great in any type of clothing.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Park Ji-yeon’s fashion sense. Not only her airport fashions, but also her style for formal and informal events. In addition, Park Ji-yeon also maintains her body shape to the maximum, and went on a diet to get her perfect body shape, becoming one of the female idols who has perfect abs. Want to know more about her fashion and style? Check this out!

T-Ara’s Jiyeon’s Sexy Abs

Park Ji-yeon is one of the female idols who is known for having perfect abs, along with Red Velvet’s Wendy, Sandara Park, ex-SISTAR member Kang Soyou, etc. A lot of women want to have a body like Ji-yeon’s, including her toned, gorgeous abs. However, Ji-yeon herself said that she worked hard to look the way she does, including doing sports and a maintaining a strict diet.

Let’s take a look!

Before starting to promote the T-Ara song Sugar Free, Park Ji-yeon was doing stretches so she wouldn’t get injured later, while performing on stage. Photos taken and uploaded by Dispatch show Ji-yeon’s body shape and abs. Many women are jealous because the performer is in such great shape.

At the 2017 concert, Park Ji-yeon performed one of the songs from the former member of 2NE1, CL, entitled The Baddest Female. She brought it emotionally, just like CL. She also clearly showed the shape of her abs while performing on stage. Many netizens have fallen in love with her performance at the time, and many want to have abs like hers.

Park Ji-yeon also shared one of her activities, which is pole dancing. Many netizens were amazed by Park Ji-yeon’s ability to dance using a pole. She did it very easily and very well, but did not focus on it. There were many netizens who talked about Park Ji-yeon’s body, and how slim she is, that even her stomach looked flat.

Want to have a body shape and abs like Park Ji-yeon? Check this out!

T-ara’s Jiyeon’s Workout Routine and Diet Tips

If you have the desire to make your body look like Park Ji-yeon’s, maybe you can follow use her tips. In South Korea, being an artist is not easy, including being a member of an idol group. That’s especially true for female idol groups, because they are not only required to look beautiful, they also have to maintain their body weight and body shape so that it doesn’t become a a negative topic for people and can get good attention from them, instead. Park Ji-yeon worked very hard to get a perfect body shape.

When doing an interview, Jiyeon revealed the diet tips T-Ara used while actively promoting the stage, “our schedule goes really late and we practice even longer, so it’s hard to always make sure to eat proper meals. Since we’re on a diet right now, we eat bananas, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and more for lunch and dinner.” In addition to maintaining a diet, they also exercise very hard to burn lots of calories, “like the First Time has a lot of choreography in which we have to use our hips and butts. We practiced extra hard time so we lost a lot of fat from our butts. Bodies aren’t flattering when they’re too skinny. We want to have curvier bodies, so we eat well and work out.”

Jiyeon also consumes more fruit, when she feels hungry at night, she will eat several pieces of fruit and at breakfast he will choose to eat fruit as opposed to rice or bread. Park Ji-yeon also limits herself in consuming meat so that her weight doesn’t increase.

In addition to maintaining a diet, she also works out a lot to burn fat, like doing pole-dance. But if it’s too difficult for you to do, you can do basic workouts such as sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

Check Out T-ara’s Jiyeon’s Best Style Choices!

If you need inspiration on how to dress, you can follow the lead set by Park Ji-yeonn. she is known as the Queen of Fashion because she has a very good fashion sense. Check this out!

Park Ji-yeon’s Airport Fashion

Summer is coming soon; surely some of you already have plans for vacation, right? You can follow Jiyeon’s style to have a summery look while at the airport. By wearing a plain white shirt, black shorts, and the oversized outer layer, you, too, can complement your appearance. Interesting shoes and sunglasses can help give your look a greater impact.

If you want to appear a little more feminine, but still look excited to welcome summer, you can imitate Jiyeon’s style with this black and white dress, and heels that are not too high. And don’t forget not to remove your black glasses, so that your appearance will still look elegant and feminine.

You can also imitate Jiyeon’s look with a long-sleeved striped shirt combined with bright blue jeans. Black heels and sunglasses make you look a touch more polished.

Park Ji-yeon’s Casual Style

Dressing casuallyl has become our mainstay because it is very simple and can be used as a daily look. If you need additional inspiration, you can follow Jiyeon’s style by using a maroon over-sized shirt combined with black pants. You can also use flat shoes so that your appearance looks very relaxed.

This style is suitable for those of you who want to hang out with friends in a park or other tourist attractions, because this outfit is very simple and makes you look young. By using a black t-shirt combined with bright blue jean shorts, and using the outer as an accessory to wrap around the waist. Don’t forget the comfortable shoes!

If you want to look relaxed but still elegant, black and white will never disappoint. You can use a plain white t-shirt with black pants and white heals. This appearance is suitable for you if you want to date your partner, and don’t forget to use a hat if your appearance wants to look more perfect.