Profile of T-Ara N4’s Hyomin (Age, Height, Weight, and Facts)

Hyomin’s Love Life, Dating Rumors, and Ideal Type


In early 2016, Hyomin was rumored to be in a relationship for three months with Korean national team member and major league baseball player Kang Jung Ho. Kang Jung Ho is one of the few Korean baseball players that are active in major league baseball and has been loved by people of South Korea. That’s why netizens showed mixed reactions by the sudden news and weren’t entirely sure about the truth.

But, sometime later, Hyomin responded to the rumor wittily at her March 16th comeback showcase. She made it clear that the rumors were false. She shared, “On the day the dating rumors made headlines, we were contacting each other back and forth when he called me. We both laughed, and Oppa said it was his first dating rumor. I said it’s my first too”. She added, “We told each other that it’s okay since it’s not true and that we should work hard and not worry too much about it.”

After she cleared up the rumors, two years later, in early January 2018, various media outlets reported that Hyomin was dating Mr.A, the CEO of a Korean media group, since 2017. It was known by those close to them that Hyomin and Mr.A were quietly dating. Even an acquaintance familiar with their relationship said, “I understand that they are seeing each other with thoughts of marriage”.

However, an insider from Hyomin’s camp denied the news and told media outlets that Hyomin and Mr.A just sometimes talk to each other about their troubles and hang out without any missteps since they met at a gathering for wine lovers. They were not dating. The insider continued, “It’s not true that the two are dating with marriage in mind or that they met each other’s parents”.

Hyomin’s Love-Related Facts

  • Big Bang’s Daesung is a dream man for Hyomin.
  • Hyomin met one of her first loves on an online game.
  • Hyomin’s first love was a student in the class next to hers in sixth grade.
  • When dating, Hyomin fated and did not admit it. She said that it was her friend who farted.
  • Lee Joon has been rumored with Hyomin.
  • Hyomin had a boyfriend for 4 years before her debut but broke up with him after her debut since it was too hard for both of them to meet, and they both wanted to reach their own goals, so they broke up but stayed good friends.
  • Hyomin was suspected of having a relationship with Woohyun (INFINITE), but the rumors were never confirmed by the two idols’ companies.
  • Hyomin’s ideal type is someone that looks good in sweaters, is pure and genuine, is good with reactions, can accept her words playfully, is fun, and likes to smile.

Other Facts About Hyomin

  • Her father is actor Jeon Young-rok.
  • She is known to have a million-dollar supercar seen from SNS.
  • She used to have insomnia, but it disappeared after diligently exercising.
  • Hyomin became popular early in her life after winning a modeling contest at age 8 for MiMi Princess.
  • Hyomin was a really famous ulzzang before her debut.
  • Hyomin used to be a trainee for JYP Entertainment and was supposed to become the
    main rapper of Wonder Girls after HyunA left the group. But, Yubin got chosen instead, so Hyomin left the company.
  • Hyomin hates to see people sad even when she doesn’t know them.
  • Hyomin once admitted she enjoys reading fans’ fanfictions even though sometimes it’s really awkward for her.
  • Hyomin’s role model is Qri. But, she said that her real role model is the actress Go Jun Hee, and she totally loves her style. Hyomin also said many times that she’s a big fan of Nam Gyu Ri and admires her a lot.
  • Hyomin is a big fan of the singer Sung Si Kyung.
  • Hyomin is a big fan of Michael Jackson and got extremely affected by his death.
  • Hyomin is a fan of Teen Top.
  • She had her eyes on Red Velvet because of their good music and fresh image.
  • Hyomin hates snakes.
  • Hyomin’s favorite food is pizza.
  • She has a bad habit of not drinking much water.
  • Hyomin’s favorite brand is AA.
  • Hyomin’s closest friends are Sunny (Girls’ Generation), Yuri (Girls’ Generation), Sunggyu (INFINITE), Kan (F.CUZ), Joon (Former MBLAQ), Sunhwa (Former SECRET), HyunA (Former 4minute), Jia (Former Miss A), Seulong (Former 2AM), and Junhyung (HIGHLIGHT).
  • Hyomin is close to Junhyung (B2ST) since they knew each other before debuting after meeting each other in high school.
  • There was a suspicion that she was a bully during her junior high school days. According to alumni of Geumok Junior High School, Hyomin assaulted classmates and was forced to transfer to another school. She made her debut as an idol after a perfect past washing. However, these self-referential alumni are unreliable because they have not provided any clear evidence of assault and forced transfer. And, while appearing on the talk show Beatles Code 2 with her sub-unit group T-ARA N4, Hyomin explained that the allegations were false.

Hyomin’s Filmography


Hyomin was the 3rd member of T-ARA after Jiyeon and Eunjung to enter the acting field on screen by playing the role of Ban Sun Nyeo, Dae Woong’s friend and the daughter of Ban Doo Hong in the hit drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. But, she actually began her acting career in November 2009 in the musical production of I Really Really Like Youan adaption of the hit drama Love Truly.

Hyomin once said in an interview that being an actress was her goal since she was young. But, standing on stage with T-ARA was more important to her at the time, while doing movies is also an experience she can not throw away even when her movies do poorly at the box-office. Yet, she won an award from MBC Drama Awards in the category of Best New Actress in 2011 for her role in the drama Gye Baek.


Year Title Role Notes
2011 Gisaeng Ryung Yu Rin Main role
2013 Jinx! Yoon Ji Ho Lead role

Television Series

Year Network Title Role Notes
2010 SBS My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox Ban Sun Nyeo Supporting role
2011 MBC Gye Baek Cho Young
2012 The Thousandth Man Gu Mi Mo
2015 Naver TVCast Sweet Temptation Hyo-jin Web Drama
2017 MBC Unusual Man & Woman Main Role

Variety Shows

Year Title Network Role
2009–10 Invincible Youth 1 KBS Cast member
2012 We Got Married (Chinese version) MBC/SMG
2016 Master of Driving tcast TV Main Cast
2017 Mix and the City JTBC Main Cast


Year Title Role
2009 I Really Really Like You Hong Jung Hwa
2012 Our Youth, Roly Poly Han Joo Young

Facts Related to Hyomin’s Filmography

  • Her dream was to be a theater and musical actress. And so, she participated in drama club activities when she was a high school student and even learned acting in an acting academy and a small theater company before the entrance exam.
  • Hyomin wishes to act in a drama with Jiyeon and Eunjung as real cast members and not only cameos like the T-ARA members did in Jiyeon’s drama God of Study.
  • Hyomin was in the variety show We Got Married and got married to the Chinese singer Fu Xin Bo for a special New Year episode.
  • On February 2, 2011, she was coupled with Seungri in a program called The King of Idols which was broadcasted on SBS. Then, she was criticized by Big Bang fans because she was a hindrance in the games.
  • Hyomin was a fixed G7 member on the original first season of Invincible Youth and had received the nickname ‘Edited Girl’ (or ‘Folding Screen Girl’) as she had always been edited out and was unable to showcase her talents on the variety program.
  • Her closest G7 member was SNSD’s Sunny. She even cried on the show when Sunny left the show due to member changes. She said her empty presence was quite large.
  • The reason behind why Hyomin was edited out in Invincible Youth was because when the camera was turned off, Hyomin tended to eat between takes. However, once the camera would start rolling again, she would still continue to eat. Therefore, on the actual day of broadcast, eating in front of the camera wouldn’t have been a good thing to see, so she was edited out.

Hyomin’s Appearances, Endorsements, and CF List


As you may know already, Hyomin debuted as a model in several music videos such as SS501’s “Unlock”, FT Island’s “Heaven”, and SG Wannabe’s “Smooth Break-Up” before debuting with T-ARA. She was also chosen to be featured in some of her labelmates’ songs prior to her debut

MV and Performance Appearances

  • SG Wannabe’s “Unforgettable Breakup” MV
  • FT Island’s “Heaven” MV
  • Seeya’s “Gani” Performance
  • SS501’s “Unlock” MV

Magazine Pictorials

  • CeCi Magazine, January 2013
  • SURE Magazine, February 2014
  • CeCi Magazine, April 2014
  • CELEBRITY Magazine, May 2014
  • ARENNA HOMME+, June 2014
  • SINGLES Magazine, October 2014
  • BEAUTY+ Magazine, February 2016
  • DAZED & CONFUSED Magazine, April 2016
  • COSMOPOLITAN Magazine, July 2016
  • HIGH CUT Magazine (VOL. 196), April 2017
  • INSTYLE Magazine, June 2017
  • BNT International Magazine, July 2017

Hyomin’s Discography


Apart from her activities with the girl group T-ARA, Hyomin has also released featuring soundtracks and solo tracks as a solo singer. She even won in the Best Korean Female Artist category from Yinyuetai V-chart Awards in 2017.

EPs (Repackaged Albums)

Title Album details Peak positions Sales
Make Up
  • Released: June 30, 2014
  • Label: Core Contents, KT Music
  • Format: CD, digital download
6 15
  • KOR: 8,868+
  • Released: March 17, 2016
  • Label: MBK Entertainment, Interpark INT
  • Format: CD, Digital download
3 1
  • KOR: 13,129+

Single Tracks

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
Gaon Chart
Billboard K-Pop
Billboard V Chart
“Love Suggestion” 2013 Non-album releases
“Nice Body” 2014 13 18 2
  • KOR (DL): 229,290+
Make Up
“Fake It” 27 92
“Still” 2016 Sketch
“Sketch” 120 1
  • KOR (DL): 13,515+[21]
“Sketch (Chinese Version)” 1 Non-album releases

Soundtrack Appearances and Solo Performances

Year Album Song Notes Sales
2008 Colour Pink “Blue Moon” with Seeya, Davichi and Black Pearl
2009 N-Time “N-Time” with Hwang Jung Eum
2010 Wonder Woman “Wonder Woman” with Eunjung, Seeya and Davichi *KOR (DL): 2,301,658
Coffee House OST Part 3 “Coffee Over Milk” with Soyeon and Seeya’s Lee Bo Ram *KOR (DL): –
2011 Beautiful Girl “Beautiful Girl” with Brave Brothers and Electro-Boyz *KOR (DL): 437,790

Other Charted Songs

Year Title Peak positions Album
2014 “Overcome” 70 Make Up

Music Videos

Year Music video Notes
2014 “Nice Body”
Dance Version
2016 “Sketch” Original Version
Sexy Version
Chinese Version