List of T-Ara Full Albums That You Must Download

T-Ara Mirage Album Download


‘Mirage’ is T-ara’s repackage album for their fourth mini-album ‘Day by Day’ and contains two new songs titled ‘Sexy Love’ (released on September 3, 2012) and ‘Day and Night (Love All)’  (released on September 8, 2012). Just like a typical repackaged album, Mirage also contains tracks from the ‘Day by Day’ mini album, such as ‘Day by Day’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’, ‘Hue’, and ‘Love Game’. Here you may listen to ‘Day and Night (Love All)’ which you can find on T-ara’s ‘Mirage’ album.

T-ara Mini Album


Most of T-ara’s discography consists of mini albums. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Channel-Korea has compiled the list of T-ara mini albums.

John Travolta Wannabe


T-ara announced to make a comeback in July 2011 with the release of mini album ‘John Travolta Wannabe’. The title track ‘Roly Poly’ is composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyusung who had previously composed T-ara’s hits song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’. The name of the album ‘John Travolta Wannabe’ came from the members who watched the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

Aside from the title track ‘Roly Poly’, ‘John Travolta Wannabe’ also contains other tracks such as ‘I Love You So Much’, ‘Ya Ya Ya (Remix ver.)’, ‘Why Are You Being Like This? (Remix ver.)’, ‘Ma Boo (Remix ver.)’, ‘I Don’t Know (Remix ver.)’, and ‘It’s Alright (Remix ver.)’. Here you may listen to ‘Roly Poly’ which became the top grossing song of the year with over $2 million in sales.

Black Eyes


T-ara went for the dark concept by releasing ‘Black Eyes’ on November 11, 2011. The mini-album contains songs such as ‘Cry Cry’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘OK’, ‘O My God’, ‘I’m So Bad’, and ‘Cry Cry (Ballad ver.)’. Here you may listen to ‘Goodbye, OK’ which you can find on T-ara’s ‘Black Eyes’ album.

Day by Day


T-ara released their fourth mini album ‘Day by Day’ on July 3, 2012. The album marked the first appearance of T-ara’s eight member, Ahreum, and the last appearance of member Ryu Hwayoung. This album also includes other tracks such as ‘Holiday’, ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’, ‘Hue’, and ‘Love Game’. Here you may listen to ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’ which you can find on T-ara’s ‘Day by Day’ album.