T-ara Reveals Their Official Disband Date and Its Reason


T-ara After 7 Years Since Debut

Formed in 2009, T-ara is one of the senior South Korean girl groups. They are known for their up-beat tracks and catchy lyrics such as “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Roly Poly” Not only in South Korea, T-ara also made their mark in the global music industry and gained many worldwide fans. Unfortunately, the group had to face many complicated challenges. Let’s see what has happened to T-ara in 2017.

T-ara 2017 Timeline


On March 6, MBK Entertainment as T-ara’s managing agency announced that T-ara will release their final album in May. They also announced that after its release, members Soyeon and Boram will not extend their contract and will leave the group.

“It’s regrettable that things turned out the way it did. Be that as it may, (the resigning) is a matter of choice and we just wish the best (for Boram and Soyeon who left), just as they did for us,” – Hyomin.

On May 7, MBK Entertainment said that T-ara’s group promotion plans had changed. They decided to change the release date of T-ara’s final album. The album which was planned to be released in May 2017 was rescheduled to be released in June 2017. Since members Soyeon and Boram’s contract would expire on May 15, they will not be able to join the albums promotional activities in June. The remaining four members then had to re-record the album since they can’t include Soyeon and Boram’s voices.

On May 8, news was announced that T-ara will have their last performance as six-members at their concert in Taiwan on May 13 2017. After that, T-ara will promote with four members.

On June 14, T-ara finally released their re-recorded ninth single and their last promotional album titled “What’s My Name?”. Four members of T-ara continued their promotional activities and made a memorable memory by winning first place on SBS music show The Show on June 20.

For their albums promotional activities, T-ara was scheduled to have a fan meeting and mini concert in South Korea. They also planned to perform in Japan and Southeast Asia. After the albums promotion activities ended, the four members will focus on their individual activities. Eunjung will act in dramas, Jiyeon will release her solo album, Hyomin will have her promotion activities overseas, and Qri will also have her personal promotion activities for the rest of 2017.

On July 15, T-ara released “My Love” for KBS’ drama “The Best Hit” soundtrack. With the release of the track, T-ara made QUEEN’S, their fans, sure that even though the members have their individual activities, they are still continuing their activities as a group.

On November 4, T-ara held their first concert in Vietnam, which attended by 10,000 people. This marks their first group activity after a while.

T-Ara Disband Date


Even though two members left the group, T-ara is still here with four members, at least until December 2017. The remaining four members, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon, decided to stay in the agency until the end of 2017. After December 2017, they will not renew their contract. This means that T-Ara will be disbanding. The story may be different if they move together to another agency, but until now the four members have not said anything about it.

It is such a pity that after 8 years, T-ara members have to part ways. Whatever happens, let’s keep supporting them and wish them all the best!