T-ara Comeback: Interesting Facts on Their Comeback


T-ara Comeback

T-ara girl group under the auspices of MBK Entertainment has been around for more than seven years in the Korean music industry. In their comeback, T-ara has experienced little trouble with their members. Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Jiwon and Jiae were T-ara’s members for the first formation on debut. Then Jiwon and Jiae resigned because they felt uncomfortable with the songs. They differed with other members because of the song genre.

Then Qri, Boram, and Soyeon joined and T-ara became complete with a six member formation. Not long, for the next comeback T-ara added one more member in the rap position, Hwayoung. Not long afterwards Hwayoung resigned because of T-ara’s bullying scandal so Hwayoung did not participate in the next comeback.

Long after not appearing, T-ara lost two more members namely Boram and Soyeon for not extending their contracts with MBK Entertainment. T-ara’s last comeback only featured Hyomin, Qri, Jiyeon, and Eunjung. With a member change every comeback, T-ara is always professional in performing on stage, either bringing old or new songs with four member formations.

T-ara Comeback 2013


In 2013, T-ara continued their comeback with six members Qri, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Boram. Earlier, Ahreum had decided on a comeback with MBK Entertainment and went on to pursue a solo career so she did not participate in T-ara’s next comeback.

T-Ara came back with the album titled ”Again” with their main song Number 9 and released other songs like Because I Know, and Do You Know Me.

Number 9


T-ara pulled out two music videos for their comeback track Number 9. First, they filmed in a house and the second they filmed in the desert. Although there is no choreography for the second music video, they only showed their acting sides that showed a sexy and slightly rebellious style. They shot in the Mongolian desert although not for a long time and they stole the hearts of netizens with their sexy appearance.

1. Because I Know


They did not feature choreography for the song Because I Know, in their music videos as instead, they displayed their melodious voice. With a song that tells a story of a woman who is willing to look beautiful and always wears good clothes to attract the attention of the man she likes, but is afraid to say it for fear she does not return to her love.

2. Do You Know Me


Same as Number 9, T-ara released two versions for their music video. With a style of songs that seems old school but still illustrates the characteristics of T-ara. The first version is more impressive because it is so colorful using many colors accompanied by choreography. And the second version looks more old-fashioned with a 1978 vintage theme that has no choreography at all and shows only a 1978 themed video.

T-ara Comeback 2014


A happy wait for Queens or T-ara’s fans was a T-ara comeback with Sugar Free from the And & End Album in 2014 before T-ara members became busy with their solo career after their comeback with Number 9.

With a song called Sugar Free, they were able to steal the attention of the Queens as well as other netizens. The track ‘Sugar Free’ brings a Big Room genre, a sub-genre of House music that is also in line with electronic dance music. The song is vibrant and very distinctive with T-ara music.

Unfortunately the music video of this song is made not so special. Relying solely on the choreography and solo shots of the members in a studio with a contrasting fluorescent light.

Boram, Qri, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Soyeon and Hyomin are seen showing off their sexy stomachs. The six members show a hip-hop style in some scenes, but also look feminine in other scenes.

T-ara Comeback 2015


With the So Good album and So Crazy‘s flagship song, T-ara appears more sexy and cute with sailor costumes in So Crazy’s music video. Brave Girls helped T-ara in producing So Crazy’s song and also became the first time T-ara teamed up with a very famous song composer in South Korea.

After performing with an EDM song titled Sugar Free, T-ara is catchy through their use of the upbeat dance song.

However, behind T-ara’s comeback with So Crazy there was criticism from netizens that T-ara’s comeback failed this time. Netizens unveiled the facts that T-ara was 40th in Melon and dropped to 56th one day later. The rankings of these members are far below junior girl bands, such as AOA, A-Pink, Mamamoo and even the new rookie debut, G-Friend.

“Make this as a sign to no longer comeback,” said one netter. “They should focus on promotions in China, no matter what they try in Korea, they will not be able to restore their lost fame,” said another.

T-ara Comeback 2016

t-ara remember album

With Remember and Tiamo being the mainstay of T-ara’s song, this song did not show any choreography and just relied on their golden voices when singing. With the concept of winter and snow, their sound is able to warm netizens opinions.

With the ballad genre song, T-ara is able to make Tiamo’s song on the top chart in China even though in Korea Tiamo is not so popular. Evidence of T-ara’s huge popularity in China was also shown through the achievements of “Tiamo” on the local music charts. Tiamo was able to top the chart beating other K-Pop idol groups like “The Closer” VIXX and “Hey Mama” EXO-CBX.

tiamo tara

“If the Chinese watch YouTube, their K-Pop Music Video is sure to be more viewers,” said another netter. “OMG, they can really appreciate there,” said another.

T-ara Comeback 2017


After a long absence on stage, T-ara finally came back with What’s My Name. Since Boram and Soyeon did not extend the contract with MBK Entertainment, T-ara’s comeback was only with four members, Hyomin, Qri, Jiyeon and Eunjung is a farewell sign that T-ara’s task is already completed in the Korean music industry.

What’s My Name? is a dance genre produced by Brave Brothers. Qri, Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon look charismatic. There is a scene where there are 6 pencils on the table which then only show 4. Or when in a classroom there are 6 sets of chairs, but 2 at the back of the room are stacked as a sign that no one occupies them. Not only that, Jiyeon and friends also wrote something and store it in a bottle. They then end the loneliness by walking along collecting the bottle containing the message.