Can You Believe That Seventeen’s Mingyu Is The Korean Clark Kent?

The Well-rounded Idol from Seventeen, Kim Mingyu

Kim Mingyu (김민규) is a South Korean singer and rapper from a South Korean boy-group called SEVENTEEN. He is on the hip-hop team (rapper) and is also the visual of the group. He was born on April 6, 1997. He is the tallest member of the group. His height is 187 cm (6’2″). He also was voted by the other members as the most handsome member.

Carat (Seventeen’s fandom) must know that Kim Mingyu can do anything. He can fix broken items. He adjusts the interior when he’s restless in the dorm. He’s also in charge of changing the light bulbs because he’s tall. He’s a good cook. He’s also good at drawing. He likes to vacuum and clean up the trash in the dorm. Even though he can be clumsy sometimes, he can do many useful things.

Is Kim Mingyu really going to be the Korean Clark Kent? For your information, Clark Kent is a fictional character and the public identity of a superhero. Clark Kent’s name is a combination of the names of actors, Clark Gable and Kent Taylor. Clark Kent is famously known as Superman.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kim Mingyu. So, stay tuned!

Kim Mingyu’s Visual

Kim Mingyu is known as the face of the group. Even his fellow members voted him as the most handsome member because of his amazing visual. He has piercing eyes and a sharp nose that makes him look very charming. He also had an M-shaped forehead with his natural hairline over the years, creating a gradual transition from a straight and edgy hairline. He has a sharp jawline. Kim Mingyu also has changed hair color many times during various comebacks, but still always looks stunning.

Take a look at Kim Mingyu’s visual through red carpet, airport fashion, and boyfriend material.

Kim Mingyu in Red Carpet

Let’s take a look to Seventeen’s Mingyu’s red carpet photos:

Kim Mingyu usually wears a black suit with a turtleneck underneath. He looks so handsome with the makeup and that hairstyle.

Doesn’t he look like an anime character?

With his height, visual, and model-like proportions, Kim Mingyu was given an opportunity to walk in BIG PARK’s show on the second day of the 2017 F/W Seoul Fashion Week. He is one of the members of Seventeen who debuted as a model for the Fall/Winter Collection of the designer, Park Yoon Soo.

Kim Mingyu in Airport

Let’s take a look to Mingyu’s airport fashion!

Mingyu has always been a fashionable person. His airport fashion is always on point. He looks good in every outfit, from a long coat or blazer to a regular hoodie. Kim Mingyu could turn any airport into his catwalk stage whenever he has the chance.

Kim Mingyu’s airport fashion taste is very great. He’s good at mixing and matching his outfits, then adding some accessories to them to make them look stylish. His visual is still handsome even when he’s wearing a mask. Mostly the idols wear masks when going abroad because they’re kind of barefaced.

Kim Mingyu as Boyfriend Material

Because of his visual, Mingyu was ranked 32nd on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018,” and ranked 49th in “The Most Handsome Faces of 2017.” He has a deep voice. He’s good at cooking and cleaning. He’s good at sports, too. He participated in the bowling competition at ISAC 2019. He literally can do anything. Isn’t he boyfriend material?

Mingyu’s ideal type a girl is one who is tall, kind-hearted, & easy-going. Are you one on that list? 😉