All About Korean Singer Suran: From Her Profile to Her Dating Rumors with BTS’ Suga


Let’s Get Up Close and Personal With Suran!

Shin Su-ran or better known under her stage names Elena and Baily Boo, and as of recently mostly known under the stage name Suran, is a popular South Korean R&B singer, record producer, and songwriter who made her debut on July 9th, 2014, with the release of the single “I Got A Feeling.” Last year her name gained increased popularity due to her famous collaboration with one of the members of the boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), Suga (also known as Agust D).

Profile and Facts of Suran

Suran’s Profile!


Name: Shin Su-ran (신수란)

Stage Names: Elena (엘에나), Baily Boo (베일리 슈), and Suran (수란)

Date and Place of Birth: July 15th, 1986, Busan, South Korea

Zodiac: Cancer

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

Genres: R&B, K-pop, Hip-Hop

Years active: 2014 – Present

Labels: Million Market

Twitter: @suranelenashin

Instagram: suranelenashin

Facebook: suranofficial

Daum Café: suranofficial

VLive: 수란(SURAN)

Facts About Suran!

  • Suran has collaborated with many artists including DEAN, Block B‘s Zico, BTS‘s Suga.
  • She debuted on July 9th, 2014, in a duet called LODIA with the release of the single “I Got A Feeling.”
  • Her first single as a solo artist is “I Feel,” released on December 17th, 2014.
  • Suran’s second single “Calling in Love” feat Beenzino was released in 2015.
  • She was a computer science major in college.
  • BTS’s Suga produced her chart-topping pre-release track “Wine” (in 2016) that has sold over 500,000 digital downloads.
  • She started her singing career in her late 20s.
  • In 2017, she appeared on MBC’s King of Mask Singer as a contestant named “Skip to the End, Hello.”
  • She has sung many drama and movie soundtracks, including the ones for Jealousy Incarnate and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
  • She won the Best R&B/Soul Award at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards 2018.
  • At the 2017 MelOn Music Awards, she won the Best R&B/Soul award for “Wine” and also won the Hot Trend award for her collaboration with BTS’s Suga.
  • She was chosen to be a singing coach on MIXNINE.

Suran’s Discography



Title Year Album
“I Feel” 2014
“Calling in Love”                    (feat. Beenzino) 2015
“Ddang” (땡땡땡) feat. Hwasa 2016
“Paradise Go”  (떠날랏꼬)
“Winter Bird” (겨울새)
“2013~Forever” (2013~영원히) with KittiB 2016 Melody To Masterpiece
“The Way Home” (집으로) with Im Se-jun, Park Bo-ram & Yu Sung-eu 2016
“I Love You, Be Happy” (사랑해 행복해) with KCM & Yu Sung-eun
“I’m Sorry” (미안합니다)            with Jhameel Kim
“Wine” (오늘 취하면)               prod. Suga feat. Changmo 2017 Walkin’
“1+1=0” feat. DEAN
“Love Story” (러브스토리) feat. Crush


As a featured artist:

Title Year Album
“Mannequin” (마네퀸) Primary feat. Beenzina & Suran 2015
“Pride and Prejudice” (오만과 편견) Zico feat. Suran 2015
“And” (끝) Xitsuh feat Suran 2016 Show Me the Money 5
“Beside Me” Code Kunst feat. BewhY, YDG & Suran 2016
“3AM” (밤에 들어줘) Kinggen feat. Suran & Hanhae 2016
“No Thnx” Yuk Ji-dam feat. Suran & Dean 2016 Unpretty Rapstar 3
“Voice” Tak feat. Suran 2016
“Love Is a Dog From Hell” (사랑은 지옥에서 온 개) Mad Clown feat. Suran 2016
“So Far Away” Agust D feat. Suran 2016 Agust D
“ZINZA” (진자) Woo Won-jae feat. YDG, Suran 2017 Show Me the Money 6


Soundtrack Songs

Title Year Album
To Your Dream (너의 꿈에) 2016 Entertainer OST
Step Step 2016 Don’t Dare to Dream OST
Heartbeat 2017 Strong Girl Boo-soon OST
Winter Tree (너의 꿈에) Innocent Defendant OST
Still Breathe Cross Country OST
Cross Country feat. Ha:tfelt and Kim Bo-hyung
Water Orchid (수란 (水蘭)) The Emperor: Owner of the Mask OST
I’ll Be Fine (뒷모습) 2018 A Korean Odyssey OST



Awards and Nominations

Award Year Category Nominated work Result
19th Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 Best Vocal Performance – Female Wine” (오늘 취하면) prod. Suga feat. Changmo Nominated
9th Melon Music Awards Song of the Year Nominated
R&B/Soul Won
Hot Trend Award (with BTS Suga) Won
32nd Golden Disc Awards 2018 Digital Bonsang Nominated
Best R&B/Soul Won
Global Popularity Award Nominated
27th Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award Nominated
R&B/Ballad Award Won
2018 Popularity Award Nominated
Hallyu Special Award Nominated
Song of the Year -April “Wine” (오늘 취하면)

prod. Suga feat. Changmo




Suran and BTS’s Suga Dating Rumor


Suga, one of the members of Bangtan Boys or BTS, recently surprised fans with the news that he has a lover. The news about the special relationship between Suga and Suran originated from the speculations by netizens. The issue surfaced after solo singer Suran uploaded a photo on Instagram. She uploaded a photo of a breakfast dish, namely two cups of bread, a cup of coffee, and egg yolks. She wrote the word yoongi in her photo caption. Apart from being connected by a photo post, they were previously bound and close because of their collaboration on the song titled “Wine.”


In 2017 Suran released her song titled “Wine.” The song was produced by BTS’ Suga and Slow Rabbit. Other than Suran, JUNE, and Changmo also participated in the making of the song. Then, for this song, the two of them won an award for the same category at the Melon Music Awards, namely the “Hot Trend Award.”


Not only that, but rumors about them dating also appeared when she posted photos on Instagram wearing the same yellow long-sleeved shirt Suga had worn. It made netizens think that the long-sleeved shirt was a couple’s shirt. And Suran was also seen uploading it on Instagram Stories and she was playing with a chocolate poodle that people recognized as belonging to Suga.


All these things increased the public’s curiosity and made them believe and think that they are indeed dating. Even more so when Suran admitted that Suga was beside her when she was depressed. Suran also said that it was Suga who extended his hand when she felt under pressure. Actually, they had known each other even before working together on the song “Wine.” Moreover, even after Suga helped Suran out of her depression, she herself said that she wanted to work with Suga.

All the things that Suga had done for Suran were very sweet, so the public speculated that they were indeed lovers.


However, it turned out that the public’s speculations were wrong. Both Suran and Suga, explained clearly that their relationship is strictly professional and their affection and attachment is limited by the boundaries of their work. Additionally, there was the issue with Suran’s Instagram post where she had written the word yoongi, which was a misunderstanding cleared with her explaining the initials “S love S.”


On March 31st, 2018, Suran uploaded a photo on Instagram to clarify the rumors about her dating BTS’s Suga. Suran then explained the meaning behind her Instagram post from March 27th, 2018. She wrote, “Hello, this is Suran. First, I want to express my sincere apologies to anyone I might have accidentally hurt.” She then explained, “I use that sentence to express ‘shining’ as in the word ‘sparkling sparkle.'” So, what she wrote was “sparkling” using the same spelling as BTS’s Suga real name.