Rumoured to be Dating, What’s Up With Suran and BTS’ Suga’s Relationship?

Everything You Need to Know About Suran and BTS’ Suga

When talking about BTS, it cannot be denied that the fans are already worldwide. Fans come from a variety of ages and backgrounds because BTS’ work is indeed cool and undoubtedly great. BTS is an idol group from South Korea that stands under the agency Big Hit Entertainment. Surely all of you have already memorized all the names of the members of BTS, right? Yes, BTS consists of seven members, namely V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga.

Apart from being very good at their voices, many teenage girls are interested in their visuals! Because of the number of fans that BTS has, their personal lives are sometimes part of the public consumption. One of the members of BTS that the audience has been talking about lately, is Suga. Suga is being rumored to be in a relationship with one of the most beautiful singers from South Korea, Suran, or who we usually know as Elena or Baily Shoo.

As we know, Suran is a South Korean singer who debuted with the Lodia duo on July 9th, 2014, with the single “I Got a Feeling.” On April 24th, 2017, Suran released the digital single “Wine” in collaboration with BTS’ Suga, Slow Rabbit, and rapper Changmo. Wow, it turned out that Suran has worked with Suga. Is that the origin of their relationship, guys?

Suran and BTS’ Suga Caught in a Dating Rumor

Many have thought that Suran and Suga had a more special relationship than colleagues. This is because there is one post on Suran’s Instagram that is considered to be a clue that Suga and Suran are dating. Suran uses the word “shine” in her Instagram post, which is the birth name of Suga. In addition, gossip also began to circulate when netizens saw the two of them wearing couple items.

Responding to the news, the agency of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment issued a statement. Big Hit insisted that the news about the love affair between Suga and Suran was not true. They have only been involved in music production together. Because the Instagram post from Suran was a bit strange, it made many people misunderstand, and criticize, and judge.

On her Instagram account, Suran later wrote an apology. Suran said that she was sorry to make a choice of words that could cause a misunderstanding because the post was seen by other people in different ways. Wow guys, do you think Suran and Suga really have a special relationship? It seems like there is nothing between them, guys. They look like they are just friends and colleagues in producing quality music!

Suga and Suran’s Current Relationship

After an apology came from Suran on her Instagram account, there must have been a lot of BTS fans, especially Suga’s fans, who were relieved by the clarification of the idol dating rumors. If we see, it really seems that their relationship is that of just friends and colleagues. It is known that Suran released the song “Wine,” produced by BTS’ Suga and several other musicians. What do you think, guys? Do you think they really are involved in a love relationship or are they just friends?