SUPERNOVA: Profile, Facts, Music Videos

Debut Era

Supernova officially debuted on September 21st, 2007. The group made their debut with the album The Beautiful Stardust with their first lead single “Hit.” They made their debut appearance on Mnet’s star discovery program titled M! PICK.

The group originally consisted of five members, Park Geonil, Kim Sung Je, Kim Gwangsu, Song Jihyuk, Han Ji-hoo. After that, Kim Jin-chul was recruited along with Jun Yoonhak, after the withdrawal of Jihoo. Shortly after, Yoon Sungmo joined the group to replaced Kim Jin-chul’s position. In 2009, Sungmo left the group to pursue a solo career.

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Prior to their debut in Korea, Supernova also made a debut in Japan in September 2009. They released three singles, “Kimi dake o Zutto,” “Hikari,” and “Superstar (Reborn),” in three consecutive weeks. Their first Japanese album was released on October 21st, 2009, titled Hana. Supernova sold out the Japanese concert arena after their promotion in Japan.


MVs throughout the years

Currently, Supernova has a total of eight studio albums (Korean and Japanese versions), one extended play, one live album, six compilation albums, and more than twenty singles since 2007.

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SUPERNOVA’s activities after a member tested positive for Covid-19

Yunhak was the first Korean celebrity to be diagnosed with a coronavirus infection in April 2020. He has been active in Japan until recently. Shortly after he returned home on March 24th, after his activities in Japan, there were no symptoms at first, but they began to appear little by little. He then was tested at the Seocho District Public Health Center on March 31st. The next day, on April 1st, he was confirmed and transferred to the Seoul Medical Center where he received treatment in a quarantine facility. The representative said, “Yunhak is currently hospitalized and being treated. The symptoms are mild. We will focus on treatment and recovery. Managers, stylists, and other staff were all tested and tested negative.” He was cured in one month. The members of the group are currently active with their individual activities.


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