SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je: Profile, Facts, Gambling

supernova kim sung-je profile

Everything You Need To Know About SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Career Journey, And His Scandal

SUPERNOVA or Chosinsung, the boy group that debuted in 2007, have very attractive visuals and talents as K-Pop idols. Debuting in the middle of the Hallyu wave, which is very popular with South Korean citizens, is of course a challenge for each group to work harder so that they get recognition. Working hard to compete against other groups is a common practice so they are also able to maintain their career journey well.

SUPERNOVA, or previously known as GM5, now has 5 members with good talent and charisma. They debuted in South Korea under Mnet Media and were able to produce several songs and also a fairly large fandom. SUPERNOVA also took advantage of good career paths so that they could expand their popularity to become famous in Japan.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail a popular K-Pop idol and also a SUPERNOVA member—Kim Sung-je. Let’s take a look at Kim Sung-je’s full profile, fun facts, career journey, scandal, and his latest news!

Full Profile of SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je

supernova kim sung-je profile

Real Name: Kim Sung-je (Hangul: 김성제)

Stage Name: Sung-je (Hangul: 성제)

Birthday: November 17th, 1986

Nationality: Korean

Height: 184 cm (6 ft)

Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)

Blood Type: AB

Position in the group: Main Vocal and Center

Subunit: Double Ace, Solo

Official Sites:

Facts about SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je

supernova kim sung-je profile
  1. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s family members include his parents and his brother
  2. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s nicknames are Hime, which means Princess, Shirokuma, which means white bear, and Holy Priest Sama
  3. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s specialties are dancing and singing
  4. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s hobbies are playing classic scooter, watching movies, and shopping via the internet
  5. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je is the co-representative of SV Entertainment which is also founded by Jung Yoon-hak
  6. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je joined the military service on August 28th, 2014
  7. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je became part of the Seoul Police Public Relations Team on May 27th, 2016
  8. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je held his solo concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka from February 25th–29th, 2020
  9. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s concert was interrupted in the middle by the pandemic caused by COVID-19; all the people who came to the show were required to wear a mask, except Kim Sung-je as the singer
  10. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je finally decided to broadcast the last part of his concert to fans for free through his YouTube channel
  11. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je took the position of leader of the group while Jung Yoon-hak was enlisted in the military service
  12. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je has charismatic look with his white skin, big eyes, long arms and legs, luscious dancing lines, fine tone, and face that is smaller than his own hand
  13. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je is the most polite member of the group who always says hello and is used to switching expressions really fast
  14. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je is the member in charge of cooking in the dorm
  15. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s favorite foods are spicy dishes, chicken, abalone, octopus, food that was cooked by his mother
  16. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je likes raw carrots
  17. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s favorite drink is alcohol
  18. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je is the member who is best at drinking and has the highest alcohol tolerance
  19. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je likes to collect bear bricks
  20. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je appeared in Japan’s entertainment show Gokorotabi in 2018
  21. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je likes small creatures, such as baby lizards, dogs, and cats
  22. SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je brought a Nike Bear Brick and gave it to Jung Yoon-hak

Kim Sung-je’s Debut with SUPERNOVA

supernova kim sung-je profile

Kim Sung-je debuted with GM5 as a group with a five-member original line-up, and before, SUPERNOVA were famous as a 6-member formation. Debuting with a song titled “HIT” in 2007, SUPERNOVA was under the tutelage of Maroo Entertainment in South Korea and had a lot of promotions and schedules to hold several showcases, including some in Thailand, exactly a year after their debut.

supernova kim sung-je profile

In 2011, SUPERNOVA members had more opportunities to promote individually and start their solo careers while group activities were temporarily suspended. Kim Sung-je was cast in I Really Really Like You with T-ARA‘s Boram. Then, Kim Sung-je appeared in the Coronation Ball musical. In August 2012, SUPERNOVA made their comeback with She’s Gone and also attended the music stage. Meanwhile, Kim Sung-je suffered an ankle injury and he had to take painkillers so he could endure the pain while surgery was being performed.

supernova kim sung-je profile

Other SUPERNOVA members who alternately enlisted in the military service also got an opportunity to start a solo career. Kim Sung-je also announced that he will take a temporary break for military service in August 2013 and finish it on May 27th, 2016. Then, he immediately released his first solo album It’s Time, on August 10th, 2016. In early 2017, Kim Sung-je and Jung Yoon-hak were announced as the members of a subunit and released their first album, Young Forever, and then their second mini-album, 2Re: M.

supernova kim sung-je profile

In 2018, as the members had finished their military service and they finally reunited as a group, they changed their name from the Korean to the English version, namely SUPERNOVA.

SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je’s Gambling Issue

supernova kim sung-je profile

Two members of the K-Pop boy group were questioned by the Incheon Metropolitan Police. Based on official police statements, the two of them were involved in an illegal Baccarat gambling case in the Philippines.

As reported by Yonhap, both of them have gambled in the Philippines twice, in 2016 and 2018 with a total bet of more than 50 million Won. After further investigation, the two of them also had illegal online gambling in South Korea.

Previously, the members involved in the gambling case were not disclosed. Finally, the two idols were revealed, namely Jung Yoon-hak and Kim Sung-je from the SUPERNOVA group. Both are known to be actively working as actors in both South Korea and Japan. According to the police, Jung Yoon-hak and Kim Sung-je’s original intention to go to the Philippines was not to gamble on purpose. Both claim that the gambling was done by chance.

supernova kim sung-je profile

“We apologize for worrying fans with bad news regarding the negligent actions of our SUPERNOVA members, Yoon-hak and Sungje,” the agency said in a statement released on September 15th, 2020. “Yoon-hak and Sungje deeply regret and contemplating taking [gambling] lightly and behaving recklessly on their way,” they continued.

“Through this incident, we once again realized that a public figure must be responsible and aware of all his actions,” the agency said, quoted from e-daily via Naver. “In the future, we will always be careful and be responsible. We apologize once again,” they said.

According to MBC, the police reported that the two of them gambled for 7–50 million won. MBC also said that one of the two also gambled through illegal gambling sites in South Korea. The two of them were summoned by the police the previous week. They confessed most of the suspicions on the part of the police but also clarified that their trip to the Philippines was not for gambling.

The two boy group members said they had never planned the gambling before. Regarding this, the police said that the investigation was ongoing. “So we can’t reveal the details of the case,” said the police. The police are also looking into the possibility of other Korean celebrities being involved in this overseas gambling case. Even so, none of the other SUPERNOVA members underwent an investigation by the police.

Meanwhile, SV Entertainment confirmed that the allegations by the Incheon Police that there was involvement of a criminal gang in this case were not true. “The two are not related. It’s something that was discovered while [the police] were investigating different cases,” the agency said.

Supernova’s Sung-je’s Latest News

supernova kim sung-je profile

Currently, there is no news from SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je after he held a solo concert in early 2020 in Japan. Since then, SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je has only been active on his social media to upload some of his daily activities, such as vlogs, documentaries, and many other things that he does to keep in touch with his loyal fans.

With SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je active on social media, it is hoped that fans or netizens will give positive comments or responses to SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je so that he is still excited about his career in the future!

Well, that’s all information that we have provided for you about SUPERNOVA‘s Kim Sung-je: his full profile, fun facts, his involvement in a gambling scandal with SUPERNOVA’s Jung Yoon-hak in the Philippines, and his latest news. Let’s keep supporting SUPERNOVA’s Kim Sung-je so he can make a comeback as soon as possible!

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