Get To Know More About SuperM’s EP Tracklist, Activities and Concert In Los Angeles!


Meet SM Entertainment’s ‘Avenger K-Pop Idol Group,’ SuperM!

We know that K-Pop has became well known globally now, and many new idol groups debut from various agencies every year. Some of those groups end up disbanding since they don’t get enough recognition from the public, which means they don’t earn any income, at all.

But there are also those groups who are successful right now, domestically, or even gain global popularity. From this matter, one of the Big 3 agencies decided to make a brand-new project with the western market in mind. Yep! They are SM Entertainment, who just debuted their first unit group, with different members included from the existing groups in the company.

Are you curious to know more about it? Without any further ado, let’s hop into our topic for today. Introducing, SuperM!

Self-Titled EP, SuperM


Before their official debut announcement, SM Entertainment already had a plan to debut a ‘K-Pop Super Boy Band’. Then, on August 7, 2019, Steve Barnett, the chairman of Capitol Music Group, along with SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, announced that the name of the group would be ‘SuperM.’ The SM founder described the group as ‘The Avengers of K-Pop’, and the group would be focusing more on their performance-based music.

They continued to explain that ‘M’ from the ‘SuperM’ stands both for Matrix and Master, with each of the seven members already being an established star in their own band, before. When the teasers for the members were revealed, each of them had performance, vocal, and rap abilities.

Take a look at one of their performance and group teasers below:

Performances Teaser Video

Group Teaser Video

SuperM did their debut promotion both in South Korea and the United States. There are several teasers for the group were posted on various SuperM social media platforms. The group’s ‘Self Titled Debut EP’ was released on October 4, including one of the instrumental songs in the album called, ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain.’

But before all of that, SuperM shot a music video in August that was located in Dubai. The group’s lead single, ‘Jopping,’ was released along with the video on the same day, which was the release date for the EP, as well.  With 168.000 album units sold in the week ending October 10, ‘Jopping’ also debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts.

Here is the ‘Jopping’ music video for you guys:

The Members of SuperM

SuperM consists of seven talented members, each from different groups under SM Entertainment. Curious about it? Then, let’s get it started!

SHINee’s Taemin

The maknae and main dancer of SHINee, Lee Taemin, has now became the second-oldest member in SuperM. His positions in the group are the main vocalist and the main dancer. Here are a few teaser pictures of Taemin:

superm taemin
superm taemin

And here is his video teaser:

EXO’s Kai

One of the best male idol dancers in the 3rd generation, EXO’s Kai also has been chosen to be a part of SuperM. His positions in the group are as the main dancer along with Taemin, lead rapper, and vocalist. Here are his teaser pictures:

superm kai exo
superm kai exo

The video introduction teaser for Kai:

NCT’s Taeyong

The pillar and leader of most NCT units, Taeyong was chosen to be a part of SuperM. His positions are the main rapper and lead dancer. Take a closer look at his teaser pictures:

taeyong nct superm

taeyong nct superm

Taeyong’s video introduction trailer:

EXO’s Baekhyun

One more EXO member is participating in SuperM as a member, Baekhyun, who is also one of the most popular member along with Kai. In SuperM, Baekhyun is the oldest, so he was chosen to be the leader of the group, and is also a main vocalist.

Let’s take a look at Baekhyun’s teaser pictures below:

superm baekhyun
superm baekhyun

Baekhyun’s introduction video teaser:

NCT’s Mark

The multi talented member of NCT, Mark Lee, also participated the project as an official member of SuperM along with Taeyong. His positions in the group are as the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist.

And here are Mark’s teaser pictures introduction for you:

mark nct superm
mark nct superm

Mark’s video introduction:

WayV’s Ten

The one and only Thai member in WayV and NCT, Ten was chosen to be one of the membes of SuperM along with other members on both groups. His positions include main dancer, lead vocalist, and sub-rapper.

Check out Ten’s introduction teaser pictures below:

ten nct super m way v
ten nct super m way v

His video introduction:

WayV’s Lucas

A WayV member and once part of NCT U, Lucas was added to the group, as well. His position in SuperM is as the rapper. Let’s take a look at his photo teaser introduction:

lucas superm
lucas superm

Lucas’s introduction video teaser: