Here Are 25 Pictures of Super Junior’s Leeteuk Showing off His Abs During Concerts

SS7 in Mexico

Super Show 7 is the fourth world concert tour and seventh international tour by  Super Junior, in support of and celebrating their eighth studio album, Play. This is the moment from Super Show 7 in Mexico, when a smiling Leeteuk is dancing and showing his abs. The concert was held on Friday, December 15, heated up after seeing Leeteuk showing his nicely sculpted abs.

Sexy Free and Single

Leeteuk showed off abs on Mnet M! Countdown on July 26, 2014, with a song titled ‘Sexy Free And Single’. Sexy, Free & Single is Super Junior’s sixth Korean studio album. It was released on July 4, 2012, and the comeback stage was even more fired up when Leeteuk showed his chocolate abs.

Super Show 6 in Seoul (Day 1)

Even though it is only from a fan camera picture, we can see that he was showing off his perfect ‘chocolate abs’, after he came back from the military services and joined Super Show 6, the third world concert tour and sixth international tour, in support of their seventh studio album, Mamacita. He immediately kills almost 35,964 fangirls by showing his abs in the concert, which was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium

During the same concert, when he and the other member perform one of their singles, called ‘sorry sorry’, he showed high confidence when he showed off his abs by using an outer, without a shirt underneath.

The same day, Leeteuk performed his solo, titled ‘Hello’. In the middle of the performance, he took off his shirt and was running around the stage while showing his perfect abs. He’s bound to be noticed with those abs.

Super Show 7 in Singapore

Like in Super Show 7, in Mexico, Leeteuk also showed off his abs during the Super Show 7 performance in Singapore. Even after he developed gallbladder problems and could rarely work out for a while, he still liked to show off his abs even if they’re not as well-shaped as before.  Many fans weren’t disappointed, and still supported Leeteuk although his abs were gone.

100th Super Show

Celebrating their 100th concert by holding a Super Show 6, the world tour commenced with three shows in Seoul from 19 to 21 September, 2014, and hit a total of 100 concerts for the Super Show series. This tour also marked the return of leader Leeteuk, who was discharged from his mandatory military service in July, 2014. The Super Junior official account leaked some backstage pictures showing the abs of their lovely leader.

Mnet M! Countdown Smile Thailand

Super Junior attended Mnet M! Countdown Smile Thailand in December, 2012. There’s nothing more we can expect from Super Junior’s leader than showing his abs on stage.

His Sixpack on SBS ‘Strong Heart’

On August 14, on the variety show on SBS called “Strong Heart”, actress Kim Jung Nan, who plays the Countess in  KBS “Bridal Mask”, expressed her disappointment over not seeing idols on “Strong Heart.” In a moment Leeteuk showed up, and said that he had prepared a surprise for the actresses present. When she saw Leeteuk’s strong and well-shaped body, Kim Jung Nan couldn’t hide her surprised look.

Star King and Star Abs

It was revealed that Leeteuk would make his grand entrance topless on the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Star King,” airing September 15. He shared his hard-earned sculpted figure after the progress report from a previously aired episode titled “The Best-Bod King.”

At one point, Leeteuk received a lot of attention for having a slimmer body than that of a girl-group member. He proved that with diligent workouts and a strict diet, he was able to transform his figure. He had worked on it for fifty days. The audience got the enjoyable scenery of his brown muscles and six-pack.


Showing to His Partner on WGM

Leeteuk shows his abs to his partner in “We Got Married” season 3. Leeteuk and Kang Sora were finally confirmed as new partners in the popular MBC ‘We Got Married’ show. At present, all the eyes of K-Pop fans seem to look to their virtual marriage. Leeteuk – Kang Sora will start the virtual wedding on October 8th. There was a scene while they were riding a car, and in a moment Leeteuk opened his phone and started showing pictures of his abs. He told his partner that he often exercises to make sure his body keeps looking good.

Leeteuk bares his abs for Harper’s BAZAAR

Leader Leeteuk of the idol group Super Junior participated in a recent photoshoot with Harper’s BAZAAR magazine that once again bared his chiseled, chocolate abs.

The singer, who is a leader of Super Junior, dressed ready for autumn in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.