Profile of Super Junior’s Lee Donghae: Girlfriend, Abs, Family, Dramas, Hairstyle, and Plastic Surgery

  • Donghae really understands Leeteuk’s position as leader and he is always the first member to cry if Super Junior is together again to talk about personal matters.
  • Donghae was dating Jessica when she debuted.
  • Donghae is the only dongsaeng that Heechul allows to speak informally to him.
  • During Leeteuk’s WGM, Donghae and Eunhyuk’s ideal girl was the same.
  • According to Kibum, Donghae has a funny face when he sleeps.
  • Donghae is very concerned about all members, the proof is when it’s too late and it’s time to sleep, Donghae sometimes calls all members on their cellphones to say good night or even ask, “Hyung, should I go to your room?”.
  • When Donghae again filmed Skip Beat in Taiwan, rumors circulated that in Korea Shindong said he was not very familiar with Donghae. And after Donghae heard¬†the news, he immediately called Shindong in Korea.
  • The EunHae couple likes to listen to Justin Bieber’s song.
  • Shindong sleeps with Donghae because Donghae always wears his clothes to make blankets.
  • Donghae says he likes to stay up late.
  • Donghae believes in ghosts and aliens.
  • Donghae was calm and couldn’t talk much, at that time he was also nervous when he was the MC for a music program with Eunhyuk.
  • On the talk show, Donghae was proud to sing the first part of the “Good Friends” song because it was a special song made with Yoon Jongshin who reportedly made songs for other artists, but Yesung suddenly said “that’s because he can’t get high notes in other parts “And Donghae immediately hid face.
  • When staying in Taiwan for a long time for a promo, Donghae’s face was unfamiliar with the climate and broke out (had pimples) and he was rather stressed out because of that. Then Donghae buys a beauty mask to make pimples disappear and tells Kyuhyun to use them too. After a while, Donghae’s face turned nice again, while Kyuhyun’s did not.
  • He always works hard, both during training and now has made his debut.
  • After the video clip models SNSD (Kissing You), BoA (Key Of Heart), Ariel Lin (Fireflies) and Zhang LiYin (Moving On).
  • Donghae also turned out to be a songwriter, including Y (Album Mr. Simple), Just Like Now (Ost. Its Okay Daddy’s Girl featured RyeoWook), a song for the Strong Heart program.
  • Donghae’s acting in his drama It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl gots praise for looking natural when he cries.
  • Playing Sho Fuwa in the drama that is now airing, Skip Beat. Donghae gets the role of a bad guy there.
  • Donghae once said, “If anyone doesn’t like my role in Skip Beat, that means I’m acting well.”
  • Donghae has a Twitter that has almost 2 million followers and Heechul made a¬†twitter because of Donghae’s incitement. Donghae @ donghae861015 twitter account name.
  • Kyuhyun said Donghae was like a manga cartoon character because of his big head.
  • The type of woman Donghae likes is a woman who cares for herself.
  • Donghae used to be afraid of boarding a plane, so he never took a school tour to Jeju Island.
  • Donghae’s fanbase name is ELFISHY.
  • Donghae is close to BoA. Donghae also caught a camera familiar with BoA.
  • Donghae doesn’t like to eat alone. So if it’s time to eat, he will invite other members to eat too.
  • He always remembers Super Junior members’ birthdays. However, he does not like remembering his own birthday, because a few years ago when Donghae had a birthday, all members were busy and the results, right at 12 am, no one said “Happy Birthday” to him.
  • He said if Donghae had a girlfriend, he would invite his girlfriend to take a walk to his birthplace in Mokpo.
  • Although many say that Donghae is cool, but the real him is nice and fun.
  • Donghae likes to take photos. In his room that was the same as Leeteuk’s, Donghae prints out photos from his cellphone and sticks them to the wall of his room.
  • If he feels his that he has picked up some weight, he will immediately go to the gym.
  • The person Donghae chose to go to the fitness center with is Siwon.
  • Donghae is a member who has many fans in Taiwan.
  • Donghae likes to hug his left leg reflexively when sitting too long.
  • Yesung says that Donghae always does something funny. But it’s not funny if it’s made because Donghae is really cute in reality.
  • When interviewing for a Japanese magazine, Eunhyuk said he always pays attention to members including Donghae for food problems (eating too little or too much) and sometimes Eunhyuk treats him. But Eunhyuk says Donghae has never done the same for him, and even Eunhyuk has never seen Donghae’s wallet. When he was interviewed, Donghae claimed that he did not carry a wallet, as if in the same situation a girl forgets to bring a wallet on a date.
  • Donghae likes to imitate Siwon’s style who he always competes in with TV ads.


Lee Donghae’s Transformation

Here is Lee Donghae’s transformation through the years. Do you think he had plastic surgery?