Do You Know Super Junior’s Leader, Leeteuk? Here Is His Full Profile, From His Family to His ABS!

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He also has appeared in some dramas, whether as himself or just as a cameo. Here is the list of his appearances in dramas and movies so far


Year Title Role
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys School panda mascot
2010 Super Show 3 3D Himself
2012 I AM Himself
2013 Super Show 4 3D Himself
2015 SM Town The Stage Himself



Year Drama Role Network
2000 All About Eve Cameo MBC
2011 Dream High Cameo (Ep. 13) KBS
The Women of Our Home Cameo KBS
2012 Salamander Guru and The Shadows Cameo (Ep. 4) SBS
2015 Persevere, Goo Hee Ra Cameo Mnet
2017 Borg Mom Cameo MBC
2018 Secret Queen Makers Leeteuk (Ep. 2-3) Naver TV Cast

Leeteuk’s Family Story


Many people would assume that a celebrity came from a good and happy family, or even from a rich family. But Leeteuk didn’t have a happy family background like everyone had thought. Behind his smile and laugh that he often shows on television, deep inside he is carrying a heavy burden, his family problems.

He actually came from a broken home. His father, Park Yong-on and his mother divorced in 1998, leaving him and his sister behind. On January 22, 2017 on JTBC’s “Talk To You”, when seeing a spoon he said “When I see a spoon, I think to myself that I should work harder. Even if I’m tired and exhausted, I think about how the side dishes would change to that extra spoonful of rice, and I work hard.” He then added, “I know many people might see me as having a golden spoon, because I am in the spotlight as a celebrity, but if I look back to my middle school and high school days, I think I’m not.”

My family was not well off. As soon as I debuted (and until now), I’ve been the head of my household for 13 years. I’ve had times where I lamented my parents, thinking ‘why couldn’t I born to a richer, a happier family?’ But if I think about it now, I think those times enabled me to become stronger now.”

See this video of him talking about the hardships he went through

A Story of His FatherĀ and

On January 6, 2014, suddenly some grave news was delivered to him. It was regarding his father and grandfather’s sudden death. Media and police reports at the time, confirmed that it was a murder suicide, and they were found at their residency. It was also reported that Leeteuk’s grandparents had been suffocated to death by their own son, with the reason, “that he could’t afford to take care of them“. Before they passed away, his grandfather was suffering from dementia and his grandmother had been suffering from lung cancer which was on the last stage.

According to the Dongjak Police Department, the bodies were found around 9:20AM on January 6th by Mr. Park’s nephew/niece who then called the police. The grandparents were found strangled, side by side on a bed while the father was in the same room hanging from a wardrobe handle. A suicide note was also discovered. It was written, “I will take my parents and go to heaven together so live well. I am sorry to my children.

At first, his father diligently looked after his parents, but with the debt of hundreds of million won due to business failure, the house was seized and he had decided to put his parents into a convalescent hospital. But Leeteuk’s father took their lives before he admitted them to the hospital and took his own life.

Police stated that, “We have made the provisional conclusion that Mr. Park took the life of his parents and committed suicide to to being overwhelmed with his struggles. According to his family, Mr. Park suffered from depression.

When the news came to Leeteuk, he was still in his military service. That was the time he started to suffer from depression. He said, “I was suffering from depression when I heard the news that my father and grandparents had passed.” He then went on to talk about his father who left him with a debt of 5 billion won, and a spiteful message from his father, saying “Do you truly believe you achieved success all by yourself?

As a result, his depression got worse to the point where the military suggested an early discharge based on illness. He then decided to finish his service. “After discussion with SM Entertainment, it was decided that I would stay and finish my service.” He said that life after that was very tough. He sold his car and accepted every job given to him in order to paid off his father’s debt. He only slept 3-4 hours per day, in order to fit all his schedules, even though he could be freed from the responsibility of paying his debt if he just given up the legal inheritance responsibility but he refused to do so.

This is the video of their funeral.

But thankfully Leeteuk’s condition is now improving and he’s managing by talking to the members and doing group activities.

Super Junior

We Got Married with Kang Sora

leeteuk WGM

On the September 30, 2011, Leeteuk and Kang Sora joined a popular variety show We Got Married. This couple was later being named as “The Dimple Couple”, because of the fact that both of them has a very cute dimples. They both ended their show on September 8, 2011, making all the fans disappointed.

During their relationship in WGM, they have portrayed so many cute and lovely moments that made some netizens either wishing them to dating for real, or suspecting whether they had developed a real love towards each other. In the last episode, the couple shared their thoughts on the time they spent together, exchanged letters and revisited the memories. Leeteuk even kissed her in the end.

After their WGM ended, Leeteuk said that they still keep in touch with each other. In an interview with Sports Seoul, Kang Sora admitted that they bonded and he changed her for the better. She said, “We got really close after we began filming We Got Married. I’m actually a rather quiet person and have no aegyo, but I changed a lot after being with him. He’s really thoughtful and considerate, even my parents likes him. They think he’s the ideal son-in-law.

Even though now Kang Sora has been confirmed to be in a relationship with Hyun Bin and they have un-followed each other in Instagram, let’s just hope that they maintain a close friendship and wish the best partner for the both of them!