From Super Junior’s Heechul To BTS’ Jungkook; Here’s A List Of Idols Who Are Hardcore Gamers!

EXO’s Baekhyun

exo baekhyun

Just like EXO’s Chanyeol, turns out that EXO’s Baekhyun also loves to play games! He is known for his interest in video games, and he even has a full set of equipment for his video games, as well. Not only that, even while EXO was on tour and had a very busy schedule, Baekhyun took that video game equipment with him!

During an overseas trip, Baekhyun would have one suitcase that consisted of his gaming computer and accessories. It seems like he couldn’t be separated from the game stuff, right?

exo baekhyun

Through his YouTube channel, Baekhyun also sometimes uploads gaming content or just a video which shows him playing online game such as PUBG! You can watch one of Baekhyun’s moments while he was playing games, here:

IZ*ONE’s Sakura

izone sakura

One of the IZ*ONE’s members, Sakura, who came from Japan, is also known as a K-Pop idol who loves gaming! Through her YouTube channel, Sakura has shown her incredible gaming skill. One of the games she has been playing is Apex Legends, with the game id 39kura! Other games she used to play include Fornite, Slpatoon2, and also Undertale. It’s no wonder that her fans have called her ‘Gamkura’ due to her obsession with gaming!

You can see a lot of videos where Sakura was playing certain games through her YouTube channel, which has a lot of gaming content! Even though she is also busy with her activities as an IZ*ONE member, she also takes time to enjoy her hobbies, such as playing online games.

izone sakura

She loves to try a new game when she has the free time. At first she might have a hard time controlling the game, but with her amazing skill, she can get through the game easily afterwards!

Let’s take a look at IZ*ONE’s Sakura’s gaming time, here:

DAY6’s Jae

day6 jae

Next is DAY6’s Jae, who also loves gaming! Through his YouTube channel, Jae used to have game content along with the fellow DAY6 members, and they were playing League of Legends together. Jae also revealed that he has the best gaming skills among all of them!

Through his Twitter account, Jae was caught asking some of the fans for suggestion about game recommendations. There’s also a moment when he made a poll about which one of the games, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Hearthstone, that he should play.

Watch Jae and the other DAY6 members while they were playing games, here:

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

snsd taeyeon

The leader of Girls’ Generation, Kim Tae-yeon, is also well known for her obsession with online games! When she was still a trainee, she used to play online PC games constantly during her free time. Even after her debut with Girls’ Generation, her passion for games remained the same!

As time has gone by, several kinds of online games has been expanding, and Taeyeon has been following the growth. Currently known for her obsession with the mobile game PUBG, Taeyeon has been caught doing the moves from PUBG’s dance, as well.

snsd taeyeon

During one of the segments for SM Super Celeb League, Taeyeon and her groupmate, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, also went to a battle for playing the mobile game PUBG! It aired on the live streaming of SM Entertainment’s online show, as well.

Watch one of the Taeyeon’s moments playing games, here:

BTS’ Jungkook

bts jungkook

Last but not least, there’s BTS’s Jungkook as one of the K-Pop idols who is obsessed with hardcore games! He has often been seen playing games, whether it was video games or mobile games, as well. One of his favorite online games is Overwatch, and he named his game character as ‘Seagull’. It has also been revealed that Jungkook was playing Overwatch along with BTS’ V and Suga, as well!

Not only that, Jungkook is  also famously known for his fondness for mobile games such as Piano Tiles 2! His fondness for games seems to have existed since he was still very young, according to the fact that he used to ‘battle’ with his little brother to play a computer game, which is why he has a little scar on his left cheek.

bts jungkook

The fans also know about Jungkook’s fondness for gaming, especially Overwatch, and his favorite character: McCree. They even gave Jungkook a cowboy hat and a toy gun so Jungkook could match with McCree’s character, as well!

bts jungkook

Watch one of Jungkook’s moments playing a game, here:

That was all of the information about K-Pop idols who love to playing hardcore games! It was proven that even though all of them are busy as celebrities, they manage to have some free time and do something fun, like playing games. Let’s always support them, and who wants to play the same game as them? Comment down below about which one of your favorite online games are among all of their game recommendations!