From Super Junior’s Heechul To BTS’ Jungkook; Here’s A List Of Idols Who Are Hardcore Gamers!

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Get To Know More About K-Pop Idols Who Have a Hardcore Passion for Games!

K-Pop idols are well known for their busy schedules with a lot of activities, such as photoshoot, filming, attending certain events, and many more! But still, K-Pop idols also have their own hobbies or passions during the spare time that they have. One of those passions is playing e-sport games! Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about that, so stay tuned!

For your information, e-sports are electronic sports or pro gaming in South Korea. Commonly, e-sport is a term for a video game competition, as well. As it turns out, there are a lot of K-Pop idols who have been caught up playing hardcore e-sport games during their spare time! Do you want to know who they are? Let’s find out more!

Super Junior’s Heechul

super junior heechul

First of all, there’s Super Junior’s Heechul! He is famously known as one of the K-Pop idols who has spent a lot of money when it comes to games. During certain interviews, he’s also talked about his love of gaming, as well. When he appeared on Radio Star as a guest, Heechul revealed that he has already spent approximately $34,640 on mobile games!

He also explained the reason why he finally went on Radio Star after rejecting offers to do so several times. It was because Lee Sang-hyeok, famously known as ‘Faker’, was also going to be a guest at the same time! For those of you who may not know yet, Lee Sang-hyeok is one of the popular League of Legends players. League of Legends is one of the most popular games and features multiplayer online battle.

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Heechul often stays up all night just to play League of Legends, even while he’s also working on his entertainment activities! You can see Heechul’s addicted game moments on his YouTube Channel, ‘HEEtube’, which sometimes uploads games content from him!

Watch one of the Heechul’s moments while he was playing games, here:

A-Pink’s Hayoung

apink hayoung

Along with Super Junior’s Heechul, A-Pink’s Hayoung is a K-Pop idol who is passionate for hardcore games! One of the former A-Pink members, Eunji, revealed that Hayoung was really obsessed with games. She has also spent a lot of money just buying different keyboard games and playing them in their dorm!

Previously, Hayoung used to go to the game centre and play games there, but eventually she made her own game set-up in A-Pink’s dorm. Not only is she obsessed with games, but Hayoung also surprised people with her amazing gaming skills! It was proven through one of the episodes in Game Show, in which Hayoung, Super Junior’s Heechul. and Shindong were playing the game Overwatch together!

apink hayoung

On one of the episodes of Game Show, it was also revealed that the longest chunk of time Hayoung has ever spent playing games was ten hours! Aside from Overwatch, Hayoung also used to play Sudden Attack, as well! Previously, during one of the A-Pink’s live sessions through the V Plus Channel, Hayoung showed a moment while she was playing a certain game and communicated with fans!

Watch one of the Hayoung’s moments while she was playing game, here:

VIXX’s Hongbin

vixx hongbin

VIXX’s Hongbin has been known for his game obsession since he was a child! Currently, Overwatch has become one of his favorite online game, with the character Hanzo. It also earned him the nickname of ‘The Hanzo Master’! Not only that, Hongbin is also known as the high-ranked player of the game, too!

His amazing skills for Overwatch were proven when he was playing the game along with MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, Kihyun, and I.M through the Jung Dae Man. It seemed really easy for him to beat up all of those members, as well! Not only them, other Overwatch-playing buddies who have been sticking around with Hongbin include BTS’s V, Jungkook, and Suga, SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, and also B1A4’s Baro, Jinyoung, and Gongchan!

vixx hongbin

Hongbin also once appeared in Game Show, as he was invited due to his amazing achievement for ranking 7th in the world as Hanzo’s player in the game! Through the show, Hongbin proved his amazing game skills and impressed all of the people!

Watch VIXX’s Hongbin’s moments when he was playing Overwatch, here:


exid le

EXID’s LE was the member who was  famously known for her addiction to online gaming! She was caught while she was playing Diablo 3, when her band mate, EXID’s Hani, was came up and suprised her all of a sudden!

For your information, Diablo 3 was kind of dungeon-crawler/action role playing game. Basically, Diablo 3 was usually a favorite among men, but EXID’s LE showed that women also could play that game, and even become obsessed with it!

exid le

Even though people might only rarely have seen her playing such games, but actually EXID’s LE was really addicted with playing games, as well! She once also posted a picture of a stick game which also showed her interest in games.

exid le

EXO’s Chanyeol

exo chanyeol

EXO’s Chanyeol is another of those of K-Pop idols who loves to play games! Even during one of the EXO’s live broadcasts, it was revealed that Chanyeol bought gaming laptops for all of EXO’s other members so they could play games together, aside of an action to improve their teamwork.

He explained that at that time, he and Kai were playing Playerknown’s Battleground, which is a computer game. Then he thought that it would be really fun if EXO’s members could play the game together, and that’s why he decided to buy them all gaming laptops.

exo chanyeol

He is also well known for his obsession with the game Tekken. Chanyeol has even gone to the arcade in Yeonsinnae Station, just to play Tekken, then hidden himself in a hoodie to stay anonymous. But still, people around him were started when they realized that it was EXO’s Chanyeol who was playing the game in a station!

He once showed his moment playing Tekken through his Instagram account!

Let’s take a look at the way EXO’s Chanyeol plays games, here:

TWICE’s Mina

twice mina

Mina seems to be the only member in TWICE who is really obsessed with gaming! When she was still young and lived in Japan, she was already in love with gaming stuff. She even used to play Tamagochi during her childhood!

Mina is also well known for her obsession with Elsaword, the online real-time action game. In addition to Elsaword, she also loves to play Sudden Attack, as well. Mina used to reveal her sadness because the fellow members of TWICE weren’t playing games as often as she did.

twice mina

Not only that, during one of the TWICE’s fansigns, there was a fan who came and asked her what the current game she was playing was, and she answered PUBG! When it comes to games, she’s revealed that she can play them non-stop.

Watch one of the moments when TWICE’s Mina was playing games here: